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Photography=Drawing with light
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  • Nov 10, 1957
  • Netherlands
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"I am Deviant (Asperger Syndrome), but not an Artist, more of a gatherer of prime lenses of the analog era then an amateur photographer, the by-product of using them on digital body 's are called the photographs in this gallery".


I am Len, born on the 10th of November 1957 in the Netherlands (Dutch father, English mother), married with Caro who was born in Cambrai (France) in March 1960. We have 2 sons one of 34 and one of 42 years of age , and only 1 cat (Putty) left that shares our household, and 1 part-time cat called Tutty, who lives 2 houses further.

In the first half of 2020 i retired myself from work (resigned) 5 years before my retirement age, since there were enough funds for living and to bridge the 5 years. The general idea was to have more time to visit festivals not only in the Netherlands, but across Europe, but due to corona most was cancelled last 2 years.

I started with the photography hobby at the age of 9, including developping the film, enlarging as required and developping the photo's.

Started with a Zeiss Ikonta 6 x 6cm and Voigtlander Bessa CRF 6 x 9cm on 120 spool film and a Durst enlarger, later in adult live switched to the Leica IIIf , Leica M3 and Leica R (SL) 35mm analog Camera's from Wetzlar.

About 14 years ago started with digital photography, started with a Lumix LX2, Olympus E600 ,Canon 60D and now Fuji XE3 and still don't like autofocus and zoomlenses, I still prefer using the legacy Manual Focus prime lenses from a forgotten Era's (mostly from 1920's till 1980's).

These older lenses have no electrical contacts on the back, so there is no communication between lens and digital body, so i have to focus, decide which aperture to choose ( love full open), versus shutter speed, and decide if EV correction is needed.

I decide, not the digital body with the "build in average photographer"!

Like the prime lenses of : Ernst Leitz Wetzlar/ Leica, Carl Zeiss, Hugo Meyer Gorlitz, Voigtlander, Asahi Takumars, Vivitar series 1, Helios, Jupiter, Industar , Tair, Mir, Volna among others.

Lately also using a lot of Chinese prime lenses of 7Artisans & TTArtisan & Pergear.

What I don't like:

-The use of programs like Photoshop,

-Autofocus & zoom lenses

-and last but not least the so-called self-proclaimed "professional" photographers.

Personal Quote:

"The outcome of the Photograph depends largely, on the chosen subject and how it was taken, the camera body itself is just a medium to register your idea's about the subject, the used lens by design makes it like the type of brush/pencil that draws with its own caracter, the reflected light from chosen subject through the lens onto the film or sensor"

greetz Len.

Favourite Visual Artist
Adam Ansel / Henri Cartier-Bresson / André Kertész / Man Ray / Leni Riefenstahl, among others
Favourite Movies
Brexit: an uncivill war/ The 12 monkeys/ The city of the lost childeren /1984/ animal farm/ Brazil (Terry Gilliam) usw
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dark sanctuary,Penumbra,Saltatio Mortis,Tristania,Sirenia,Rammstein, DVKE, Versailles, Eluveitie, Arstidir, Solstafir, Sigur Ros, Eivør Pálsdóttir, Lacrimas profundre, la crimosa, Blut Engel,VNV Nation,Yes,Pink Floyd,Led zeppelin, DCD and much more
Favourite Books
To Too much to write down in one phrase. But Divina Commedia written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century is among the best.
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
as a hobby Fuji XE3 & Canon 60D, lenses mostly used are Leitz, Fuji, Meyer, Asahi among the legacy lenses, from China 7artsisans, TTartisan, Pergear among others see my bio for details
Tomorrow the 4 day Castlefest festival will start! see website below! and see the after official movie from 2022 ! The festival ground in Lisse: Over the 4 days 37 groups will give their performance over 3 music stages, see list of bands: further there are over 150 stands with wide variety food drinks and merchandise , for the details have a look in the program booklet in English that can be downloaded on the following page in Dutch and English: At this moment most tickets are sold out, there are still some tickets for the Friday and Sunday', so don't wait to long now, see for availability in the next link: Weather forecast over the 4 days from 3 till 6 August, see buienradar below which page is refreshed every 30 minutes, hereby the predicted forecast on Wednesday 2 august at 12.00 noon. Photo's i took on previous years can be found in my gallery on Deviantart: Greetings Len.
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In the coming weeks we will be very busy if weather permits , so it can happen i will not be able to upload or answer directly , or say thanks for the fav's ! Next long weekend from 3 till 6 August we will be going to Castlefest in Lisse for 4 days. Will upload some photo's in the week after Castlefest. The weekend from 12 till 13 August we have planned to go too Mera Luna in Hildesheim Germany. After this weekend depending on weather and most important the temperature and if it rains or not perhaps we stays in Germany for a small holiday. If there is no forecast for rain the week after in Holland we will go back home, since we also have to do some exterior painting on the house, and have some work on the roof to do, we have some leakage due to the storm we had. Iff so after the paintwork /roof work, we let us guide by the temperatures in Europe at that moment, to have a small holiday which can be in Holland, Belgium, or the north of France (where
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First week of September we were told by the care takers where Poekie lives now, that she had died of old age , at the age of 17. may she rest in peace. Further the very sociable siamese visiting cat Gizmo is no longer with us. She has been ran over by a car on 24 August 2022. May she rest in peace. We had not seen Gizmo since the end of August, and assumed her caretakers where on vacation like so many people on our square, and that she was taken to a cat shelter for the duration of the vacation. Two weeks ago we heard rumors that Gizmo was gone (Not the first time), but it didn't make sense because she had a GPS tracking collar. A few days later we heard from her caretaker Carole who came to our house , to inform us that Gizmo had been ran over by a car on the bussy road between their house on the square and the recreation park/forest on the other side of a bussy road. (see below) Someone saw it and called the animal ambulance, but she had already died at arrival. Her
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i don't like wallpapers, whatever sort of, it distracts !

Welcome ! have a nice Sunday and week to come ! greetings Len.

thanks for the fav