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Photography=Drawing with light
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  • Nov 10, 1957
  • Netherlands
  • Deviant for 14 years
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"I am Deviant (Asperger Syndrome), but not an Artist, more of a gatherer of prime lenses of the analog era then an amateur photographer, the by-product of using them on digital body 's are called the photographs in this gallery".


I am Len, born on the 10th of November 1957 in the Netherlands, married with Caro who was born in Cambrai (France) in March 1960. We have 2 sons one of 34 and one of 40 years of age , and only 1 cat (Putty) left that shares our household, and 1 part-time cat called Tutty, who lives 2 houses further.

In the first half of 2020 i retired myself from work (resigned) 5 years before my retirement age, since there were enough funds for living and to bridge the 5 years.

The general idea was to have more time to visit festivals not only in the Netherlands, but across Europe, but due to corona most is cancelled last 2 years.

I started with the photography hobby at the age of 9, including developping the film, and enlarging as required and developping the photo's.

Started with a Zeiss Ikonta 6 x 6cm and Voightlander Bessa CRF 6 x 9cm on 120 spool film and a Durst enlarger, later in adult live switched to the Leica IIIf , Leica M3 and Leica SL 35mm analog Camera's from Wetzlar.

About 14 years ago started with digital photography, started with a Lumix LX2, Olympus E600 ,Canon 60D and now Fuji XE3 and still don't like autofocus and zoomlenses, I still prefer using the legacy Manual Focus prime lenses from a forgotten Era (50's till 80's).

These older lenses have no electrical contacts on the back, so there is no communication between lens and digital body, so i have to focus, decide which aperture to choose ( love full open), versus shutterspeed, and decide if EV correction is needed.

I decide, not the digital body with the "build in average photographer"!

Like the prime lenses of : Ernst Leitz Wetzlar/ Leica, Carl Zeiss, Hugo Meyer Gorlitz, Voightlander, Asahi Takumars, Vivitar series 1, Helios, Jupiter, Industar , Tair, Mir, Volna among others.

Lately also using a lot of Chinese prime lenses of 7Artsans & TTArtisan & Pergear.

Further i don't use programs like Photo-shop !

Personal Quote:

"The outcome of the Photograph depends largely, on the chosen subject and how it was taken, the camera body itself is just a medium to register your idea's about the subject, the used lens by design makes it like the type of brush/pencil that draws with its own caracter, the reflected light from chosen subject through the lens onto the film or sensor"

greetz Len.

Favourite Visual Artist
Adam Ansel / Henri Cartier-Bresson / André Kertész / Man Ray / Leni Riefenstahl, among others
Favourite Movies
Brexit: an uncivill war/ The 12 monkeys/ The city of the lost childeren /1984/ animal farm/ Brazil (Terry Gilliam) usw
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dark sanctuary,Penumbra,Saltatio Mortis,Tristania,Sirenia,Rammstein, DVKE, Versailles, Eluveitie, Arstidir, Solstafir, Sigur Ros, Eivør Pálsdóttir, Lacrimas profundre, la crimosa, Blut Engel,VNV Nation,Yes,Pink Floyd,Led zeppelin, DCD and much more
Favourite Books
To Too much to write down in one phrase. But Divina Commedia written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century is among the best.
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
as a hobby Fuji XE3 & Canon 60D, lenses mostly used are Leitz, Fuji, Meyer, Asahi among the legacy lenses, from China 7artsisans, TTartisan, Pergear among others see my bio for details
Sad but true, the first time in this pandemic we surpassed worldwide 1,000,000 new cases within 24 hours, on the 29th of December at 22.40 European local time . So we have managed it before the new year 2022 ! So why we ? Because we can not blame a virus for our own irresponsible behavior, to put ourselves in a situation/location to get infected. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, -Who are not wearing proper certified snug fitting FFP2 (N95/KN95) masks as soon as they leave their house? -Who are not adhering to self isolation when infected, for the infected person itself but also for the family members in that household, re-testing the household after 5 days? - Who does not avoid unessential travel, who does attend gatherings, in family circles or otherwise by going to events. We are responsable for the situation we are in now, whatever our governments impose on us (or not) in measures and how we think about it, we all have our own
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Note: Open journal fully to see not only the complete text, but also the supporting graphs. Below some reflections based on factual data and observations made untill this point in time , writing this journal. 1)The omicron variant of the corona is just like the others variant its a virus, or a non living partical since it misses the ability to reproduce itself and it has no metabolism, unlike bacteria. 2)Virus particle is a strain of RNA in a protein casing with "spikes", which when it colides with human cells in nose throat or lungs can become biological active with the human cell, this human cell will be its host and starts replicating the virus like it was its own cell particle. 3) All indications are that this strain of variants of corona are "seasonal", more active in the winter time, but it has nothing to do with when there is a "R "in month or when the temperature drops below 10 degrees celcius, these can only be used as an indicator. Note: In our body its 37 degrees
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Note : open this journal full format to see all the graphs ! To get vaccinated or not ? that is the question ! Or reprashed, being part of the solution or of the problem we are facing. This part is an update in the journal to answer the question of "How contagious is the delta variant ?" (Watch how subtle changes in social behaviour or the level of contagiousness of Covid-19 can affect the battle to stop its spread). Open the link and continue to scroll down and it will give a animated spread of the virus, at the end there is a simulator you can use by the means of 4 rulers, change the values and the animation will start, and recalculated what the effect is of the changes you made. The link This simulator gives more insight in the spread we are witnessing now in Europe . Now in short the graphs of 4 country's in the epicenter Europe as an example, and chosen for their different vaccination grades in respect to clarify and show the outcome in new daily cases. Portugal with
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I'm much obliged, Len...have a great week :ahoy: Ukraine 2 | FLAGS

same too you Richard !