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Hi to all Journal readers,

Last Tuesday Caro and I went to the Rammstein Concert in the Netherlands, last year at the presale we couldn't get through, lines were to bussy and it was sold out within an hour. We were lucky 2 months ago i could by 2 tickets for the tribune for wel over 300 euro from somebody in Nuremberg Germany, so we took are chance and paid. 5 days later we received 2 original tickets.
We were in heaven !
From 12 reviews i have red the one below is the most complete i could find, and added 2 youtube video's, to give an idea of the concert.
What is missing in the review that during the concert 110 official complaints about the sound pressure and levels, till about 8 km from the stadion in winddirection music and supporting explosions could still be heard.
We used earplugs to lower the sound pressure by 30 db's for our ears, is was not only the hearing the sound but feeling it as well through  your whole body !
So also for the explosions and the flame trowers, even at 25 meters from the podium the heat waves struck our faces.

But we loved this brutal experience, we never had before in all the concerts and festival we have been to in the last 30 years.

This is a complete new beautifull brutal level of entertainment, were you don't only listen to the music,

but also physically experience it !

Next year in June they are back on the other side of Holland in nijmegen
, so i have already booked a hotel for two nights, because presale starts on the 5th of july next week but nearly all hotels are full and prices are rising fot the rooms left.

nExt week i will upload about 20 foto's of the concert, related to the review below.

greetz len.

“Rammstein rises to great heights” ,

Concert in the stadion the Kuip on 25-06-2019, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

If you can program the hottest band in times well in advance on the hottest day of the year, you're a good one. Greenhouse Talent managed to get the industrial metal gods from Rammstein to De Kuip on the balmy Tuesday evening. As if it wasn't hot enough with the 37 degrees it was, the Germans brought more flame throwers to Rotterdam than you would need to be able to provide the entire Netherlands with a fire.

Rammstein wouldn't be Rammstein if the gentlemen didn't take a whole mountain of special efects on tour.

When drummer Christoph 'Doom' Schneider came up after a Rammstein Hymne, the deafening first beat on the drums was followed by a deafening firework bang in De Kuip, which probably would have been heard up to and including the Ziggo Dome, where Kiss started at the same time. . The rest of the band came on stage, with Till Lindemann as the last frontman of course.

With "Was ich liebe" it was already clear that the industrial was not only about the music movement. Thick black coal smoke was blown from the towers on stage and the light towers halfway the audience. Rammstein started, and immediately hard, as was evident from the reaction of the audience that was hoping for the many sing-alongs. The many tens of thousands of heads were served at her beck and call, by the now again towards the 60-year-old Lindemann. "Left-2-3-4" broke the throats of the entire audience, with keyboardist Flake, who frequently alternated between keyboards and keytar during the concert, following his keys on his treadmill. When "Tattoo" also started, the fireworks show started, which would not stop during the evening. And that while the sun had not even set in Rotterdam. It was the second number of what would become many of the last, untitled, German-made album by the Germans in May, even though we had only arrived at the third number. The record would be played almost entirely during the evening.

When after "Mein hertz brennt" from "Mutter" "Puppe" was brought, Rammstein again made it clear that he should not shun taboos. A meter-high pram was bombarded with flamethrowers on its Rammstein’s, to then leave the tanz metal behind and go back to the origins of Rammstein. "Heirate mich" after the pram was probably a bit harsh, given that the song is about necrophilia, but hey, a Rammstein fan can take a beating.

The song ended in contradiction with smoke rising from the stage, and smoke falling from the light towers.

The ballad "Diamant" brought a quiet spot in the busy show after which the remix of "Deutschland" by Richard Z. Kruspe was seized by many for a short pee break. It was even supported with "dancers" in suits with LED lighting. Should it have been? Not for many.

Fortunately the interlude was short-lived and Rammstein copied their own version of their song again. It was received with more enthusiasm than the remix. Logical. "Radio" came in hard, and once again explained why Rammstein is so special. The bridge between Industrial metal and techno influences is unprecedented. It immediately changed to "Mein teil" where it was now time for the soup with balls. And yes, the fire was fired higher and higher and hotter and hotter. And that, while the temperature was now comfortable in the shade with a regular breath of wind.

"Du hast" introduced the final. Industrial as must be industrial. The trio in the foreground, consisting of frontman Till Lindmann and guitarists Richard Z. Kruspe and Paul Landers, led the fraternal mass with complete Kuip choir. The highlight, however, was the guided fireworks fired from stage to light towers and back, as well as the meter-high torches that brought back the warmth of the day.

The violence, musically and in terms of fire, continued during "Sonne", where the light show finally came into its own.

Die Sonne 

Ballad "Ohne dich" brought the lighters above the heads. Unfortunately, it barely stood out on the hottest evening of the year, after which the band went off and came up again for a deep bow.

For a moment it seemed as if the show was over, but Rammstein walked quietly backwards, then walked a little later from the side to the small B-stage, halfway the audience, and played a goosebump version of 'Engel', with the help of the 2 ladies of the supporting program Jatekot. It was the arrangement of the Flemish girl choir Scala & the Kolacny Brothers, who was allowed to enter the books as the most beautiful moment in De Kuip ever. Including European cup finals and championships.

The band went back to the main stage via a crossing with rubber boats over the hands of the audience. Well, apart from Flake, exactly as it happened with the video from "Auslander". The story about sextourism was possibly taken by Flake not to have to get in the boat; something he no longer likes to do after a few falls over the years. On the main stage, where "Auslander" brought the violence back on stage, the show ran with "Du riechst so gut" to the last song "Pussy". With the latter violence, the official part came to an end, but not before Till sprayed a giant foam gun over the front rows of fans.

The encore came with the title track "Rammstein" in which Lindemann himself acted as a human flame thrower. 'Ich Will' and a quiet piano version of 'Sonne' still ended the hottest evening of 2019 after 2 hours and 15 minutes.

With a deep knee bend and a corridor with the lift in the guitar neck that served as a screen tripod, the band rose to a lonely height , towards the hell fire that burned above the stage.

 It was a hot evening. And that was not due to the summer”.

Review by Norman van den Wildenberg on 27 juni 2019, for MAXAzine.


From their latest album.

Controversial Video clip “Deutschland” 

Video clip “Radio”


I am Len van den Berg born on the 10th of November 1957 in the City of Haarlem in the Netherlands, married with Caro who is born in Cambrai in France, we have 2 sons one of 32 and one of 38 years of age , and only 1 cat left that shares our household.

Started with photography at the age of 9 with a Zeiss Ikon 6 x 6, later in adult live switched to Leica IIIf , M3 and SL.

About 10 years ago started with digital photography using a Lumix LX2, olympus E600 ,Canon 60D and a Fuji XE3 and using Manual Focus lenses from a forgotten Era (70/80's) , mainly Leica

see >>…

Personal Quote:

"The outcome of the Photograph depends largely, on the chosen subject and how it was taken, the camera itself is just a medium to register your idea's about the subject"

greetz Len.


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