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Photography=Drawing with light
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"I am Deviant (Asperger Sydrome), but not an Artist, more of a gatherer of prime lenses of the analog era than an amateur photographer, the by-product of using them on digital body 's are called the photographs in this gallery".


I am Len, born on the 10th of November 1957 in the Netherlands, married with Caro who was born in Cambrai (France) in March 1960. We have 2 sons one of 34 and one of 40 years of age , and only 1 cat (Putty) left that shares our household, and 1 part-time cat called Tutty, who lives 2 houses further.

Started with the photography hobby at the age of 9, including developping the film, and enlarging as required and developping the photo's.

Started with a Zeiss Ikonta 6 x 6cm spool film, Voightlander 6 x 9cm 120 spool film and a Durst enlarger, later in adult live switched to Leica IIIf , Leica M3 and Leica SL 35mm analog Camera's from Wetzlar.

About 13 years ago started with digital photography, started with a Lumix LX2, Olympus E600 ,Canon 60D and now Fuji XE3 and don't like autofocus and zoomlenses, I still prefer using the legacy Manual Focus prime lenses from a forgotten Era (50's till 80's).

These older lenses have no electrical contacts on the back, so there is no communication between lens and digital body, so i have to focus decide which aperture to choose ( love full open), versus shutterspeed, and decide if EV correction is needed.

I decide, not the digital body with the "build in photographer"!

Like the lenses of : Ernst Leitz Wetzlar/ Leica, Carl Zeiss, Hugo Meyer Gorlitz, Voightlander, Asahi Takumars, Vivitar series 1, Helios, Jupiter, Industar , Tair, Mir, Volna among others.

Further i don't use programs like Photo-shop !

Personal Quote:

"The outcome of the Photograph depends largely, on the chosen subject and how it was taken, the camera body itself is just a medium to register your idea's about the subject, the used lens by design makes it like the type of brush/pencil that draws with its own caracter, the reflected light from chosen subject through the lens onto the film or sensor"

greetz Len.

Favourite Visual Artist
Adam Ansel / Henri Cartier-Bresson / André Kertész / Man Ray / Leni Riefenstahl, among others
Favourite Movies
Brexit: an uncivill war/ The 12 monkeys/ The city of the lost childeren /1984/ animal farm/ Brazil (Terry Gilliam) usw
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dark sanctuary,Penumbra, Saltatio Mortis, Tristania, Rammstein, DVKE, Versailles, Eluveitie, Arstidir, Solstafir, Sigur Ros, Eivør Pálsdóttir, Lacrimas profundre, la crimosa, Blut Engel, VNV Nation, Yes, Pink Floyd, Led zeppelin, DCD and many others,
Favourite Books
To Too much to write down in one phrase. But Divina Commedia written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century is among the best.
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
as a hobby Fuji XE3 & Canon 60D, lenses mostly used are Leitz, Fuji, Meyer, Asahi among the legacy lenses, from China 7artsisans, TTartisan, Pergear among others see my bio for details
Hi to all, Little has changed in the netherworld, apart from lifting partly the lock down from non essential shops. Last 2 weeks the non essential shops could reopen under strict rules, masks at all times, only 1 visitor per 25 square meters, and only after making an appointment, depending on the shop for 30 minutes at set times by the shop. From the 3 communale thrift shops in our village, one is gone (bankrupt), second one is to small to walk so only 4 people per 30 minutes are allowed. The third one with 2500 square meters surface, allowed 50 people max per hour for the duration of 1 hour after appointment, so we booked every day for us two from 14.00 till 15.00 ! Wed booked in advance every day for the coming week, including sunday. It was closed today, so we been acting as couch potatoes, only difference is that we didn't watch television all day, but were reading and listening to icelandic music ! Why ? just before turning of the news on television this morning we
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Hi to all journal readers, It has been nearly a year i haven't been active on DA, 2020 what a year ! Long story short First being sick with covid in march/ april and after 8 months still not in optima forma with remaining complaints as fatique , have to sleep at least one hour at the end of every afternoon in order to have some joy & awakeness during the evening. Other item is headaches and that my memory is not what it was. As a result of the corona pandemie aviation booking dropped dramatically, and in may/juni out dutch national airline for whom i worked anounched that the workforce had to be cut accordingly, estimated at that time around 5000. They came with a voluntary severance scheme, in the hope that enough people would go voluntary, to avoid unvoluntary resignation of personell. The severance pay for the voluntary scheme would be depending on the number of years worked with the national carrier, with a maximum of 18 months of salary including all extra's. For people
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Castlefest 2020 Dear visitors, exhibitors, acts, volunteers, caterers and suppliers, 2020 has been a special year so far. The world now works differently than it did last year, which poses challenges and demands adaptability. We have looked at and considered all options for a possible move in the past few days. Since there is a good chance that the situation in September will still make big events impossible, we decided that moving Castlefest is not a viable and safe alternative. This means that the next edition of Castlefest will be August 5-8, 2021. The dates for the Castlefest Winter Edition remain, but at this time we cannot say with c
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