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Gotham City Nights

By pag293
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A mix of New York City, Miami, Chicago, and Dallas, forming, Gotham City. Just add the Batman Spotlight. :P

I do wish they put in a little more effort on Gotham City in the Dark Knight, like Batman Begins. In the Dark Knight, Gotham City was simply Chicago, with very little edits. What ever happened to the Wayne Tower and those crazy elevated trains we saw in Batman Begins?
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Hi, Can I buy a large jpeg of this please to print? 
Hi! Is this image for sale? I'm looking for a backdrop for a tradeshow.
Very interested to make use of this image!
hit me up on
Is there a way you photoshop Gotham Catherdral in this picture from Batman 1989?
I was on site for every Batman filming in Chicago.

I wish they would have filmed this one in Chicago.
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Well, as long as they restore the Wayne Tower from "Begins" in the next film, I will be fine with whatever they do. The Wayne building in The Dark Knight was very plain. Not at all like a tower fitting the city's most powerful family.
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The elevated trains got blown down; Gordon blew the main rail down.
I do agree with the whole affect though. There wasn't much 'Gotham' in it. But then, imagine they money they had already spent, it was probably hard to squeeze in money for THAT labor and the time to do it. Their crew was already double the size of most films without city overlays. XD
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O: that looks cool.

I'm a loser and I still havent seen the Dark Knight.
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i agree but it was a good movie

nice mix by the way
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