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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Pádár Ádám30/Male/Hungary Group :icon5panels: 5Panels
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I really like to talk. Have convos and get to know other people and thererfore I really like these kinda talkative meme thingies.
Imma gonna do the questions of :iconkicuka:
So here it goes, first the facts then the questions, I'm not really a tagging person and I'm not gonna ask questions, like I said I just like to have conversations, get to know more of people, and share some.
Here I go:

1. I'm from a greyhound breeding family, I really like dogs, and I  tend to get along well with kids and animals. I tend to lose my shit whenewer I see a greyhound, I also have a grey girl called Betty. She's everything.
2. I can sleep a lot. Usually I don't have the opportunity cause I have to get up early and I stay awake for nights a lot of times. Which results in less sleeping hours usually. But back in the days when I had more free time I usually slept 10-12 hours from 2 am till 10 or 12.
3. I'm not a healthy eather but whenewer I feel it I usually mix it up so it's okay, regulary I'm on pasta, but I really like all kinds of junkfood, and meat. My favorite is Tomato soup all the way, I can eat it for months.
4. I decided I want to become a comic artist at the age of 4. Wrtiting and illustrating comics. Ofc at that time of age and for a while after that they tought it's just a kiddie stuff, since then, now I am working on stories and illsutrations as a comic artist, that's something I always stick to, and kept that passion for myself since the beginning.
4. I am ENFP, I'm very instinctive, and I tend to rely on instincts and feelings. usually sense stuff before they happen, these kinda intuitive things, not really a realist type of person. I tend to gloss over details. And I can easily forget them also. I'm very talkative, and I really like to get to know people. I can say I have a lot fo friends. I think most of the times I probably come off as a goof little geek.
5. For a long time I was a huge fan of pixar movies, but after a while they set the bar so hight that I found their stuff medicore there for a while. Now I start to get back on them. I like animated movies.
6. My personal life is, well, to expalin it politeli I'm in solitude for sometimes now, I got out of a long relationship, and it really takes a lot of time to mentally adjust to the tnings, it was two years ago that it ended and now I can safely say that my mental state is right and I'm fine, still I don't think, or not sure if'm ready for a relationship cause that part of me is still just a burnt down mess after those years.Sometimes I'm longing, sometimes I'm thankful for being single. It gives, it takes.
7. I really love to create characters and worlds. I rarely get into an artist block. Cause usually my problem is that my mind is so full with stories or worlds or characters that I don't hve the time and energy to make all these stuff, with the proper amount o f time and care that all of these ideas would need so. I usually overdo. Take to much burden on my back and take to many responsibilities for.
8. I'm an overtinker. But I also hide it really well, If I share my deep thoughts with anyone it's a privilige, but it's a deeper prividge if I share my insecurities. Cause I usually don't do that.
9. I can't swim.
10. Love to cook, love to explore cooking, people like my cooking. I'm not really a coulinary expert but, I cook tasty lil stuffs. :)
11. I sometimes have short bursts of panic attacks. For a while I had them dissapear, and usually these days they are rare, but sometimes they occure.
12. My father left us when I was born, and my stepfather is a lolly driver so i usually didn't see him. I don't really have a father figure who I could look up to. I feared for a long time that since I didn't have this kind of role model, whenever I'm gonna start a family I can't be agood parent. Life usually proved me wrong cause I tend to be a mentor/fathe figure typoe of person for a lot of friends.
13. Love making comics. Especially with my friends I have a creative group we are actively producing and publishing stuff for 6 years now.

kicuka's questions:
1. When did you start drawing?
At the age of 4, I really liked those shows in the telly where they were promoting videogames at sunday mornings for kids. So my first comics were about those characters, we made them with my aunt.
2. Who inspired you the most?
Professionally my fellow artist friends and the comic artist that I loved to read, Joe Madureira, Mike Mignola, Doug TenNapel.
Personally my mother, she's a hard working woman and a survivor, with a huge heart, and care. I love her.
3. Traditional or digital? (include your preferred tools/programs)
Traditional. Inks, and watercolor.
4. Do you think you have your own style?
Yes i do. I am the kinda guy who never went with the conventional way so I learned all the stuff by myelf. As a kid I was mesmerized with cartoons so I liked to mimic their style, and therefore I'm much more stylized with my art than realistic. You learn to hide your mystakes with style, if you learn by yourself.
5. Do you have an OW? (Original World) If you do, describe it in a few sentences!
Yes, several. I have a few worlds and even universes within my head. it would be hard to pick one of thme but probably my favorite is the one based on hungarian folk mythology, it's less of a nationality thing, I'm not really a nationalsit person. But I liek these kind of stuff. The characteristics, and I like to use them for example a fantasy world, where the main characters are mythical creatures resembing to the Busó's of Mohács.
6. Western cartoons or anime? Why?
Western cartoon. I come from a background with comics. And here in hungary it doesn't have a huge culture. So it was the kinda outsider, vagabond stuff I could relate to, when anime came in it got wildly popular, and as a young kid I was so angry that a very similar culture basically with the same attributes of the culture that I'm in is much more accepted and liked than the thing i like. So it was a rough strart back then. I watch some anime, but I'm just a very ditinct casual.
7. Have you ever seen a good movie adaptation?
Yes :) A lot.
8. What do you want to become? (wildest dreams, gogogogogogogo!)
My only goal is to succed with this comic making stuff that I'm obsessed with.
9. Favourite video game?
Heavily oldschool guy here so really love 8 bit, and pixel things, also shooters, not multiplayer ones.
My favorite is the Rayman series.
10. Show me your best OC! (it's an ordeeeer)
Well the most beloved OC I have is Steve.
Steve the Busho of Love by Pady08
But the one I love the most is actually
Epicline Cover Contest Entry by Pady08
Flame the Fire Buso


Pady08's Profile Picture
Pádár Ádám
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Founding member of 5panels, a hungarian group of comics artists,
Creator of the Bushos from Epicline Magazine.

Hardcore comic geek.
REALLY REALLY loves Greyhounds.
Very spiritual, driven by feelings. Emotional.
Has a kind of sixth sense for people. Figures out personalities fast. Easily adaptive. Shaman guy.
Talkative. Gets into convos easily. Feel free to have a chat if you want. :)
Loves music, almost all kind of it. The closest to his heart is hip-hop.
Likes nature. And big walks.
Loves english language. fluent talker and writer.
Tomato soup junkie.
Loves to cook.
Makes comics.
Likes junkfood, sweets and fruits.
One Piece fan.

Earth Dragon

Still really loves greyhounds.


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