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Here is where from now on updates and announcements will take place



Thanks to the wonderful casinuba, we have a new shading guide that shows the absolute minimums for shading, as well as many examples of unacceptable shading!

Padro shading guide by casinuba

Familiarise yourself with it please! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


The Hall of Fame is being reworked - if you get a mention, don't panic, your horses are just being organised into a (hopefully) better system!


Another PP update :) to count for all the additional things we have added over the years. The limit per PP for image has been increased to 30!


Tis Wild here. As by now some of you have noticed PadroHorseDesigns. This is the account where we will be keeping the padro designs. Due to increasing issues of lost designs, mistaken IDs and so forth we request the permission of you all as a group that over the next little while you all allow me to upload designs of EACH AND EVERY PADRO. Please note these designs will NOT be added to the group unless the original is deleted or the designer wishes it so.

These designs uploaded here will act as trackers for myself and the rest of the admin team to keep track of transfers, references and foals born.

So if you guys ever want to know which horse is where and so forth and if a design exists or not you will be able to find it there. Please note this means TRANSFER NOTES MUST BE SENT.

Oh yeah, and for horses missing designs I will be recreating the designs as exact to the original horse as I can.

*You guys are still able to upload your horses to the group. We do not want to restrict everyone to the 10 deviations per day thing, nor do we wish to drastically change how we have done things for years.


BIG NEWS! For those of you that love to write stories, you'll be pleased to know that we are increasing the PP limit for literature to 10PP!
Thats a whole 2.5PP more than before!


Your prayers have been answered! PadroHorse now has a discord server!
Please make sure you look over the rules before you chat! Hope to see you all there!



Hi all - please remember that unless a horse is confirmed for their ranking, they cannot pass on lineage points to their offspring!
Ranking notes should now be up to date, and we are working on making sure it never takes longer than a week for your notes to be answered!

Once your horse is confirmed, it is easier for us admins to check confirmation for their offspring if you put a link to the rank confirmation with your padro points total! Thank you!


Hi all, this is just a little announcement to say that the breeding note links are now mandatory on all foal designs do to mistakes when people copy genes and change things as well as omitting information.

thanks guys!


Small reminder to those breeding their padros - try to avoid breeding two overos together, and two dominant whites together. This results in lethal white syndrome and consequently dead foals!


Extra mutation chances of 50% will close on April 1st!


Since we are a bit behind (again) on breeding notes, I would like to ask not to send in more than 3 notes (with maximal 2 breedings per note) at once.

What does 'at once' mean?
Please wait until your previous three notes are answered by an admin before sending new note(s).

Thank you for your understanding and patience!


Please adhere to the Leo standard when designing a Leo Padro. This only allows feathering on chest, belly and shoulder and NOWHERE else. The reason for confusion is that the older standard used to have more feathering.

accepted examples are:
Padro Info Sheet - Leo Mutation by KimboKah
Padro Foal Design - NGS Anaconda 3758 by KimboKah
9144 Padro Import for cmlsketches by KimboKah
8860 | Foal Design by RedRobinEC

for additional feathering, you would need a feathering gene: nft or ftft. Mutations like Radiya or Phabis allow more additional feathering.

update 6/20

sometimes, we admins get really busy, and with breeding notes overflowing us right now, and to make sure we get our work done as smoothly as possible, certain (intricate and time consuming) mutations have become unavailable for admin design. This means that while you can of course still breed these mutations, you cannot request an admin design on these. This update is temporary. I will update this journal again when the restraint has been lifted.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Mutations currently unavailable for admin design:

- Cervus
- Emitola
- Gudial
- Yaril
- Wedusa

Introducing the Skype Group: Padro Everyday Blabber!
Come join and discuss the breed, questions or just to have a good time!

Admin designs are available again in the same manner as before. Thank you all for your understanding and patience.


Admin foal design service will close for one month. (2/14 - 3/14)
We have an insufficient amount of design admins available at the moment to meet the high demand. New admins will be chosen this weekend. You can apply here: kimbokah.deviantart.com/journa…

Breedings are still open, but foals must be designed on breeders own terms.


Little heads up about the upcoming import season!

- Imports will either free to claim to newcomers, or accord to the custom prizes for regular padro owners.
- Imports will either be naturals, or single (rare) mutation horses.
- The focus will lie on breeding to spread the particular mutation. Buyers of an import must be willing to breed the horse at least once.
- Payment can be either done in points or in art.

More to come soon!

Good News!

After improving Recovery Genes' Stability, it is now possible to breed Recovery Genes to the regular extinct version of the gene. Recovery Genes are always indicated with * (example: nTjs*)

results for breeding are as follows:
nTjs* x TjsTjs = TjsTjs
nTjs* x nTjs = nTjs or TjsTjs
nTjs* x nTjs* = Lethal and not approved.
nTjs* x nn = 50% chance of nTjs* (stays as GMC if not bred to the original mutation)

- Recovery Imports will remain scarce-


Submissions to "breed art" now require one admin vote again to end up in the group, but should still be approved pretty quickly.
This happened because some people abused the auto approval to get things into the group that we would otherwise deny.

About waiting lists:

Admin designs can take up anywhere from 1 day to one month. If after one month after request, you have not received your foal design or custom import, you are encouraged to contact the group.


When you're sending in a note for rank confirmation, please limit it to one horse per note. Makes counting and replying much easier. Thanks!


Small request for users to send in maximal one or two breedings per note until further notice. It's easier to handle for me this way, as we're getting a bit clogged.
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Seri-goyle's avatar

Being 2 years old, that Discord invite has expired. :(

prte1's avatar
Yeeees :la: And I'm sorry for my inactivity right now. I hope that sooner I'll be more active ^^;
Arborath's avatar
All of my designs can be uploaded!
Karly14's avatar
I give permission to upload my designs.
Seri-goyle's avatar
Is there any way we can help get the designs uploaded? With the 10 per day limit, it will take until the end of the year to get all them in.
Harleyloveme2039's avatar
You've got my permission to upload any of my designs :D 
prte1's avatar
Yep, you have my permission :dummy: If you'll need any of my design without my grey background, say and I'll try to find the original design and delete the bg :aww:

edit: if you'll need help with designing any foal design for those horses, which haven't it, tell me and I'll try to help you as I could :meow:
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As long as we're still being credited as the makers of our own designs I have no issue with you uploading them onto that account :) 
WildOracle's avatar
TheElvenJedi's avatar
DreamDrifter91's avatar
You have permission from me to upload my designs. 
Feral-Ringo-Zebra's avatar
oo yall doing it like arpg style i love it, its gonna make keeping track of things easier im always never sure if ive traded a horse or not because i forget to delete it >.>
WildOracle's avatar
Haha yes i’m hoping it makes it easier to know if horses have been sold or not <3
theliondemon-kaimra's avatar
 you have permission from me to add mine to the account to XD it helps to have the designs in one place XD
i know the ones in my gallery are mostly for me and kandy XD

and question for new designs how do we go about getting them checked sense designs are going to be in that account?
WildOracle's avatar
You will still be submitting your designs as usual to Padro
theliondemon-kaimra's avatar
ok XD just thought a good time to ask about it
so there just going to be posted on that account as well basically 
shockmyworld12's avatar
awesome news update ! you have permission from me to do what you gotta do with my babies :D 
artpidgeon's avatar
I've been waiting to see if would go through officially, and I'm to see it happen! As long as credit is given and no manipulation is done, this is quite literally a perfect solution to the problem of missing refs. But oh lordy it's going to be a process to move everything over. Any idea if this will affect future foal designs? i.e we would submit them through the design account only, rather than each person submitting them on their separate accounts?  
WildOracle's avatar
Submit them to the group as usual :)
AlyssaChantre's avatar
yikes have fun doing that *winces*

makes sense....but DANG that's a lot of work XD I wish you good luck (I think you'll need it) lol
WildOracle's avatar
I think I will too x'D

For some reason I like giving myself huge projects. I might need to rethink my sanity some day xD
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