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Deviation Actions

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To register your claimed Padro horse, you must draw a picture of the horse, add the required information and submit it to the 'Registered Horses - References' folder in the group's gallery within 30 days.
You can use lineart for this.

Please note that uncoloured art cannot be used for a reference.

If you can not meet the deadline, note the group for an extension before the deadline. If you don't do that, the horse will go up for reclaims.

So what info should at least be on your Padro Registration Ref?

:bulletgreen: ID + Horses name in title of the deviation
:bulletgreen: Name, breed, gender, age

:bulletgreen: Color
:bulletgreen: Genotype

:bulletgreen: Class +Rare points + Build
:bulletgreen: Lineage +Generation

:bulletgreen: Breeding spots + Breeding list

:bulletgreen: Link to the original design image
:bulletgreen: Padro points *optional*

If one of the following things happen the group will reclaim a horse:

:bulletgreen:  horse was not registered before the deadline.
:bulletgreen:  horse was sold but not re-registered before the deadline
:bulletgreen:  current reference was deleted (automatically forfeits all rights of ownership)
:bulletgreen:  when an account has been inactive for over six months
:bulletgreen: if a person ends up getting blocked from the group by showing extremely bad behaviour towards members and admins
:bulletgreen: account has been deleted and not reactivated in over 24 hours.

Reclaim procedure differs based on certain things:

:bulletgreen: The horse was designed by a member who is not the owner:
In that case we will comment on the design, asking whether the designer wants to claim the horse. If they agree, normal registration starts for them.
If they don't want the horse, it will go into a reclaim raffle held at a later date.

:bulletgreen: The horse was designed by the owner:
The design will be either redone or if the owner wishes, for us to rehome their design.
Otherwise most of the time the horse will be redesigned and the owner can keep their original design as a non padro horse. Horse will be rehomed in a raffle.

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Cactaquillz's avatar
is there any way to get a design back after it was reclaimed?
KaitlyNicole's avatar
The one to talk to would be WildOracle since she is mainly in charge of the reclaims. 
Cactaquillz's avatar
I've just contacted her ^^ ty!
TallOakStables19730's avatar
Where do I post the image of my horse so she can be registered? And all the info that is above has to be included in the post? 
Mimi-McG's avatar
Once you've drawn it, you upload it to dA with all the info in the description and then submit it to the group folder "Registered Padro References"
TallOakStables19730's avatar
okay thank you so much that really helps me out!:)
TallOakStables19730's avatar
Do we have to design the horse ourself before we register it or can we use the art that admin made for us?
Mimi-McG's avatar
A reference is an image made seperate to the design of the horse- once the admin has done your design, you'll have 28 days to draw a reference of that design and submit it to the group. 
TallOakStables19730's avatar

Perfect thank you Mimi for your help with that! okay that's what I thought but I wasn't entirly sure so I had to double check on that! ;)
RopedArpg's avatar
Is there an official list of Padros up for reclaiming?
EmoAngel99's avatar
No, there is not. WildOracle is in charge of reclaims (Mostly, sometimes Kim the founder does some too.) Padro Horses are offered to the original designer first and if not taken by them, then Wild will decide if she would like to keep them or not. Sometimes they find homes with others. Like other admins or new members. Sometimes they get put into a list for future raffle reclaims for the group members. Like we had here:

95% of the time though, they go back to the original designer.
RopedArpg's avatar
Ahh okay. Thank you ^^
renaakaii's avatar
Does the registration have to be approved, or is a horse good to go as soon as a ref is submitted?
prte1's avatar

after you'll done reference picture (within the deadline you have), you must send it to the Padro group* :aww: After checking commission by the other words admins :D it will be accepted or it will write you some correction which you'll do and after that will be accept :aww:

If the deadline will end, you can have longer, but you must note the group with the reason and how long it would take (is it always cca. 1 week :aww:) and after that is the same... If you not note the group, your horse will be reclaimed and you cannot draw the reference... :)

edit: * this means in your picture to clap on "added to group" and you choose PadroHorse :)
renaakaii's avatar
Okay, thank you! I submitted a reference for a horse I won in a raffle a little bit ago so I'm just waiting on approval, then?
prte1's avatar
Yep :aww: if you gimme link, I could check it :aww:
renaakaii's avatar
K4311 One More Try by renaissancekai

There you go! The art is by KimboKah. They gave permission for old ref (info, art) to be used for registration purposes. ( :
prte1's avatar
And I can say you that is registred already :D So you can do any activity you want :la:
renaakaii's avatar
Awesome, thanks so much!
Pvff's avatar
Does the picture have to be fullbody or? 0: Can it be a nice headshot of the horse in question?
Mimi-McG's avatar
Headshots are allowed :) 
cyndergirlXP's avatar
So if i adopted a horse from someone could i change some small details on the horse, not the genos ofc; but small detail like minimal white or something?
WildOracle's avatar
Designs must stay the same
TheElvenJedi's avatar
As a general rule, unless the horse is a very old design (ID number under i think 7000 or so?) and has a glaring design flaw ie. wrong shade of base coat, missing dun striping etc then no, the design should remain the same as it is on the horse's import sheet :)

Or else you will need to ask WildOracle  whether it is permitted to change the design, to change any markings the import would have to be completely redone as far as I know? O.o  

Things like name, personality etc are usually allowed to be changed unless the person you bought them from specified you shouldn't change it:)
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