Rare Points

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:bulletyellow: Base Color:

Normal base: ee __, E_ A_ or E_ aa: +1
Agouti base:  (At_ and A+_): +4

:bulletyellow: Modifiers:

flaxen: +2
silver: +2
single cream: +2

dun: +3
roan: +3

pangare: +4
sooty: +4

champagne: +5

double cream: +6
grey: +6

:bulletyellow: Patterns:

overo: +2
sabino: +2
tobiano: +2

appaloosa: +3
splash: +3

rabicano: +4

dominant white: +6

solid coat: +3

Paint patterns that count against solid coat: Appaloosa, tobiano, overo, splash, rabicano, sabino, dominant white
Mutations that count against solid coat: Aileen, Batu, Bio-Hazard, Caon, Chimera, Deer, Diffy, Doscor, Elian, Emitola, Jarce, Hadata, Hallow, Kandos(r), Kiusan, Lupus, Masker, Mia, Misan, Norreca, Olyana, Pahka, Qular, Rahne, Rebeena, Rosef, Sinara, Sora, Teks, Tuxas, Vali, Wedusa, Wembe, Xadden, Yalia

:bulletyellow: Extra Features:
unnatural tail, feathering, horn: +5

:bulletyellow: Speckling:

one colored: +0
two colored: +1
three colors: +3

mane stripes: +2

:bulletyellow: Build:

medium: +0

heavy: +2
light: +2

:bulletyellow: Mutations:

See here

:bulletyellow: Rarity Classes:

1-20 RP - Common
20-30 RP - Uncommon I
30-40 RP - Uncommon II
40-60 RP - Rare
60-80 RP - Very Rare
80-100 RP - Extremely Rare
100-120 RP - Highly Extreme Rare
120-140 RP - Ultimately Rare
140+ RP - Monster!

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theliondemon-kaimra's avatar
question do you count 5 for the tail then 5 for feathering?
Mimi-McG's avatar
Yep, they're counted seperately
theliondemon-kaimra's avatar
thought so XD glad i counted them as that
RileyCasper's avatar
Out of curiosity, how many rare points would a brindle count as? Looking to order a couple brindles.
KimboKah's avatar
sorry, brindles are unavailable in this breed
RileyCasper's avatar
Thank you very much. I seen one brindle padro running around, and i thought (never seen that before).
artpidgeon's avatar
Do unnatural markings count the same as unnatural tail/horn/feathering? 
Mimi-McG's avatar
Yup. they're also 5rp
artpidgeon's avatar
DaretoDream0's avatar
Question, the unnatural feathering and tail need both(ftft and tltl) to show, correct? Like flaxen?
Mimi-McG's avatar
Padros don't follow normal horse rules - nf for flaxen shows here, and nft and ntl also show :)
DaretoDream0's avatar
Ah! Okay!! I hadn't realized!
Thank you!
Nabashta's avatar
Would EE AtA equil +5, +4, or just +1?

Also would Does GLOW come with a horn or is that added?

I aslo need help with her

Padro Foal Design N3088 for DecemberSnowStable by DreamDrifter91
TheElvenJedi's avatar
+4 for At_ and A+_ (agouti) basecoats :)

A horn is mandatory for GLOW yes, it's part of the standards of the mutation :aww:

what is it that you need help with? ^^
Nabashta's avatar
Figiring out the RP for this boy. I tried to do it, but came up as 72 with the +4 and I added the +5 for the horn. 
TheElvenJedi's avatar
horn won't add rarity with glow, as it isn't an unnatural horn and is just part of the mutation so it doesn't add rare points

rarepoint breakdown for this guy would be

EE AtA +4
silver +2
single cream +2
dun +3
sooty +4
grey +6
champagne +5
rabicano +4
overo +2
GLOW +10
speckling +1
light build +2

total: 75 :)
Nabashta's avatar
Oh, ok. 

Thanks for this. This helps very much. He is my first very rare boy. 
TheElvenJedi's avatar
No problem, glad I could help :)
PuddaBest's avatar
what would snowflake count in rp? 
Edit: would it be +3 since it is a snowflake app?
Mimi-McG's avatar
yep counts as appaloosa
PuddaBest's avatar
ah, okie thank you!
xXdeathchowderXx's avatar
Can someone help me figure out what a horse's RP with the below genes be?

Blue Roan Tobiano Heavy built horse with a horn, the Batu mutation, and Common Chimera

I got 29 but I'm thinking I'm prooobably off? Also, I'm not sure if the second coat (bc of the Chimera)'s RP would matter, so long as it's 1 color???
casinuba's avatar
normal base: 1
roan: 3
tobiano: 2
horn: 5
heavy: 2
batu: 10
chimera: 6
     = 29 RPs (you're right ;))

Chimera color doesn't count toward the RPs. And this is with one color speckling and without mane stripes, because two/three color speckling and mane stripes would add additional RPs. :aww:
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