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Firstly, congratulations to everyone for going on a mad hunt around the page and finding some, if not all, of the items! Some were notoriously difficult to find that even I needed help when it came to removing the links from around the group!

Secondly, I'm sure you're all wondering who won the amazing prizes!
- If you want to design your custom yourself, note the group for your prize. If you want admin design, please note me directly (Mimi)
- For tarot cards, please comment on the tarot card journal with a link to this.
- Same for group horse slots, and guaranteed twins.

Master Prize Winner: EmoAngel99
Master Prize
- +10PP to a horse of your choice
- a tarot card of your choice
- 1 custom padro with a RP limit of 80
- guaranteed twins on your next breeding
- a breeding slot to a group horse of your choice

Smaller Master Prize Winner: ReddWater
Smaller Master Prize
- 5PP to a horse of your choice
- a random tarot card
- 1 custom padro with a RP limit of 50
- guaranteed twins on your next breeding


Also, a small thank you to my witness, AshTheDreamer, for watching me roll this to make it completely fair :D You're amazing!

CONGRATULATIONS, EVERYONE! I hope you enjoyed it!
Please leave your feedback in the comments - if you loved it then maybe we can do it again? :D
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i loved this event! i hope there are more like it in the future! :D