Padro Point System

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New maximal PP cap is 30

Reminder that art must be uploaded to dA to count for PP - this means no files or off site images!

- Ready to Mingle bonus
+ 2 PP if drawn with a horse from another breed.

- EquiBREAK bonus
+ 3 PP if drawn in the EquiBREAK project.
equiBREAK is a fun and safe way to train your horse:
see equiBREAK for more information.

- REINS-Association bonus
+3 PP if drawn in the Reins Project.

added: show placings rewards
from now on, show placings ultimately count in Padro Points as well:
1st place: +5 PP
2nd place: +4 PP
3rd place: +3 PP
4th place: +2 PP
5th place: +1 PP

lineage Padro Points:
All horses with appropriate rankings in a lineage may pass points down to offspring. This process is not mandatory and may be left out in the final point count if you wish. For more info:…

starter Horses:
starter horses (often indeed called imports) get a bonus of +7 PP from the start.

only halter: +1PP
training activity: +3PP  


Uncolored Art:
uncolored art (includes headshots, fullbodies and other things: +1
Cannot be used as reference

*A picture of head and neck of a Padro. Must be colored.*

- flat colored headshot: 1 PP
- shaded: 3 PP (shading must be clearly visible. Very minimal shading will not be accepted in this category.)
Shading Examples

*A picture of head, neck, body of a Padro. Must be colored. Legs do not have to be visible.*

- flat colored fullbody: 3 PP
- shaded fullbody: 5 PP (shading must be clearly visible. Very minimal shading will not be accepted in this category.)
Shading Examples

*must be fullbody*

- flat chibi: 2 PP
- shaded chibi: 3 PP(shading must be clearly visible. Very minimal shading will not be accepted in this category.)
Shading Examples

*Anything that can add to the basics of fullbody or headshot.*

- Small Animation: +3 PP (eye blink, bouncing, tail or ear flick, etc.) (2-5 frames)
- Extensive Animation: +5 PP (fullbody animation) (6+ frames)

- Training: +3 PP (horse must be involved in a training activity.)
- Competition Entry: +3 PP

- Simple Background: +1 PP (Simple colors (no flat colors allowed), Stock photos and simple brush strikes)
- Detailed Background: +3 (Hand-drawn background, depicting a real background, like grass, forest, mountain, etc.)

Pixel Art:
*only applicable to pre-made bases. Specific, originally drawn bases can be counted as fullbodies and headshots as mentioned above*

- Unshaded base: +1 PP (includes animation, training and backgrounds)
- Shaded Base: +2 PP (must be shaded by yourself) (includes animation, training and backgrounds)

*Piece of text that mentioned Padros involved in some kind of story. The entire text does not have to be solely about Padros, but only the parts where the horses are mentioned can be counted for points.*

- For every 100 words: +1 PP
- Upper limit of 30 PP

Linearts and premade backgrounds:

- Linearts can be used in this breed. However, there are a few rules:
* Pre-shaded bases (reused) do not count as shaded fullbodies, but as flat.
* Pre-made backgrounds that are reused can only count as simple backgrounds.
* If the lineart is not your own, you must credit the provider.

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I've read and re-read this a few times but can't seem to find out why I gave my previously imported Padros 7 PP... ;O;

Others have done the same, citing "Import - 7PP" or "First Reference - 7PP" in the past, but nowhere on this guide does it say a no-lineage, first referenced, or imported horse gets any points, besides those gained from it's reference image.

Am I correct in saying that a horse that's imported and has no lineage starts with the normal 0 PP, until your first reference gives it PP?