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Updated 3/8/2020 to incorporate new mutations

:bulletgreen: - Available
:bulletred: - Unavailable or Extinct

Normal Mutations:

:bulletred: Armas [10]
:bulletgreen: Baem [15]
:bulletgreen: Batu [10]
:bulletred: Bio-Hazard [20]
:bulletgreen: Brinin [10]
:bulletgreen: Buriel [10]
:bulletgreen: Caelum [15]
:bulletred: Cervus [15]
:bulletgreen: Chimera [6]
:bulletgreen: Crystalline [10]
:bulletgreen: Dagny [10]
:bulletgreen: Deer [10]
:bulletgreen: Detora [10]
:bulletgreen: Diffy [10]
:bulletgreen: DollJoints [15]
:bulletgreen: Drace [10]
:bulletred: Echelon [10]
:bulletred: Elian [15]
:bulletred: Emitola [20]
:bulletred: Etitor [10]
:bulletred: Flek [20]
:bulletgreen: FlowPow [20]
:bulletred: Flyer [20]
:bulletgreen: Fracture [10]
:bulletred: Gerule [15]
:bulletgreen: Glow [10]
:bulletgreen: Gudial [20]
:bulletgreen: Hallow [15]
:bulletgreen: Herxes [10]
:bulletred: Hornaru [5]
:bulletgreen: Inoek [10]
:bulletgreen: Jiminy [15]
:bulletgreen: Joia [10]
:bulletred: Kandos [15]
:bulletgreen: Leo [15]
:bulletgreen: Leroux [15]
:bulletred: LegSpeck [10]
:bulletred: LiveWire [15]
:bulletred: Lupus [15]
:bulletgreen: Mandar [20]
:bulletgreen: Mathiam [15]
:bulletred: Masker [15]
:bulletred: Mia [15]
:bulletgreen: Mirrudo [10]
:bulletgreen: Misan [10]
:bulletgreen: Myrnin [10]
:bulletgreen: Nonus [10]
:bulletgreen: Novius [10]
:bulletgreen: Notino [15]
:bulletgreen: Nugisa [20]
:bulletgreen: Nuite [10]
:bulletred: Pahka [20]
:bulletred: Panark [20]
:bulletgreen: Porcilion [10]
:bulletgreen: Qhada [10]
:bulletgreen: Qular [15]
:bulletgreen: Radiya [15]
:bulletgreen: Raege [15]
:bulletred: Ragdoll [15]
:bulletred: Rahne [15]
:bulletred: Rakur [20]
:bulletgreen: Rebeena [10]
:bulletred: Reverse [20]
:bulletred: Rex [15]
:bulletgreen: Saretto [10]
:bulletgreen: Sejul [10]
:bulletred: Sinara [10]
:bulletgreen: Stakorn [15]
:bulletgreen: Synort [20]
:bulletred: Taguar [15]
:bulletred: Tambe [15]
:bulletgreen: Tascalu [15]
:bulletred: Teks [15]
:bulletred: Triballo [15]
:bulletgreen: Tuxas [10]
:bulletgreen: Vali [10]
:bulletgreen: Varisur [20]
:bulletred: Veletar [10]
:bulletred: Wedusa [15]
:bulletgreen: Wisis [15]
:bulletgreen: Xormas [10]
:bulletred: Yaril [15]
:bulletgreen: Zinker [10]

GMC Mutations: 

:bulletgreen: Aileen [20]
:bulletgreen: Croar [10]
:bulletgreen: Durtharg [10]
:bulletred: Doscor [15]
:bulletred: Ehren [10]
:bulletred: Iuari [6]
:bulletred: Jarce [15]
:bulletred: Jinx [15]
:bulletgreen: Kaeres [10]
:bulletred: Kakashi [10]
:bulletgreen: Kandos Revision [20]
:bulletred: Kiusan [10]
:bulletgreen: Oltin [10]
:bulletgreen: Olyana [20]
:bulletred: Phabis [20]
:bulletred: Pionn [15]
:bulletgreen: Pirroko [6]
:bulletgreen: Sora [15]
:bulletgreen: Uchiha [15]
:bulletred: Udams [6]
:bulletgreen: Wembe [10]
:bulletred: Xadden [15]
:bulletgreen: Xuke [15]
:bulletgreen: Yalia [15]
:bulletgreen: Zernox [6]

GHSS Mutations:
- cannot be ordered as a custom

:bulletwhite: Caon [15]
:bulletwhite: Hatada [10]
:bulletwhite: Jadat [15]
:bulletwhite: Norreca [10]
:bulletwhite: Rosef [15]

Jadat by Mimi-McG
© 2017 - 2021 PadroHorse
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Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
The orange bullet says available until December 1st, is that for this December or was it for last December??
Mimi-McG's avatar
Yes Elf is right - those with an orange bullet next to them are now extinct 
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Ah right okay, thank you! c:
TheElvenJedi's avatar
I believe it was last December, though I do stand corrected (: one of the higher admins will be able to tell you for definite :)
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Ah right, thank you for letting me know! c:
TheElvenJedi's avatar
no problem! :D which of the mutations were you after? I may have some breeding slots (I know I definitely have a dominant Veletar stallion, not sure bout the others) so you could breed one? :)
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
I don't have any veletars yet, but I think I have a slot to a few it was actually the yaril I was wondering about c:
TheElvenJedi's avatar
unfortunately, I don't think I have any Yaril! D: if I do manage to get one though, I'll try to remember to mark you down for a slot (:
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Awh thanks so much! I have a slot to one now, so hopefully I will get a yaril out of the breeding c:
I just think they're so pretty! c:
TheElvenJedi's avatar
Hey! I know this was a while ago now, but if you're still looking for Yaril slots I have a Yaril stallion now!

N4212 RH Cold Hands, Warm Heart by TheElvenJedi
He is nYrl unfortunately D:  so you'd have to find a Yaril mare to breed him to, but if it helps, his slots are open and they're relatively cheap ;)
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Nabashta's avatar
There are a few mutations that are not listed. We're can I find them?
Mimi-McG's avatar
I'll be updating the list tonight with the new mutations! 
For now, you can find them in the group gallery here
Nabashta's avatar
Thanks. And I have, but they seem to not like ne. But I think I have the mutations that I want. I just hope they can go together.
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