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:bulletyellow: What are Official Group Horses?

Padros are generally imported from the Caribean Islands. Some of the horses are/were not fit for public adoption and are therefore kept in reserve in the wild.
Other than a name, chosen by the group, these horses are absolutely undisturbed, living their calm lives on the grasslands of the Islands.

:bulletyellow: Group Horses Characteristics
Group Horses:
- have one (usually one worded) name, given by the group. No prefixes are allowed.
- do not have official owners.
- have twice the breeding spots that public Padros have.
- are often rare Padros.
- Are SOMETIMES reclaimed Padros.

:bulletyellow: How to gain a breeding slot to a Group Horse

:bulletgreen: each admin can claim 1 breeding spot on a Group horse, and no more than 5 spots in total.

:bulletgreen:  winning an official Padro contest, will you earn you 1 or more breeding(s) to a Group Horse of your choice.

:bulletgreen: gaining Padro Points for the group horse!
For every 5 Padro Points you earn for a Group horse by drawing it, you are granted one breeding spot to that horse.
For every point you draw for a group horse, one of your own Padros earns 0.5 points also.
So say you draw a fullbody flat with simple background of a Group Horse = 4 points, one of your own Padros of choice gains 2 points.

When you've earned enough points for a breeding, note the group with proof (the picture(s)) and which horse you want to use for the breeding. And reply on the Group Horse's ref Art Log with the pictures.

:bulletyellow: Existing Group Horses

complete list of group horses:

Carlo GR001
dominant white on palomino splash blanket RAGDOLL
Carlo* GR001 - Official Padro Group Horse by KimboKah

Ryukurei GR002
silver bay MIA (tovero carrier)
GR002 Ryukurei* - Official Padro Group Horse by KimboKah

B'akel GR003
flaxen red dun
GR003 B'akel* - Official Group Horse by KimboKah

Wanyecha GR004
chestnut sabino leopard
Wanyecha GR004 - Official Padro Group Horse by KimboKah

Oneo GR005
classic cream champagne roan tobiano snowflake
GR005 Oneo  Official Group Horse by KimboKah

Jewl GR006
black splash
GR006 Jewl  Official Group Horse by KimboKah

Pandora GR007
smoky cream overo splash
GR007 Pandora  Official Group Horse by KimboKah

Boo GR008
sooty dunalino snowflake FLYER
GR008 Boo  Official Group Horse by KimboKah

Elysium GR009
sooty buckskin splash
GR009 Elysium  Official Group Horse by KimboKah

Siofra GR010
sooty chestnut splash RAKUR
GR010 Siofra by KimboKah

Morrigan GR011
pangare red roan splash MISAN
GR011 Morrigan by KimboKah

Zuna GR012
dominant white on black BIO-HAZARD
GR012 Zuna* by KimboKah

Manticora GR013
buckskin overo GLOW
GR013 Manticora by KimboKah

WhisperStar GR014
REVERSE on smoky cream
GR014 WhisperStar - Recovery Project Horse by KimboKah

Fynn GR015
REVERSE on dunskin blanket

GR015 Fynn* - Recovery Project Horse by KimboKah

Nura GR016
smoky black FLYER
GR016 Nura* - Recovery Project Horse by KimboKah

Fangolly GR017
black FLYER
GR017 Fangolly*** - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Morgana GR018
palomino rabicano FLEK
GR018 Morgana******* - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Dutris GR019
bay tobiano FLEK
GR019 Dutris******* - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Rihanna GR020
black blanket REX
GR020 Rihanna - Recovery Project by KimboKah

BlackMail GR021
red roan REX
GR021 BlackMail* - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Rosetta GR022
silver grullo splash ECHELON
GR022 Rosetta* - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Harna GR023
palomino ECHELON
GR023 Harna - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Romy GR024
classic champagne BIO-HAZARD
GR024 Romy** - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Smith GR025
silver buckskin BIO-HAZARD
GR025 Smith* - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Eileen GR026
sooty chestnut splash WEDUSA
GR026 Eileen* - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Jungle GR027
palomino tobiano WEDUSA
GR027 Jungle - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Padraic GR028
RAHNE on grey on classic cream champagne dun splash
GR028 Padraic - Recovery Project by KimboKah

Spyce GR029
Spyce GR029
GR029 Spyce - Recovery Project by KimboKah

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Want some help updating this Art?
KimboKah's avatar
that would be great, actually
Dreamer12423's avatar
I'll set to work on that tomorrow!
SpartanAmethyst's avatar
So is there a specific way to request the slots beforehand to make sure they're available, or do we just go ahead and draw the horses we're seeking slots from?
KimboKah's avatar
there's usually always slots available. They will not be marked down before payment is completed ^^
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Can one person do the art for a slot to a group horse and then decide to give it to someone else?
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yess, I don't see why not
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mmmm new GMC contest? XD
Dreamer12423's avatar
I think the list of group horses needs to be added to
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When you say admins can only claim 5 group horse breeding spots, does that mean the "free" ones (without drawing the images) or can we get more if we draw the horses like everyone else? :)
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admins can claim maximal 5 admin spots (only one on each horse, course), if they desire anymore slots, they'll have to apply for public spots.
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alrighty, thanks Art! :)
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admins can create some ?
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I prefer to create them myself for now, but maybe in the future, yeah :D
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