Import Season 2020

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General announcement - We're not allowing users to buy imports on behalf of others, whether or not they've asked you to or if you're just being kind. This is a fairness thing - you have to stalk your imports like the rest of us xD

Import season is upon us!


- Imports will be sold for points or art (free to non-padro owners)

- Watch the designers to increase your chances of getting an import!
---- Mimi-McG, casinuba, Eris-France, RebeccaM-Art, WildOracle, EmoAngel99, DreamDrifter91, prte1, Brittstorm, zhalia-moon, MakkyFokinMcKay, buckuroo

- You can claim 2 imports at a time - ref your imports to claim another!

- Something new, admins are now DISABLING COMMENTS until the designs are in the group. Which means, you're gonna have to go trawl the 'Available Designs' folder to grab your imports. Still follow the designers, you'll get some insight to what's coming and what you want to keep an eye out for.

How many imports do I have claimed?
I made a spreadsheet - HERE IT IS, CLICK MEH - this will be updated as regularly as possible

Have fun, get some new ponehs

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