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The following upcoming mutations are known as GMCs

Genetic Modified Color mutations. Unlike other mutations, which have a natural origin, these mutations were created in a lab and later inserted in orphaned foals at GPAS. This project ran along side the Padro Recovery Project and the same type of foals were used.

Although there was some controversy on the ethics of using living, healthy foals in experiments such as these, the results have proven to be quite favourable, unlike the Padro Recovery Project.

GMCs are indicated by the (*) at the end of their names in color descriptions and genotype

the main differences between GMCs and Natural mutations:

- GMCs must be based on existing mutations
- Genetic breeding of GMCs is different from genetic breeding of Natural mutations. Despite their name, GMCs act like natural genes and thus you have a bigger chance of them passing on to offspring:

example: Jnx
- JnxJnx x JnxJnx = JnxJnx
- JnxJnx x nJnx  = nJnx or JnxJnx
- nJnx x nJnx = JnxJnx or nJnx or no mutation
- nJnx x no or other (recessive) mutation = nJnx or no mutation
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Yay! Looks awesome :)
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Finally mutations that act like natural genes! :dummy:
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Really like the idea of these, excited to see more! :la:
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totally not an excuse to throw in some more colored markings mutations
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pffft why not they're awesome owo
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Can't wait to see the rest :la: and do you know what makes me happy the most? No Mutation will extinct and there will be new ones:squee: 
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They seem like a lot of fun, I can't wait to see them all!
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