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Frequent (or not so frequent, but still interesting) questions about the breed. And this is to avoid unnecessary trouble along the way. Your own question may be included. :)

1. What is the purpose of the breed?
The main focus of this breed is giving people that have little experience in breed groups a platform to develop their skills in the HARPG world. You don't need to have a lot of money or be very popular to own a Padro. As long as you give them the love they need, all is allowed.

2. Can I design my own custom?
After ordering a custom from the group, you can of course design it. Use the correct lineart (foal or adult) that is provided in the group's gallery. When you're design is finished, link it in the conversation of the custom note and if it's approved you'll get an ID and registration deadline.

3. Can I decease my Padro when I do not have a use for it anymore?
Yes. You may decease a Padro when it gets older and/or when you do not wish to have it anymore and cannot sell it. This applies to admin designs and your own designs alike. Note: some admins do not allow deceasing of their designs. If so, it will be stated on the design image. DECEASING DOES NOT MEAN TRANSFERRING. For transferring rules, see below.

4. Can I transfer my own Padro designs to other breeds?
Yes, if you absolutely must transfer a Padro of your own design to another breed, you are welcome to do so. Please decease the design in the Padro breed before transferring.

** In both cases we will request removal of padro specific mutations and speckling

5. Can I transfer an admin design Padro to other breeds?
No. Not without the admin's written permission. Admin designs are specifically made and to be kept in the Padro breed. If you ask the concerning admin beforehand and they're okay with it, then go ahead. Do not be rude or offended if an admin refuses, they have the full right to do so, according to breed rules. Permission in this case is in no way a guarantee, but more of an exception to the rule. Stock rule is: if you want to transfer a design, it's better to have designed it yourself, to avoid hassle. :)

6. Can I transfer other breeds and/or adopted designs into the Padro breed?
Yes. In this case the normal custom rules apply. You can order a custom with a premade design following the custom form.

7. Can I breed horses I own together?
Of course! Just make sure they are not closely related (horses can be linebred after the fourth generation) and that the breeding is properly marked on their refs (your name + the name of the horse you're breeding it to)

8. Can I use lineart for refs or can the refs be headshots only?
Yes and yes. Being a beginner breed, you are allowed to use horse lineart that is provided on dA. Do not use the group's design linearts for registration though.

9. Can I reclaim an unregistered horse if I find it?
No. All reclaims are done by the group. Reclaims usually end up in the reclaim raffle (which is held every month or so) or they end up with the original designer. (notice how this breed is designer importance heavy)

10. Can I register my horse when the registration deadline has passed?
Technically, you can register a horse up until you have received a reclaim message from a reclaim admin. Reclaim message usually say: Foal/import was not registered and has been reclaimed due to expired register period.

11. Can I ask for an extension on my registration?
Sure thing! You can ask for an extension on registration of course. A group admin will give you a new date to register the horse by. Ideally, comment on the design sheet with the new date when you get a registration extension to avoid confusion. note: you may only ask for extension BEFORE the original registration deadline runs out.

12. What happens when I get in an argument with an admin or another member?
You can note the group about the situation and we'll try to resolve it the best we can.

13. My horse was reclaimed, can I have it back?
We are usually pretty nice about allowing people to still register their horses if they have a good reason, if it ends up in a reclaim raffle, whoever the horse was reclaimed from may not apply for it, otherwise not. If you have spend a lot of money on it, you can ask for a refund (with proof) from the group. (since the group is the one reclaiming.) Note: warnings are not usually given before reclaim. It is your job to keep track of registration deadlines. The only exception is when the original design of an admin for whatever reason does not have a registration deadline mentioned (if it's your own design, do make sure you have the deadline in the description.) In this case, you can tell the reclaim admin and they will give you a new date.

14. What must be included in the description of foal design sheets?
Note: foal design sheets by admins will have all the correct information.
- owner's name.
- link to breeding note.
- breeding note information: ID number, geno, pheno, mane stripes, speckling type, rare points, breeding slots, build.
- link to sire and dam (full lineage is not necessary on foal designs, it must be included on the final reference though)
- registration deadline. (30 days from acceptance in the group)

15. Can I use the design sheets of a horse as registration picture?
No. You must make a registration picture yourself.

16. I bought a Padro Horse, what do I do?
Wait until you get a registration deadline from the seller. (Sellers must send a transfer note when selling a horse and the group will provide a registration date). If you do not receive a registration deadline from the seller, note the group with proof that you bought the horse and we'll give you a deadline.

17. Are sold horses among members eligible for reclaim?
For group reclaim, yes. This is to avoid the horse being sold again and again through whatever loophole can be found. Sold horses that are reclaimed go to the designer firstly, then to the seller (to not be sold again) or in the reclaim raffle. Note: do not sell horses you want back.

18. How do twin chances work in breedings?
Make sure the parents are of proper rank to have twin chances enabled. Once you enable twin chances, make sure to MENTION THE RANK OF EACH PARENT IN THE BREEDING NOTE (I caps locked this because it is often forgotten). The randomizer will determine if you get twins or not. If your twin chance is 100%, you will always get twins. Twins only take up one breeding slot. You will get two IDs instead of one, and the two genos that you normally have to choose one from, will both function as a foal each.

19. What is the 'personal twin chance'?
The personal twin chance is a bit complicated. It applies only if your own horse's twin chance is 100%. To avoid a constant twin breeding process with your own horse, the personal twin chance determines that you have a maximal of 5 times in which you can use a 100% twin chance of your own horse in a certain ranking. When the horse levels up, you will add another 5 times to your total. After you've used it the maximal amount of times, the twin chance will drop to 50%.

20. What is the difference between normal mutations and GMCs?
From the outside, there are no real differences between normal mutations and Genetically Modified Colors. It is how the genes transfer in breedings that set them apart. Normal mutations have an adapted gene transfer that makes it less likely that a single gene of a mutation transfers to a foal. GMCs work just as normal genes would (for example roan or tobiano) and have a 50% chance to show up in each of the foal options.

21. Do I have to make a breeding picture before sending a breeding note?
The group does not force breeding pictures before breedings. However, individual breeding rules of owners can differ. Breeding Pictures do earn an extra mutation chance. (more in question 26)

22. My horse has an extinct mutation, what do I do?
Nothing. Here "Extinct" means that the mutation does not appear in the 'wild or import center' anymore and that they are unavailable to be ordered in customs. Every now and then they can still appear in imports, and you are still absolutely welcome to breed these mutations. In a certain way, extinct mutations have a higher value (especially if they're scarce) than non-extinct mutations.

23. What is the recovery Project?
The recovery project is the recovery of extinct genes into the 'wild or import centre.' It started as an experiment with group horses only and has since spread to public horses. Recovery genes are still rare and expensive, appear in imports and cannot be ordered in customs. You can recognize recovery genes by the * next to their name/geno. All recovery genes act as GMCs in breedings, which means they are easier to breed than their extinct counterpart.

24. What is the GHSS project?
The Group Horse Specific Starter mutations apply to Group Horses only. In order to get one of these mutations, a breeding with a group horse of this mutation is required. Currently, there are five GHSS mutations; CAON, ROSEF, NORRECA, HATADA and JADAT.

25. How does the Admin Foal Design Process work?
In a breeding reply, you will be given the option for an admin design for your foal. The only thing you have to do, is reply that you would like an admin design and mention the foal option of your choice. Admin designs do not cost money, only a breeding spot to the foal that is designed. The rest is taken care of automatically. Note: you will not get a reply until the foal is finished. When you have applied, you can be sure it goes on the waiting list. Waiting lists for admin designs range from 2 days to 3 weeks. You can be sure it is designed within the design deadline. If in an extraordinary case it is not, do make sure to contact us.

26. What is the extra mutation chance in breedings?
To enable the extra mutation chance in a breeding note; make sure to link the breeding picture and state that you want the chance enabled. Breeding pictures are in this case a must. The chance is calculated by the amount of PP that is earned per horse in the picture. extra mutations include GHSS, GMC and extinct mutations. Whether the mutation is homozygous or heterozygous is determined randomly.

27. What are the genes I cannot currently order?
Unavailable genes in customs are: GHSS, extinct(this includes recovery genes) or Phabis genes. You may only order one GMC with maximal one other normal mutation. Make sure you know which mutations are GMC and which are not. All mutation sheets are provided in the group's gallery.

28. How many Padros can I maximally have?
There's no limit on how many Padros you can have.

29. When does import season start?
Import season is held either 3 or 4 times a year and lasts about 1 to 2 months. It will be announced beforehand when the season starts. All imports in import season have prices according to the custom table (or slightly lower) and are free to claim for non-padro owners to get started. Some imports also may have art prices, which you can buy for PP. It is up to the seller of the import to set the demands of quality on art payment. GMCs and recovery horses usually have higher prices.

30. I want to leave the breed; what do I do?
Sorry to see you go! Try to sell the horses that you want gone before leaving. You may decease any remaining horses, do make note of the transfering rules to other breeds: own design - go ahead, admin design - do not transfer.


31. What can I expect from a random import?

32. Can I choose the gender of a foal myself?

33. Can I tell everyone I know about this breed?
Yes! Go and multiply!

34. How many breedings can I send per note?
The max is currently set to one per note.

35. How long does it take to get a breeding reply?
It can take up to fourteen days maximally (sorry). If longer, please ask.

36. How long does an admin have to design my custom?
Admins have one month to complete your custom. If it takes longer, note the group please.

NOTE: when more questions arise, this journal will be added to.
© 2016 - 2021 PadroHorse
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DeathEaterRed's avatar

What are the rules about the Black Pearl coats of the online game Howrse?

Can you submit your own Padro horse as a coat or do you have to remove the speckles and the mutation first?

KimboKah's avatar

I'm okay with Padros being on Howrse as long as proper credit is given ^^

DeathEaterRed's avatar

Okay, understandable. Then it is a 'no', because it is not possible to give credit. The company forbid giving credits and placing signatures in the drawings and they claim to be the owner of the drawing after the voting. So, I will not send in any Padro.

https://www.owlient.com/tou/nl (6.2 UGC afgeleid van vooraf bestaande Inhoud van OWLIENT (“Afgeleide UGC”)

KimboKah's avatar

interessant, ik wist niet dat ze dat zo deden daar. Beetje achterbaks wel. Hoe dan ook, bedankt dat je het vraagt!

DeathEaterRed's avatar

Graag gedaan.

Ja, zeker achterbaks van ze. In het hele begin stond dat er in 'houtje-touwtje-taal', maar nu staat het nogal ingewikkeld beschreven (vind ik dan).

Vanwege dat claimen van 'ownership' begrijp ik niet dat Astralseed het goed vindt dat er Quirlicorns worden ingezonden voor de Zwarte Parel. Want haar ras is ook een 'closed species'.

Ik las een aantal jaar terug dat iemand verbannen was van Howrse en die wilde dat haar Zwarte Parel-creaties van het spel werden gehaald. Die kreeg dus te horen dat die creaties het eigendom waren van Owlient/Ubisoft. :(

XXXSoriku's avatar
So I have like 0 points to get a Padro and have no idea how this group breeding works LMAO. I'm kinda new to DA and don't know exactly how these groups work. Sorry Xo
I also don't know how long it'll be until i can get my computer to work longer than 30 minutes so a limited  time for designing a Padro would be difficult. 
I think this is a cool group and would like to join. I would just like for info XD
Sorry if this is inconvenient! 

Edit: How do i join?
Acrylic-blood's avatar
Just out of curiousity do all of the genes listed in a geno have to be visible or can some be hidden on the design? I was lucky enough to roll one with a lot of marks and mutations but the design is ending up a little bit cluttered.
(or if the answer is no, could anyone suggest a kind of minimal or subtle use for the snowflake marking, as that’s what I’m having trouble with the most ^^)
KimboKah's avatar
if the genes are compatible, we don't usually allow them to be hidden, especially in foal genos.

Now for snowflake: it can express in just a few simple white dots scattered around the body. Example:

2966 Padro Foal Design by WildOracle
Acrylic-blood's avatar
Ah ok, well if snowflake can just be a few dots like that then it should be fine anyway, thanks for helping ^^
aMuttnamedVali's avatar
Maybe im just silly, but i can't find my answer anywhere. Are we allowed to crossbreed our padros?
aMuttnamedVali's avatar
ahh, okie! thank you :)
Gemstripe's avatar
How do you decease horses? I cant find information on that anywhere and i'd like to decease my two horses. 
WildOracle's avatar
Send me a note to the group. They also cannot have been designed by an admin.
EmoAngel99's avatar
You may have passed over it accidentally in the large journal! Here is your answer:
3. Can I decease my Padro when I do not have a use for it anymore?
Yes. You may decease a Padro when it gets older and/or when you do not wish to have it anymore and cannot sell it. This applies to admin designs and your own designs alike. Note: some admins do not allow deceasing of their designs. If so, it will be stated on the design image. DECEASING DOES NOT MEAN TRANSFERRING. For transferring rules, see below to #4

Hope that helps!
Gemstripe's avatar
That doesnt exactly answer my question of how to. Thanks for the response though
EmoAngel99's avatar
Sorry! All you need to do is note the group and tell them you wish to decease the two horses while providing a link to them.
Warped-Desire's avatar
Can Padro horses be sold for real money?
casinuba's avatar
From the main page: "IRL currency sales are not permitted"

So afraid not, can be sold for dA points or for art only.
artpidgeon's avatar
Slides back in, again. 

Would it be possible to redesign a foal with an older design? My 4788's design is a bit of a mess, so I thought I might ask if it's at all a possibility. 
I didn't design it myself originally. 
artpidgeon's avatar
How exactly do you breed for multiple speckling colors? Is it rank affected??  I've looked all over, and I can't seem to find the information I need on my own >< 
KimboKah's avatar
ranking based extra speckling colors are purely aesthetic and cannot be bred for. Genetically, Padros can have a maximal of 3 speckling colors. One speckling color (nSpk) two speckling colors (SpkSpk) and three speckling colors (Spk*Spk)
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