Breakthrough in the Padro Recovery Project! CLOSED

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the five lucky winners from this raffle are:


note: As of right now, RECOVERIES cannot be ordered via customs. At this point, they can only appear in imports. We'd like to limit the number of recovery starters for now

So get them while they're hot

Since the launch of the Padro Recovery Project, researchers have worked hard at trying to rehabilitate certain extinct mutations back into the breed. Previous attempts at creating stable enough genes have all failed. Therefore, extinct mutations in their pure form, could only be maintained in group horses.

Now, however, breed developers have encountered a breakthrough in recovery of extinct genes.

Alright, alright. But what does this mean?

While the PRP was unsuccessful in recovering extinct genes in their purest form, they have been able to make certain look-alike genes that seem stable enough to be released to public breeders. The genes are called: Recoveries

These genes are all GMCs and act like such in breedings (higher chance of passing on to offspring than normal mutations).

According to public demand, the PRP will release all recoveries to public, in order to ensure the genes will be spread and stabilize more over time.
Recovery genes will be indicated with a * in the genotype.

Grab your chances, and comment with the top 3 extinct genes you would like to return to the breed. Five lucky winners will get the first imports of this project's breakthrough!
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What happens if ou breed the recovery Gened adros with some with the original gene?
KimboKah's avatar
"it will be strictly forbidden to breed two of the same recoveries together, or to breed a recovery with the original extinct mutation. "
Neezineri's avatar
Oh missed it ^^'' Sorry
KimboKah's avatar
no worries XD
Vesryna's avatar
Congrats to everyone!
HaloSon's avatar
Holy moley, I'm one of the winners! I wasn't expecting that at all!
alydoodlr's avatar
That's a lovely surprise :) Congrats to the other winners!
MisterHollow's avatar
Oh wow I won. x'D Sweet! I can't wait to see them! This was a great idea. 'w'
cadetkirstein's avatar
aw yes! just the ones i wanted cx
theMadFurball's avatar
Aw, poor legspeck D:
HorsePonyGal's avatar
I'm happy but actually it's sad that they're coming back cuz all the biohazards won't be as special *sniffle*
KimboKah's avatar
I do intend recovery starters to be fairly rare though
HorsePonyGal's avatar
Mimi-McG's avatar
Yaaaaaassssssss :')
All the ones I wanted are baaaccckkkk!
WildOracle's avatar
Pharagin's avatar
Bio-Hazard Only one I'd like to see return DX
Little-Ferret-Art's avatar
Katz-Drawings's avatar
PuddaBest's avatar
Solis-oculus's avatar
lupus  oml
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