An Introduction to the Padro Horse

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The Padro Breed was originated on the Caribbean islands, where still a lot of the horses live in peace in large amounts. Padros are a calm, caring and loving breed that don't spook easily and are an excellent beginners riding breed. They can be used in all kinds of disciplines, but are mostly used as children's lesson horses. They are least favourited in the racing industry.

:bulletyellow: Builds

Padro horses come in three types: light - usually Arabian build, medium - usually Andalusian build, and heavy - usually Friesian build. While medium is the most common type, recently there have been a lot of discoveries that were heavy or light build too. These types of horses do not differ from each other in personality or disciplines, only in size.

:bulletyellow: Speckling

Padros are best known (and bred for) their unique type of speckling. Besides black and white, speckling can occur in any color and on most parts of the body, except on the legs. Speckling is mostly indicated in the genes of the particular horse. That way it can be either minimal, medium or maximal and come in one or two colors*.

:bulletyellow: Mutations

As it turns out, Padro horses do not have the most stable genes and their genetics are very prone to a wide spectrum of mutations. Luckily, almost none of these mutations are harmful to the horse, and some can prove to give the horse a phenotype that looks quite interesting.
more on, and types of mutations

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