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This is an attempt at an inclusive and comprehensible guide to breeding your Padro(s).

How to Prepare:

follow these few steps to make sure your breeding note will be answered without any problems:
1. make sure your name appears on both horse's breeding list. If one of the horses is your own, add the horse to which you wish to breed.
example: 1. KimboKah - using to B-Rok Brian 885. If the horse is not your own, your name alone will suffice.
2. send a note with WORKING links to both parents to the group.
3. additionally, if you'd like to enable twin chances, make sure you enable this chance in your note by stating the ranking of eligible horses.
4. additionally, if you'd like to enable extra mutation chances, make sure you give a link to the breeding picture of the two horses.
5. additionally, if you'd like to enable failed mutation chances, make sure you state so in the breeding note.

A few more things to keep things streamlined:
- number of breedings per note: 1
- number of maximal notes at a time: 10

How to make sure to breed mutations: calculations (example Hallow)
nHlw x no Hlw = no Hlw
nHlw x nHlw = 66% nHlw, 33% HlwHlw
nHlw x HlwHlw = HlwHlw
HlwHlw x HlwHlw = HlwHlw

How to ensure a valid breeding:
1. Mare x stallion
* - inbreeding will render your horse sterile
* - same sex breeding (ie: stud x stud) will be invalid and you will have to go back to the breeding board and try again with a mare x stud.

Getting a Reply:

We always strive to give a 'breeding reply' within 10 days. If you have not gotten a reply after 14 days, feel unafraid to notify us.
warning: do not reply to your own breeding note. In the group log, it will look like the note has been answered and will likely be skipped.
Breeding Replies will always include the following information:


breeding spots:

speckling type
mane stripes:
rare points:

speckling type
mane stripes:
rare points:


you may decide if you want an admin or yourself to design the foal.
admin cost: 1 breeding spot of foal to designer (please reply to this note for admin design)
- No more than 3 mutations for admin design.
- No Emitola, Wedusa, FlowPow, Cervus, Gudial, Synort or Yaril for admin design.

design deadline:

Admin Design Requests

As you can see in the example reply above, it is possible to ask for an admin design under a few conditions mentioned above.
The admin design system works as follows:
- When replied to the breeding reply with the wish for admin design, I will keep the reply saved in my message center. This is why you don't get a written answer to your request, but be assured it will be taken care of.
- I will at one point add your note to the admin thread in which we distribute the design load.
- Admins pick which ones they want to do, with the reward of getting to design a random geno for themselves (to keep or to sell) for every 5 admin requests they do.
- Admins have until the design deadline mentioned in the breeding note to complete the design. If your horse has not been designed before that, be unafraid to notify us.
- Unless otherwise specified, you will need to give the designing admin a breeding slot to the foal.

Designing Your Own

You can of course also opt to design the foal yourself, in which case you do not have to reply to the Breeding Reply.
There are a few guides in the group to help with designing Padros. They will be up to date shortly

All natural colors possible, with the exception of the pearl gene. Pearl does not appear in Padros. Most Padros naturally show a hint of pangare.
black horses: E_/aa. Dark coat with dark hair. May have a brownish, or blueish tint.
bay horses: E_/A_. Brown coat with dark muzzle, legs and hair. May have a red or orange tint.
chestnut horses: ee/__. Brown coat with (usually) grey muzzle. Hair is the same color as coat (may be a bit darker or lighter, but not too much)
seal bay horses: E_/At_. Dark coat with brown points. Dark hair, muzzle and legs.
liver chestnut horses: ee/At_(applying to Padros only). Liver colored coat with slightly lighter hair. Grey muzzle.
wild bay horses: E_/A
  Guide to Mutation designingstock rules when combining:
- the no mane stripes rule overrules the must have mane stripes rule.
- Nonus stripes, although very similar, do not count as mane stripes.
- Regular Mane Stripes are mane stripes that can occur in natural horses, as well as in mutated horses. The descriptions below will tell you if the mutation allows for regular mane stripes. (Note: regular mane stripes are the only mane stripes indicated in breeding replies. If your foal has a mutation that has mane stripes, but not regular mane stripes (e.g. Nonus, Qhada, Hornaru, etc.) add the mutation mane stripes only)
- in customs: maximal one GMC is allowed + another regular mutation (not including recovery genes)
- in (random) imports: maximal six GMCs are allowed (including maximal 1 recovery gene)
- when a description begins with 'preferably...', it means that the standard used to include the rule, but has instead turned it to optional. This is usually the case with small markings or eye colors.
- All extinct and

Design Approval

For an easy design approval experience, make sure you've followed the design rules and mutation sheets as close as possible.
1. Submit your design to the correct folder in the group. This folder will usually be titled "Foal Designs - 'month' 'year'". If the folder for the current month has not yet been added, add your design to the folder of the previous month.
2. Wait for approval and follow the guidelines the admins give you to improve the design to breed standards.
3. Make sure you include the following things in the description of your design
- Title: ID number + 'Padro Foal Design' (this makes it so that the design of the horse is easily searchable in the DeviantArt browsing system)
- registration deadline (one month after upload)
- link to original breeding note (for verification purposes only)
- owner (if you design for somebody else)
- the information that was given in the Breeding Reply: ID number, breeding spots, build, chosen geno, color description, mane stripes, rare points, generation, class.
- Give a link to both parents, or the entire lineage tree. (note, lineage trees do not have to have current links, only the parent links must be current)

You will be given one month to register your dear foal into the group, and voila, you have bred an official Padro Horse!

Additional Breeding Features:

Twin Chances
There are a few additional features you can use when breeding your Padros. Twin chances were the first additional feature to make an appearance in the breed. They are based on the parents' rankings and are fairly straightforward when it comes to breeding. Make sure you mention the parents ranking in the breeding note, if not mentioned, the requests for twin chances will be ignored.

1 and 2 :star:'s - a chance of 1 in 6 to have twins = 16.6% (up to 40 Padro Points)
3 and 4 :star:'s - a chance of 2 in 6 (or 1 in 3) to have twins = 33.3% (from 40, up to 60 Padro Points)
5 :star:'s and quality blood ranking - a chance of 3 in 6 (or 1 in 2) to have twins = 50% (from 60, up to 150 Padro Points)
perfect blood ranking - a chance of 4 in 6 (or 2 in 3) to have twins= 66.6% (from 150, up to 300 Padro Points)
ultimate blood ranking - a chance of 6 in 6 to have twins = 100% (more than 300 Padro Points)

- twins can only be fraternal. The two genotypes that are always opted in a reply to the breeding note are the genotypes of the twins. The 'or' that's usually there will magically turn into an 'and'.

- If your horse has twins, only one breeding spot is affected.

- Limited personal use of 100% twin chance. When a Padro reaches Ultimate Blood and further, the horse gets a 100% twin chance. For users that are not the owner of this horse, the twin chance is always guaranteed. For owners of the horse, the first five breedings have guaranteed twins. After the initial five breedings, twin chances will be reduced to 50% (for personal use). Whenever a new rank is reached, you will get 5 new guaranteed twin results (on top of those you had left from previous rankings). Please list the amount of used results in your horse's reference. This limit is instituted to avoid turning the horses into a breeding machine for twins.

Extra Mutation Chances
In order to enable the extra mutation chances, the breeding must have a breeding picture.*
The amount of Padro Points in the breeding picture determines the chance of an extra added random mutation in the resulting foal.

- no breeding picture: 0% chance of extra mutation.*
- 1-4 Padro Points on breeding picture: 16% chance of extra mutation
- 5-9 Padro Points on breeding picture: 33% chance of extra mutation
- 10-14 Padro Points on breeding picture: 50% chance of extra mutation
- 15+ Padro Points on breeding picture: 66% chance of extra mutation

note: you are allowed to submit multiple breeding pictures. The total of both pictures together will be used in the breeding.

note 2: show entries or training are not counted in breeding pictures

Failed Mutation Chances

Mutations have a standard chance of failing during breedings. Please indicate in the breeding note whether you want this to happen in the particular breeding.
Standard chance of mutation failure: 20% (if neither parent has a failed mutation)

Please keep a few things in mind when trying to get mutations to fail:
- only one mutation can fail per horses. Which mutation that is, is chosen at random.
- only recessive forms of a mutation can fail (nMut).
- make sure you explain in the description of the foal design how your mutation has failed.

Calculations with parents that already have a failing gene (normal mutations): (example Hallow)
fHlw x fHlw = fHlw (84%) or HlwHlw (16%)
nHlw x fHlw = fHlw (66%) or HlwHlw (33%)
fHlw x HlwHlw = fHlw (33%) or HlwHlw (66%)
fHlw x no Hlw = no Hlw (100%)

Calculations with parents that already have a failing gene (GMC mutations): (example Kiusan)
nKsn x fKsn = nKsn, KsnKsn or fKsn
fKsn x no Ksn = no Ksn or fKsn
KsnKsn x fKsn = fKsn or KsnKsn
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