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Welcome to Padro Horse!

This is the home of the Padro Horse, a colorful breed originating from the Caribbean Islands that has claimed its place in many stables all over the world. Find more information below:

Getting Started

The Padro Horse - A Brief History | How To Get A Padro, Registrations and Reclaims | FAQ | Master ID List

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Drawing and Ranking Your Padro

Padro Horse Official Shading Guide | Hall of Fame | Padro Point System | Padro Rankings and Rewards | Tarot Card Shop

[HRPG] Pretty Up Padros 2024
[Event] Pretty Up Padros - Section 4

*Some information to consider before joining this group. IRL currency sales are not permitted and general advertising is not permitted. Advertising is to concern padros only in terms of YHH's and must contain Padro elements for sales and other advertising.

Also please note that yes we do reclaims. We do not have an infinite register period as things tend to get lost in space when that happens. Every design has one month after upload to be registered and customs CAN be refunded.

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All About Mutations and Abilities!

[Event] Pretty Up Padros - Section 5

Here are all the handy dandy guides to know everything there is to know about

mutations and abilities! How fun!

- The General Padro Association - Mutation Discoveries and Updates

- Mutation Status List

- Mutation Mixing Scheme (V1) or Mutation Mixing Scheme (V2)

- Ability System


Monthly Padro Prompts by PadroHorse, journal

Post Spotlight

Group News and Updates! by PadroHorse, journal

All About Custom Padros!

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For Custom Prices Please Read Here

Open Custom Designers:

KimboKah - CLOSED


casinuba - OPEN

Plants-And-Tattoos - OPEN

Eris-France - OPEN

*Send a note to the admin of choice to design your custom.

Only send a note directly to the group if you plan to design the custom yourself.

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I haven't been around for a while. Can I decease/transfer a horse to an OC/another breed? If so how?
You will need to send a note to the group to decease the horse etc - the horse must be your own design (or you must get permission from the designer with written proof), and when transferring to another group or using as an oc, all padro-specific markings (speckling etc) must be removed :)
Just wondering if the breed will have an Easter egg hunt this year? :D
I just got a Padro and I need to get it registered but am still trying to figure out genetics and that stuff, would it hurt to copy and paste the information (genetic info) from the reference onto my drawing of the Padro? If not is there a better place I can go to understand genetics and that stuff? I am sorry but I am new to DA and breeding, I want to make sure I understand what I am doing before I do it. Sweating a little... 
hi there! Im new to the group and im looking to get my first Padro! However, all the imports are taken. Will there be new imports coming soon? :)
Hi, I really recommend KimboKah horses! She has a lot, lot, lot babies, which have slots for art orrr for the slot to the baby ❤️

Or you may try some horses of the artist, because, there are many of them and I believe that their owners would be only proud 😊❤️