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MEA Sara Default XPS

By Padme4000
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Models are for XPS only

Model Download
MEA Head and Eye Textures
Pathfinder Outfit Pack XCF's - Edit Diffuse textures with these. XCF to be used with GIMP

If you wish to use renamed bones instead of default bones simply follow these instructions: 
Change Default Bones to Renamed Bones

Based on the current default head in game. It may not be 100% correct. this is because this is the skinned mesh that exports out of game. that version for some reason hasn't moved the bones. the movement of bones is what gives us our default Sara in game. So I exported the skinned mesh and manually moved the bones. So again she may not look 100% correct. I will update in the future if/when DynamicMorph can be exported. May attempt this with Cora, Liam and Peebee as well depending how much work it takes to get them to look as close as they do in game. 

Thanks to raubkruemel for showing me an exported .object that showed better how she looks in game than some screenshots do. Sadly transferring the data of the .object wouldn't work but big thank you as it helped me work out which bones needed moving.

For the different armours:
  1. choose AI Armour Heavy/Light/Medium
  2. open the folder
  3. if you wish to use renamed bones copy the RB.xps if not then the xps.xps
  4. Take them to the Andromeda Initiative Armour
  5. Paste and if you want renamed bones rename the RB.xps to xps.xps
  6. All armour parts are optional items. CTRL + A
If you'd like the character in any other outfits you can follow the tutorials I made here; 

Blender; XPS/Blender Mass Effect OC Tutorial
XPS; XPS Tutorial Change Parts (eg swap outfits)

Model To Do List and Requests - you can request other NPC's here but please read rules first.
Written Tutorial for DAI + MEA NPC Headmorphs - on how I did it

Links to presets below;

Sara:                                    Scott:
MEA Sara Preset 1 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 1 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 2 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 2 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 3 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 3 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 4 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 4 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 5 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 5 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 6 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 6 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 7 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 7 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 8 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 8 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 9 XPS       MEA Scott Preset 9 XPS
MEA Sara Preset 10 XPS     MEA Scott Preset 10 XPS


Please note all models are extracted/ported from games and are only extracted/edited by myself and others and are creations of the owners that are credited here;

Mass Effect Andromeda/EA/Bioware

Please be respectful to the game creators/owners and not create porn images.

No copyright infringement intended. this is a fan-created work for non-commercial use.
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Sorry, but my face is too tired to download your stuff.

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are we ever going to be able to rip MEA models from the game?
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Sure  How to make MEA NPC's Tutorial for XPS and others by Padme4000

warrantyvoider  (WV zeroKilo)……
ghenson (spinal gabbyh )…
have made a very well job to be make it possible (before the 1.09 patch broke the AnselSDK64.dll trick)

But, like always, idots (like benji and GalaxyMan2015) destroy everything………
(>this toolset is no longer maintained)
"Please note: development on tools has ended

at least for the toolset "MEAExplorerWV", so please stop asking about updates or guides. Check the zenhax thread linked on the side panel for the history and details"

this is so demotivating :(
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AlphaPrimeSaviour Digital Artist
Personally prefer the newer Sara, probably only because I waited till Andromeda got most of its issues sorted through patches, so I only got to experience Andromeda with the later version of Sara. Even though she apparently doesn't look at all like her real-world voice actor (not that it bothers me honestly), but out of all of the human female characters in the game, Sara is probably the best looking one out of all of them, and that isn't saying much. Though I do like their armor though. :P
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Darkslayer092Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the model. I'm gonna make something with it very soon :D
MIGbica's avatar
Time to go make some hilarious faces!
Thank you for this.
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KaeriahHobbyist Digital Artist
I just wanted to say thankyou for all the effort you put into extracting these models! It's so very generous of you and many people appreciate it.
I hope I'll be able to make something new with them soon!
Padme4000's avatar
Padme4000Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much. Its very nice reading that. :hug:

Can't wait to see what you make with them :D I always love seeing your art.
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KaeriahHobbyist Digital Artist
Thankyou, that's kind of you :3
raubkruemel's avatar
raubkruemelHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh you did it, she looks pretty awesome already x3
I'm happy I could help in some way at least and let's hope the highpoly head will be extractable in the future.
Cora is looking even better btw, I think pretty close to her in-game model.

And if you need further input, even if it's just visuals, just let me know. I'm happy to help :)
Padme4000's avatar
Padme4000Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks your image really helped. Surprisingly not many straight on shots of characters that show close up of faces. 

Yeah I definitely hope the higher poly model will be extractable in the future. 

Thank you. :)
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Awesome Thank you
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Padme4000Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :)
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MarcelievskyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, I'll try to reproduce your smiles Mass Effect andromeda Joking asides, thanks for share!
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Padme4000Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :)
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I think it looks pretty good! nice work :) just wondering though, whats the Pathfinder XCF pack for? additional outfits or something?
Padme4000's avatar
Padme4000Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks and its for the XCF files of the diffuse textures so the outfits can be customised. I use GIMP since its a free program and it saves as XCF or PSD but XCF aren't as big files so I generally save as those.
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DatKofGuyHobbyist General Artist
Omg!!! You actually managed to get her! Thanks.
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Padme4000Hobbyist General Artist
Not 100% but yeah figured I'd attempt a similar method I do with DAI NPC's that don't look right when exported from the game files. Thankfully it seems to be the same setup of bones not having been moved.
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SaltPoweredStudent Digital Artist
I don't think you want the original face that much though.
Padme4000's avatar
Padme4000Hobbyist General Artist
I personally really like how Sara looks as default. Just a shame you can't customise hair colour, eye colour, tats and make up.
SaltPowered's avatar
SaltPoweredStudent Digital Artist
I'm not talking about looks, that's personal perference. I'm talking about the memes about the faulty animation system, Sara as central advertisement strategy got the worst of it.
Padme4000's avatar
Padme4000Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh ok. Yeah she really did
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SaltPoweredStudent Digital Artist
I'm pretty sure the things you said can be fixed, probably the porn people will do it unasked even.
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