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Sinner Saga Manga Chapter 1



Sinner Saga Chapter One~! There you go! :noes:
But no preloader for you cause I'm evil! :omg: This manga reads left to right by the way~! Omigosh this is so huuuge! Sometimes the yellow "next" button might disapear! :noes: That's because this file is so freakin' big and it takes awhile to loooad... be patient! The yellow buttons will appear for you eventually... and if they don't then please refresh the page. :faint:

You guys hear me talking about this manga that I'm writing all the time, but you've never actually seen it, huh? Well here's the first chapter. For now, you guys are gonna have to suffer with my old (bad) drawings and cheesy script. I wrote this chapter like a few months ago. ^^;

Don't take this manga seriously, it's just a hobby of mine. :) There is some swearing, blood, and religious context that'll appear throughout the story and future chapters. So keep that in mind. :nod:

Enjoy~ :heart: Clicky here for the 2nd chapter: [link]
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