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Ok, Hi to everybody at DeviantART, I already knew the place but I was a lot more involved in other forums and communities. Now that I have a little more time in my hands, a friend, invited me, he's my partner at OHestudio, which is a small photo studio we have.
Besides photography, my REAL passion is 3d, I've been doing CG for more than 12 years.... so I have a little experiece in the field, is my site. I quited my last job about 6 months ago in an animation and vfx studio, and I'm starting on my own while working as an Industrial Designer in a design agency, not very exited about the job, even though that's what I studied at the uni, I kind'a lost the love for the craft when I found the juices of CG and Photography; but I must get some money for the familly, I'm married and have a 1yr old babyboy...
I must leave, I have to finish some signs for a golf club that has to be ready by next tuesday. I hope I can write something on regular basis...

Tnks for passing by

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Submitted on
April 20, 2006