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One of my pics got featured in this news entry...…

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Just got back from Toronto, felt in love with the city and the people.

New images from the trip in the gallery.

Lot of work at the office, and hope to get more on 2009,
Ok toooo many things have happened, the first, I got banned because somehow someone posted my old password in a page... Second the company just got a new camera so Im taking pics again...

Cheers everyone
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Ok, here I am again, almost a year from my last entry...

The weel has turned for me, I've been working myself off in MY company, we are a 5 partners company dedicated to VFX and animation. We've been very lucky since we havent got a single week without a payed job since september 2006, we have managed to keep up with the management, the projects and all of the clients requests.  

Im reading an old psychology book that talks about conciliatory analisys, dont know why but lately a lot of "human bahavior" content has came to me without looking for it... I'm quite sure it will help in my management duties.

Also I found some B&W photos I took when I was at highschool, I need a camera... I left the 100% of the photostudio to my partner &n…;... I might buy one later...

I'll try to post more... CHEERS!!!
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Hi everybody, I´ve been SO busy lately, Im PR manager for CREANIMAX 2006, take a look at the event site if you´re interested in animation, vfx and videogames, go take a look.

I have some pics wating to be post processed but I hope I have some time later this week...

Ok :) I reached 300 pages views, nice... I'd like to have a lot more exposure, but its better a steady step, than a brief explotion :)

Keep visiting my site :)

Yes... I got one... my wife is happy hehehe, I... dont know... hehehe, I'm haooy because it was a surprise for Bety, but one day Ill let my hair grow a lot.

Well, I spent again all day "working in paradise" I installed the 2nd phase of the signals, and hopefully tomorrow I'll finish it... my car looks like a powdered donut with all the sand that got... well I'll try to animate something now that I have some time

Ok, I was back at the club, shooting a yoga class, some nice pics since the class is just a few steps from the pool... then I got to check some things with the jogging track signals... there I took this pic… sky was insanely blue, no polarizer was used, :) pretty cool. I got to pay something like 500 usd by wednesday so stress is rising :pissedoff:  we´ll see... by then ... now Im the official baby siter, Im taking care of my baby, Bety went to a bachelorete party, so she might be looking some stripper by the time I write this hehehehe


Ok its almost over, got a nice rest last night.

Strange day today, rain almost all evening, lot of house work was done, and I even managed to finish writting the class plans for a new career that a local Uni will open in september.

The plan was to go out in a photosafari in the city, but things dont happen as you want hehehe...

Some good new finally... I'm not working tomorrow :) and I finished Oh!estudio's catalog...

Well I had a bear with my wife watching tv, so I'm gonna sleep like a baby :)

New images from the day at the park :) bye
Ok here I am at 11.30 pm and just waked up from my "little nap" that bagan at 5 pm !!!   ??? yes it feels strange... I was supposed to get up at, say 5.15pm and finish the OHestudio´s catalog... but because of the instalation I did in the morning it seems I was too tired. Well I hope I dont find myself at 6.30 am awake ... hehe
Ok Im really pissed off, I had to get to the f***ing club tomorow, with no extra days payed, to install some dumb signs... I've been loosing my time all day doing nothing but staying infront of the PC... I guess my boss doesnt knows nothing about people management, he thinks he buys a person by the fact he pays you a salary, all I've been doing is just keep warm the chair and waste electricity...
Ok, my boss againt sent me to take some pics at the golf course... High class kids that play golf having 8 years. Its not as fun as it sounds, since you have to explain to every mom arround that you were contracted by the club to do that and ask permision for taking pics of the kids...

I had a meeting at 8 pm and arrived home around 10 pm, feeling really tired... Not much to post today :)  

good night
Ok here I am, starving, in front of the PC because my boss wants me to stay to check some stupid stuff thay I cant control, in fact Im doing nothing..... this job is stealing my life... I have very few moments to see my son and wife, and also less time for investing time in

I think Ill just get out of here and get something to eat and drink... I dont care what the boss says...
Staruday, things became quite easygoing all day til 5 o´clock, we had this wedding of a relative, and things went crazy... makeup, dress, shoes, hairdresser, suit, perfume, and all that stuff that always makes a wedding a "big" event... we went downtown to a hotel where the party was thrown... quite cool, red wine, deserts, and all the colonial architecture at night... the bad thing.. no camera !!!!  ahhh great views since we were at the 5th floor in a great lounge... Im kind'a drunk so I'll stop I want to get some sleep :)
Ok here I am finally infront of my PC and away from the sun... we´ve been having very hi Temps here at Mexico... and I styed from 10 am o 2 pm outside installing some signals in the golf course...  no water, no trees, 2 miles from the club house and a LOT of dry terrain... Things can get ugly in those situations... I wonder how the "mojados" can get all the way through the desert, I stayed 4 hrs at 38ºC and I felt dizzy, and still tired... Well finally the week end is here, I hope I can get some rest... but I need to keep up with my freelance 3d projects....


Ok, Hi to everybody at DeviantART, I already knew the place but I was a lot more involved in other forums and communities. Now that I have a little more time in my hands, a friend, invited me, he's my partner at OHestudio, which is a small photo studio we have.
Besides photography, my REAL passion is 3d, I've been doing CG for more than 12 years.... so I have a little experiece in the field, is my site. I quited my last job about 6 months ago in an animation and vfx studio, and I'm starting on my own while working as an Industrial Designer in a design agency, not very exited about the job, even though that's what I studied at the uni, I kind'a lost the love for the craft when I found the juices of CG and Photography; but I must get some money for the familly, I'm married and have a 1yr old babyboy...
I must leave, I have to finish some signs for a golf club that has to be ready by next tuesday. I hope I can write something on regular basis...

Tnks for passing by