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TF2 - Meet The Kirby by PacManFan1980 TF2 - Meet The Kirby by PacManFan1980
Narrator: Kirby is a strange pink creature that lives in a star floating in space. When he gets hungry, he inhales everything in sight!

Meta Knight: When Kirby comes near the end of Orange Ocean, I challenged him to a duel. But I didn't think fast until Kirby attacked me from behind with only a little bit of health remaining. Then I got revenge. I pilot the battleship called the Halberd. The Halberd is controlled by a Reactor, and built with a high-tech Combo Cannon. Kirby STILL doesn't lose to me, no matter what I do! But, in future Kirby games, I became his ally and helped him out on his quests.

King Dedede: That pink gumball always defeated me when I stole all of Dream Land's food! When I demand revenge, I become very serious! I sent out a flying combat blimp named Kabula. She has powerful attacks and can fire Gordos. Also, when Kirby came to face me again, I wore a very mysterious mask and got a very powerful hammer! That there Kirby defeated me again! In Triple Deluxe, a strange villain named Taranza kidnapped me, and Kirby has to climb the Dreamstalk to save me from Taranza.

Elline: Kirby helped me restore ALL of Dream Land's color, and destroyed Dark Crafter, which possessed Claycia in which she stole the colors from the land! Also, three Waddle Dees helped us, too! Kirby is a true hero!

Susie: That pink obstacle was nothing but trouble! I mechanized his home planet for no reason! He and his Robobot Armor are unstoppable! Oh, when will the madness end?!

TF2 © Valve
Kirby © HAL Laboratory, Inc./Nintendo.
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