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Mario Tickling Peach (Past and Present) by PacManFan1980 Mario Tickling Peach (Past and Present) by PacManFan1980
After defeating Princess Shroob and all the other Shroobs, Mario, Luigi and the Babies went back to the Present. When they returned, Toadsworth and his younger self told the four Bros. that Princess Peach need them to come to her Royal Chambers. So, the Bros. ran to the Royal Chambers and saw both Peach and Baby Peach barefoot! Peach asks Mario to give her a massage, and Mario realizes something. He was staring at the princess' feet for a couple of minutes. Then, he got an idea. Mario sat down next to Peach and started to tickle her feet. She loved this. The laughter from the princess was cute. So cute in fact, that Baby Mario decided to join in by tickling Baby Peach, and she loved it as well! The baby princess' laughter was cuter that the adult princess, but still fun. Luigi and Baby Luigi watched the two Marios play with the princesses. They were tickling the princesses' feet for a couple of minutes until they massaged them, which relaxed the princesses. Then they went back to tickling. They repeated for a couple of hours until it is over. Stuffwell says that it will be time for the present people to say goodbye to the past people. Toadsworth the Younger carried Baby Peach in her crib, while Baby Mario and Baby Luigi followed them. Professor E. Gadd finished repairing the Time Machine, and Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toadsworth waved goodbye to them.

Mario, Peach, Baby Mario and Baby Peach © Nintendo
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