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the intensity of colours and result is truly admired -- later days

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excellent as always bud. you have come a long way since high school

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That's awesome!!
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If I can swing wildly off topic:

This is the kind of texture and detail the action figures of these characters deserve, not Hasbro's weird painted meat effect. Would love to see paintings like this brought to life by someone like McFarlane Toys.
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It would make a freaky statue for sure, but for me, some of today’s female figures can be over-articulated into ugliness .

How are McFarlane Toys’ “females”?
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It varies by character design and what the client wants. MFT's older figures were mega detailed with little to no articulation, but the recent trend has been towards articulated figs, and I think they've done a good job keeping detail while adding the almost-expected articulation points.

This is an example of their older style, favoring detail over joints:

Real-world designs can have a lot of articulation and it tends to blend into the "busy" sculpt, like this:

It'll be more obvious on cartoonier designs of course:

They're going to be making the 6-inch DC Comic figures from now on, taking over for Mattel's cartoony representations. I hope they go with something like the Mortal Kombat figures, something for more adult collectors, not so much for kids.

Of course, DC Comics might say, hey, we want more cartoony designs, in which case cripes, what a waste of MFT's potential.
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Very enlightening, thanks for your insight! It’s clear—even with my superficial attention to it—that MFT’s stuff has been quality for years. I hope the upcoming DC figures are interesting.
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This looks awesome!!

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I'm not so much a fan of Storm's "punk" look, but this definitely sells me on it!

Punk! Storm kicks ass. Well, she always kick ass.

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