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DDF 05 - King Boo

Daily Draw February 2014!
Day 5.

Theme is characters that I've never drawn before.

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Loking badass and epic.
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Simply awesome! How do you do that light effect on his eyes, with the blue line? D: 
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wow, now i understand. i would run from it, too.
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Great work Paco:salute:, cannot wait to see today's piece too. :eager:
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awww king boo so cute and snuggly. i want to hug him.
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amazing! so much personality :D
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grrrrreat, like the light from his eyes!!
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that's kick ass :) :D x
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Eh, wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway
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I love the spooky king! You definitely did him justice.
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Cool one! Keep it up!
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little big King boo 
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:shifty: ...And what do you know about lighting? *sniggers* /Ba dum tish!

But in all seriousness, yeah Paco is a machine at this. And so are you. ;)
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