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Skin Tutorial - V1

Well, this is by request as there’s been a number of you asking for a tutorial on how I paint skin, so here goes!
I use Photoshop CC and a Wacom tablet (Intuos5)

Full painting and Other Tutorials:
Hilary Duff Painting by Packwood Lips Tutorial V3 by Packwood Lips Tutorial - V1 by Packwood Eyes Tutorial - V1 by Packwood Hair Tutorial - Introduction by Packwood Hair Tutorial - Part 2 by Packwood

YouTube Speed Painting here
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Thank you SO much for your tutorials!! I specialize in cartoony, Disney-like animals because it comes easy to me but if I could I would rather draw realistic people (animals too). It'll take years but I look back on my old art when I first started out and see how far I've come so I know if I want it enough I'll one day be able to draw at this kind of level. Thanks a bunch for thinking of the smaller artists and taking time to make these tutorials. :hug:
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You're welcome ;)
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I've learned more from your tutorials than I have from an entire highschool art class...
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I loved the reference guide! I have been wanting to experiment with that but wasn't sure where to start. Found your post on Pinterest and loved it!
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Thanks, you're welcome.... glad you find it useful ;)
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hehe! I love your comment about the photo reference and drawing a horse. I know horses like the back of my hand having owned them and drawn them since I was a little kid. But when I paint my realistic equine sculptures - I always, always use a photo reference. No matter how well you think you know something - references always pay off. ;) Great tut! Thanks!
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You're welcome... keep up the good work ;)
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wow so realistic
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Thank you for that, it's very helpful !

But I've one question left :
What type of color do you use ? What Swathes ?
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Hi, I often make up some swatches for each individual piece of work. Often use colours from the reference photo or alter the colours if, as in this case, want an overall different look. As I progress in the painting, the colours are often picked from the work itself rather than swatches.

Over 2013 when I began really getting into Digital art, I've moved from straight copying a reference photo, to painting it different. I'm still working on getting to the stage where I can do a photo-realistic painting with no reference whatsoever... Now that would be a challenge! ;)
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Oh ... All right then.
I didn't think of it that way. It's obviously the best way to match the original.
So, I'll do my best with your advices. Thank you very much !

I hope to improve like that, to make more "fantasist" portrait, to find my own style one day. ((( Fingers crossed ! ))) And at the end, complete the Ultimate Challenge. ^^

Anyway, good luck with all your project. I'll be waiting to see more from you. =D
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Excellent tutorials :) 
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This was very helpful!
I combined some of your tutorials with some others as I drew Ellen Page and it turned out soo great!! Thank you soo much for sharing!
If you're interested in seeing the result this tutorial gave me, the pic's on my page ^^ <3
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Sweet! Your 'Ellen Page' turned out really good, you're definitely advancing in your skills :)
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this helped me but, how many hours does the skin coloring takes you?
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Sweet, yeah, the skin would probably be the hardest part of a portrait to get right, right behind hair. I will spend probably a good 2*3 hours getting the skin looking right before starting eyes etc. But then I continue to work on the skin throughout if I'm not happy with it. 

If you look at the YouTube video, and realise it's about 10 hours compressed down to 2 minutes, you'll get a feel for how long I spend on the skin.
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Well, skin is what I love the most but I wonder why 10 hours? :wow: approx?
( anyways thanks from the comment :) )
Goodness why 10 hours OwO hohoho
I have never experienced to color realistic skin in my whole life, but semi-realistic, yes :) Well, Any a slight mistake it will be so much affected?

Thanks alot! ^w^
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10 hours for the whole portrait ;)
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I am so glad that you use Photoshop CC! And I found this very very helpful!
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