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Perspective Tutorial - Part 1

Perspective Tutorial - Part 1: The Basics
We’re going to look at One and Two Point Perspective. But as scary as it sounds, don’t worry, we’re not going to get too complicated and into advanced maths! ;)

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Well, I keep coming back to this and your other tutorials on realism. I think it's great that you've put all this work out for us for free. Thank you! My art thanks you! I'll post the image I'm working on when it's done to let you see how I got on.
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No problem, great to hear my tutorials are helpful for you :)
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Thank you for this! It makes a lot more sense than what I was originally doing. c: (isometric)
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That's great, no problem :D
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Very helpful, thank you. :)
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You're welcome :)
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Sweet tutorial!
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Very helpful, others like this confused me a bit. But this clicked for me :D
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Thank you for putting this together. I struggle with this which is why I shy away from drawing/painting anything that requires good use of perspective. I need to give it another try.
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You're welcome. Really hope it helps :)
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