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_____[August 2018]_______

1. snakeperils = on process
2. LadyDreamMaker = on process
3. Anon = waiting
4. Rumianyan = waiting
5. Jtruth9419 = Waiting
6. michel = waiting

- I'll update this list real time.
- every finished commission will be delete from list 
- I do 2 commission at the time 
- I don't have any Quota/month or something like that. so, you can submit commission form if there is still has a slot

Hello and Welcome, I'm open commision 


I will draw :

1) Female (Original char or Anime FanArt)
2) Couple (Female & Male) / ( Female & Female )
3) Group (all female)/ 
(Female & Male)
4) Ecchi (showing pantsu,bra, bikini, swimsuit, sexy pose)
5) R-18 (but, not too much. I'll be selective for this)
8) character sheet
I won't draw :

1) Yaoi
2) Hentai and gore (disturbing act and thing) 
3) male only


mandiri and BCA bank - Indonesia only (IDR)




  • Send a note or email me at
  • I'll note the WIP's sketch and I'll start lining and coloring after you paid the commision (half/full payment)
  • Please include your DA name in the paypal you sent and include note payment for : pack
  • the Commission Artwork will be 100% yours, please use it for personal use only
  • If you want to cancel the commission, PLEASE TELL ME ASAP, if i start lineart proces and request to be cancel at this point,  considered this commission is on going, and has to be finished
  • THERE IS NO DEADLINE, I am still a student and i work on other studio to, if i had a free time, i will finish your commission as fast as i can


Form For the Commission:


Character name:

Commission type:

Instruction : (example: eye color,accessories,scar,tattoo,cloth etc)

Picture reference:

Character description: (example: personalities,race,position/job/rank etc) <100 word

Pose refrence if you want:

commission can be share?: (Yes / No)

Email to sent hi-res:

Email to sent invoice:

Way to pay: (if you are using paypal, please input your paypal e-mail)


NOTE: If you don't fill that, I'll make it based on my imagination .)


Commision Category

Headshot, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $10 
Half body, Detailed, NO/Simple Background :  $10
Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $15
Full body, Detailed, NO/Simple Background :  $20


line art

chibi, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $12
Headshot, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $12 
Half body, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $15
3/4 Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $20
Full body, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $25 



chibi, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $25
Headshot, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $25 
Half body, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $35 
3/4 body, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $40
Full body, Detailed, NO/Simple Background : $45

with detailed background+ $20-35 
(depend on the difficulty)

example :
Half Body:
[Co-2017) Sako by packge[Co] trio by packge
3/4 body
Wonder Miku by packge    hatsune miku (maid uniform) by packge  Rize by packge  kiniro mosaic by packge  Banba Shinya by packge

   Namatame Chitaru by packge  spec ops by packge Endless Battle by packge  Amtsukaze by packge   

full body
Cyron Tanryoku by packge  Grea by packgeFate/World wrestling ( 'w') by packge
wash [chacha X evoque] by packge  Samurai Chacha by packge  


my pixiv ID : pack