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Welcome to the pack...

Welcome to Pack Canidae.
An art group that accepts artworks of the Canidae family; carnivorous and omnivorous mammals that includes wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, the domestic dog, and more!

We accept everything from personal character references to fan arts and encourage all members to make friends through expressing their interest in the canidae family.

Joining is open to any and all DA members. c:
Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are appreciated. We are a new group and would love to hear your ideas and feedback. <3

That's right! As taken from the Polls, it's official who our Winning Groups are! We wish to thank everyone who participated in this event to help spread the word on how endangered the Canid, The African Wild Dog is! Without your help, we wouldn't have been able to achieve this goal. So thanks to you, another...

Fifteen Entries

Have been added to the DeviantART Community. Thank you all for getting AWDs seen!

So...onto the Results:

Winning Group, First Place is


With Representing Participants:

:iconazu-55: :iconarger: :iconsuzannemoseley:

SECOND Place Group is


The Representatives of this Group are:

:iconslayerzakeil: :iconwolfmean: :iconinokoyamaniko:

THIRD Place Group is


The Representatives of this Group are:

:iconmoonfang66: :iconfoxleopard: :icontatiilange:

JOINT FOURTH Placed Groups are

:iconcrazy-4-animals: and :iconunderrated-canids:

The Representatives of Crazy-4-Animals are:

:iconlionsilverwolf: :iconphantomllama: :iconbubbachubba:

The Representatives of Underrated-Canids are:

:iconwildrunningwolf: :icon101wildchild101: :iconhyena27:

To see an updated version of the Prize List please click on this following link:


Again, thank you to everyone who participated! Remember, Spreading the Word is the First Step to Taking Action!

These Results were taken at the time 18:00 on Sunday 12th June GMT just before both blogs were posted.

More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Family Canidae Poster by art-paperfox
Canidae by Snowsilver
P A C K -- C A N I D A E by Robyn-Wolf
Tetra by Renvenge
Okami: Amaterasu by Jade-Viper
Foggy river by WierkaKita
Open Canine   YCH by Evelinapoodle
Hiding fox by Bastet-mrr
Band Stage by Ruhmjolf
Under the Setting Sun by Ruhmjolf
Nightbringer by VinceSwift
Domesticated Dogs
Summoned by DeadStag
ToonMe! by VinceSwift
Pretty boys by DeadStag
the three wise dogs by DeadStag
African Wild Dogs
Lover, Please Stay by WierkaKita
First snow by WierkaKita
Mozaik Run You Complete Dumbass by WierkaKita
Babies by WierkaKita
Vyn'tara Headshot by Sambhur
Dhole by Bandarai
Not-a-fox by Foxfeather248
Lovely by Sambhur
Coyote Joy by Stormslegacy
Solar Eclipse by RainforestWolf
And became a running gun by Canis-Infernalis
Western Coyote Spirit Totem Pendant by DaybreaksDawn
Ashes - Inktober Day 13 by Ruhmjolf
The Lupine Canids of Africa by RainforestWolf
Nuru by karpfinchen
Canis aureus by RainforestWolf
Fly the flag by SneakyyLion
Sellick by SneakyyLion
Canis (familiaris) hallstromi by RainforestWolf
Canis (familiaris) dingo by RainforestWolf
Mommy Shiva by Faelis-Skribblekitty
Happy Feet of Toxic by Faelis-Skribblekitty
Asha [Commission] by BlackRayser
Fight in the lightning by ElenPanter
Maned Wolves
Solitude by CobraVenom
Raccoon Dogs
Tanuki Tanaka by ArchRavn
Bush Dogs
what should we do, madam? by LobaFeroz
Short-eared Dog
Short Eared Dog Reference by Kerrzai

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RainforestWolf Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018
I have artwork of canids from prehistoric genera (such as Cynotherium), what folder should they go into?
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Are they an extinct type of dhole?
RainforestWolf Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018
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Some of my submissions expired. Is anyone still here?
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Hello from 2017, haha. It's dead I think, the same thing happened to me.
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My brother has a wolf group that he no longer has time to run and is looking for a new founder.
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Thank you…
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