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Sankyuu Akusesu for helping!! ^_^V

Current Residence: Pacific
Favourite genre of music: Jpop, Kpop, Cpop + watever my ears like~
Operating System: your mom! ... and your sister jk!
Personal Quote: Never Let Yourself Become Your Opposite, Yet Strive To Become Better!

Favourite Movies
The Land Before Time, 不能说的秘密,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Utada Hikaru & Jay Chou
Favourite Games
FF, Chess, Mahjong, Valkyria Chronicles, Project Slypheed
Other Interests
Music, Fun, Cosplay, Cultural Activities, Yaoi? You? haha JK!! or am i? o.0
Ok so time for that rarely update I do I guess... lol 2 cons to cover and such...  Sakura Con 2012 & Vancouver Fan Expo 2012 SakuraCon 2012 Well what to say? Honestly, I was busy running errands on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday... spent a few hours ... VERY FEW hours at con with friends those days... mostly just to hang out with buddies at dealer's hall & panels... Day 0 after doing first set of errands and running around one of my close buddies i met back in AX 06... dropped off some camera gear and met up with ~amenoNine (, :iconmochizuki9:, and others who don't have a DA... gave them their stunt lightsabres we ordered as a batch
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---Note-- First and foremost.... SORRY AND YES I KNOW I don't post here as much/often as you guys.. ionno.. I just don't really do Journal entries on a daily or weekly basis... *doesn't want to spam your inbox stuffs*.. I'm not sayign YOU guys are spamming mine.. well.. MOST of you aren't... but yea... well u know what I mean... who would want to read the stuff in my life anyways? Well.. this one is for you buddies I know I promised to send vids and links and other stuff etc etc.. here we go~!! -- End Note-- Where to begin? (scroll down for topics etc) --CONCERTS!!!-- Ok so0o saw several great music artists I've been wanting to see/got t
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CRAZY CATCH UP UPDATE + So You Want To Be In SOLDIER? FFVII Fan-Run Panel + other random updates So0o I guess I never updated people on summer stuff... well here goes: There was no way for me to legally work/study overseas unless proper paper works for it have apparently been filled out... sounds expensive too... FB was blocked except in HK... and i was having trouble checking my email account for whatever reason?? i was able to view.. but not reply... ionno how that happened... got to see one of my former classmates overseas~ wo0ot! FREAKIN SPAIN WON WC!! I was supporting them while my host father was suporting Germany... yeaaa... it
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Hey. Zuko here. ^^

The one that was your partner for gangnam style at C&E. Sorry my dA is just full of Homestuck. ^^;
DUDEEEEEEE!!! i havent logged in here in MONTHS!!! how's it been? Yea i remember you!!!! I didnt see you at AE?
Yeah you did the Gungnam Style with me. ^^
ahhh sorry i was thinking of ANOTHER Zuko... lol sorry!!! coming to SCon?
Are you me? An Avatar: the Last Airbender Fan and a Valkyria Chronicles fan? Awesome!

Thanks for the watch!

Also, I am jealous of your Valkyria Chronicles group. I wish my friends were that awesome.
I dun understand how I'm jus seeing this notice.... but yeaaaa!!!