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Beautiful Morning with You

Title from a song by the pillows, who are a favorite band of mine.

Drawn in SAI. Lighting makes no sense, but that's too bad. :P I was going to have visible breath to imply the cold, but I couldn't seem to get that to work out.

Look carefully and you might spot something.
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It's very pretty.. really <3
PacificPikachu's avatar
Aw, thank you! <3 I'm glad you think so!
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:sherlock: despite all the mistakes you claimed to have made

i think its a nice piece, :)

:dance: i love your colors and your idea behind it

nice work :thumbsup:
PacificPikachu's avatar
Thanks so much! I, like many artists, tend to fixate on the flaws in my work because it's hard for me, as the person who worked on it, not to see them. But it's always a nice reminder that other people enjoy the art and don't see all those flaws, or enjoy it despite them, or maybe that the flaws aren't a big deal. :)
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i understand, :nod:

:reading: it is said that the worse critic you have in life is yourself

and as an artist you feel as if your capable of so many things that at times :painter:

:confused: but at times when trying to picture that vison in your mind as a reality you often run into times when something just doesnt feel right

but sometimes i learned that its ok to go with what you got, and if you want come back and rework it when you find the right inspriation :wow:

sometimes its just worth to hear the good compliments people do see in your work, then the flaws they rarely see becuase the pro's out number the cons :shrug:
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Great coloring!
PacificPikachu's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so, as I struggle somewhat with coloring. :)
PinkiePieCandyPop's avatar
I love this:D nice job
PinkiePieCandyPop's avatar
inukaglove's avatar
That is so cute. I love it. Keep up the good work.
WingedSilverWolf's avatar
This is awesome! Pokeshipping AshXMisty all the way :D
Nice Job here :)

By the way, I spotted the surprise <3 Its Mew! I noticed that as soon as I clicked onto this Picture :XD:
I love Mew, Its my favourite Pokemon :D
PacificPikachu's avatar
Thank you! Yep, it's my OTP!

I'm glad you spotted it! Happens to be my favorite as well. ;)
streetgals9000's avatar
that was cute and romantic ^^
girl432's avatar
thats so cute
TeaRoses's avatar
Really cute! Nice coloring.
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Favorite Het Couple for life! :heart:
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