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Young Adult Spike [SFM/DL]

Based on vanripper's Spike design from his Like Fine Wine flash comic. Download in the download button. Gmod version here, thanks to Benno950Youngadultspike


Short demo video here:…;

Features articulate claws, (somewhat awkwardly) foldable wings, optional wings, flexes compatible with the existing pony phoneme lipsynch, moveable ears, and head fin flexes! 

It only took a month and a half of work for this guy! Give him a download and tell me what you think, since this is the first model I've ported into SFM, believe it or not! And be sure to show me what you use him in, I'd love to see! 

Here's a link to source files if anyone wants to mess with them:…

May or may not redo some of the textures later as well, they still look jagged in some places, and further refine the weight paints. I just wanted to get it to some state of done and out there. 


Modelled and ported into SFM by me.

Original design by: :iconvanripper:

Assistance provided by: :iconpercytechnic:

Preview pic by: :iconsourcerabbit:

Morale support: :iconbeardeddoomguy: , and my other twitter followers :D 
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Ever have plans on updating this with more flexes or at least more bones? Facial expressions are a bit difficult to nail around the mouth area. Its just another one of those things I wish I knew where to turn to learn how to do it myself.