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Ponytone Outfit [SFM/DL]



Download in the download button! Gmod version (sort of works) here

Firstly, special thanks to :iconsourcerabbit: for the preview picture, he's a pal!

Careful when using it, you can bonemerge as usual, but be sure not to zero out the Collar and Tie bones, or you might send them some random place.

Bit after the fact, but hey, I loved that episode. This was mostly a test to see if I still remembered how to model alright, and could apply it toward pony accessories. Mostly went well, weight paint is a bit off in some areas, but overall pretty good imo. It should work with Gmod as well, I just need to finish making the physics model for maximum compatibility. 

Have some fun with it. I'd love to see what you come up with. Unfortunately no male version and the other ponytones don't exist in SFM yet (I think), but hey! 

If you want to mess with the source files, ask me. 
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Looks fantastic!