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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 8, 2010, 11:56 PM
Halloween is officially over.  We've all endured our sugar-induced comas for the past week or so, and with that, we're now officially ringing in the start of that proverbial 'holiday season'.  That time of year where Americans in particular get down and dirty with turkeys everywhere and adorn them with gravy and cornbread stuffing.  (Hungry yet?)

And on that note...

Pacific-Northwest has it's first official theme of the month, so be sure to check that out in the latest journal entry.  Stay tuned also for me to post links to the Submission Guidelines, General Group Rules, and Theme of the Month on the left side column, just as soon as I get caught up on a little sleep and get some work done tomorrow.  That should make the page a bit easier to navigate overall.

Waterscapes is the theme this month, as selected by you, the members.  I figured for the first theme we'd keep things fairly broad, but in the future the theme may narrow down a bit.  So stay tuned for that!  And in the meantime, have fun submitting your photographs!  I cannot wait to see what everyone submits!  One photo per week into that folder, and then at the end of the month the best of the theme will be chosen and featured in a news article.

Also be sure to check out the news article featuring La-Vita-a-Bella.  The link can be found in the blog feature as well.  Check it out and 'like' it if you can, so that she gets more exposure.  We want to support our fellow Pacific Northwest artists, after all!

I suppose for now that's all I've got.  

Thanks for continuing to submit artwork everyone, it's all so beautiful to look at and admire.  Looking forward to seeing what the rest of this month brings.

Happy November, everyone!

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