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Greetings to all!

Apologies for the delay in getting this out to all of you...the only excuse is the occurrence of a few minor life crises combined with an obnoxious cold.  

We are now entering our second full month as a group, and things are moving along in an absolutely wonderful direction, which has all of us on staff thrilled!  The artwork is top notch, and more than that, we are loving the support that this community offers.

And because we are now officially moving out of our infant stage and slowly learning to walk, it's time to add a few more goodies to our monthly pile.  

The staff have chosen our first official "Artist of the Month": elementalunacy


We interviewed him, and featured some of his artwork, in the following news article, so be sure to click on the link, and support the article so that the group - and the artist - can gain more exposure.  Together we can support one another and help each other grow and hone our skills in this massive cybercommunity known as deviantArt.  

Here is the link for the feature and interview:

Also, we have put up our first monthly news feature, showcasing the best artwork from the month of April.  Any photograph in our 'Featured' folder is here.  So be sure to click this link and support this article as well, again to help support one another in gaining exposure.

Here is the link for the news article:

And finally, we are working on our first Pacific Northwest Experience feature!  And the theme for this first article will be: Powell's Bookstore in Portland, Oregon.  The largest bookstore in the nation, with an incredible wealth of history and value to the community.  

One of the pillars that makes Portland...well...Portland!

And in this vein, we ask for your support!  Go out and snap any photos you can of Powell's, either from the inside, or out.  And send the group notes with your experiences involving this iconic bookstore.  At the end of the month, everything we gather and assemble together will be featured in a news article.

That's all for now!

Congratulations to our featured photos this week, and to the winner of last week's poll!  

Keep all this fantastic artwork coming, everyone!  Here's to another wonderful week!


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Submitted on
May 6, 2010