I. You must be a member of our group to submit photography.
Fairly self explanatory.  

II. Only minimal editing to a photo is allowed before it is submitted.
We want to see your photos in the most natural state possible.  This is not a group for photo-manipulations.  Anything that goes beyond a general 'touch-up' of the photograph is not allowed.

III. A member may submit up to four photographs in a week.
This number is not set in stone.  As the group (hopefully) grows, the number will most likely shrink.

IV. All work should be submitted to the 'Current Week Submissions' folder.
We want a place for members to see the general submissions every week, and at the end of each week staff will sort the photos into their appropriate sub-folders.  So please...only submit to one folder.   

V. Identify where a photograph was taken in the photo description before submitting.
Your photo description should include which state the photo was taken in, and, when possible, a more specific description of the location.  (Example: instead of simply saying 'Oregon Coast', if you know the photograph was taken in Florence, Oregon, that would be preferable.)


1. If you have not become a member of our group, do so first.

2. Go to the gallery page, and then click the button to contribute.

3. Submit to the gallery folder for 'Current Week Submissions'.

4. It may take up to 48 hours to approve a photo, so please be patient!

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