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gnome characters

The continuing saga of trying to get my painting up to speed.
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Why is that gnome barefoot?
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Because "why not" I suppose|
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Yay Gnomes! Love the composition, and the poses. The priestess/druid's sickle does look a little blunt, and the position of the knight's legs as he sits on the deer looks a little awkward, as if he's pinching too hard with his knees. Still, overall, I think this looks great :)
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I can try to explain away the legs with a European style straight-legged saddle, and I'll try to pan off the sickle on er... unfamiliarity with media, actually. I'm still not quite used to drawing with a tablet, and that was the only chunk of drawing which didn't wind up getting inked on paper and scanned in. Hopefully I'm getting better at actually using the tablet to draw with - progress is slow.
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Ooh ouch, tablets can be tricky. I had to use them in college and I could never get used to them, but I'm pretty much strictly a traditonal art girl, and didn't practice much beyond what was absolutely necessary for class. Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll see progess soon :) And you're welcome!
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More improvement! You're starting to add shadows under overlapping parts (the stag's head and back leg, the steampunk wizard's smock, etc) which is giving your figures more depth. There's also some nice highlights here. You could stand to go a bit further with them... Don't be afraid to go full white in a few spots. I like that you're adding some color to the skin tones, too. I'm seeing some great fun little spots of pink in all the right places. Also, YAY, signature! ;-)
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Okay, thanks for the feedback! I'll see what I can come up with during the coming week.
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