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Tried painting directly over pencils again. I had this little dragon alchemist picture scanned in from late September, and figured as long as I was sick and stuck in my place I may as well paint some. Also while I've been sick, I've been drinking a lot of Gatorade to keep electrolytes up - hence the title.
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This is a really neat piece, and I too adore the use of color.

Another commenter mentioned the cords on the mech-arms. I don't see them as going from one arm to the other, just that the front-most arm's placement is such that it could *appear* that the two arms were connected by cords. Easily managed for future images either by placement or sharper lines of delineation between the two arms. All that said, it's an amazing piece and I never would have noticed the cord thing if it hadn't been mentioned :)

Light and laughter,
I agree that your color use is leveling up.

Very proud of you!
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I can see that you've leveled up in your artskill, good work :)
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Loving the lighting on this piece.
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Loving the color scheme.
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one thing bugging me... the chord goes from one arm to another... you'd think the chord would go from your arm to the machine on it's back
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