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Hey Pacammunity! Thank you for being patient with us as we figure out some new updates and changes to the species as a whole. This journal is being posted to give you about a month's advance on upcoming trait and rarity changes. Please note that the changes will not be effective until:

Official Change Date: yesterday, aka, these are now in effect!

Ultimately these changes are being put in place to both simplify and streamline the designing process for both adopt makes and MYO designers! Nothing is intended to become more difficult to acquire. There are two things that this change log entails: consolidation and lineation. Consolidation means that some things will either be combined into a broader category or it means that rarity and tiers will be removed. Lineation is for cutting down very broad ideas and traits down to more specific branches so that they are clearer in what they entail. We do also have a few new additions to our catalog! Check for "+" next to something new!

Please keep in mind that these changes have been discussed among the team and have been weighed for benefits and possible upsets and we think that ultimately these changes are well thought-out and will change the quality of life in the species long-term. These are also open to edits and changes before the official release date.

Also feel free to ask questions in this journal if you are curious about anything! If something is labelled that it will be defined at a later time, those are the only things we cannot answer questions about yet.

General Changes

Changes in Tiers
Common and Uncommon traits will be consolidated into "Common" as a categorical term for that rarity tier. The new tiers are as follows:
Common (C) > Rare (R) > Super Rare (SR)
"Legendary" will no longer be used to describe things like mutations and sub-species status. They will be defined by their traits that fall outside of the Super Rare tier.

Eyes and Brows Trait Categories
Eyes and Brows will no longer have tier rarity. They can be drawn and designed however the designer wishes.
Reason: We've had so many stylistic variations of eyes and brows that cannot be counted and we feel it would be best to allow for the community to have freedom to style the facial features of their Pacapillar as they please.

Head and Tail Feelers and Nubs

In general, these traits will stay the same within their respective rarity tiers. Some mutations will allow traits to extend past certain limitations of SR.

Extra Traits

Common Extra Traits
+ Extrusions that resemble hair (must be same texture)
+ Pawps - padding on the legs (this does not alter the shape of the leg)

Rare Extra Traits (mostly lineation)
> Extrusions
- Spikes/spines

>Collar Area
- Mane
- Hood
- Cape

> Mismatching
- Feelers
- Nubs

> Bioluminescence
- Glowing sections

> Horns
- Points
- Ram / Goat / Bull
- Other

> Frills
- Skirt
- Other

- Holes

> Bottom Fangs
- Single
- Multiple

Super Rare Extra Traits
>Partial transparency


>Wing shades
- Solid
- Bulbous

> Aura
- Attached
- Detached

> Halo


> Matte Category (C)
- includes matte, silk, glossy, and metallic textures

> Fur Category (C)
- includes fuzz, fluff, short fur, long fur, and braided and dreaded fur styles

> Slime Category (R)
- includes textures like sludge and wax

> Transparent Category (R)
- transparent can have any object or material showing on the inside

> Piñata (SR)
- layered, paper-thin flakes

> Plant Category (SR)
- includes cactus, petal, wood, and any foliage or coral based texture

> Patch (R)
- stitched pattern

> Feather (R)
- feather texture

> Scales (R)
- includes fish and reptile scales

> Shell Category (R)
- all textures that resemble exo-skeletal armor

> Spine (C)
- consistent spines over the body

> Crystalized Category (SR)
- cut or uncut gem-like texture or ice texture

> Mist Category (R)
- includes mist, fog, steam, fire, and wisp-y textures

> Sponge Category (C)
- includes bristle and sponge textures

> Chipped (C)
- chipped or cracked texture


Major Lineations
> Shedding
- Texture Shed
---Shedding appears as bits of the Pacapillar’s respective texture.
- Object Shed
---Shedding appears as objects or bit that differ greatly from the texture.

> Single Tail
- Standard
---Length is that between common and super-rare length.
- Ultra-length
---Length can extend beyond super-rare length restriction

>Body Forms
- Slug-body
---Legs are not present; body is slug-like
+ Octo-body / Cephalopod-body
---Legs are tentacle-like
*+ Object-body
---Legs area is replaced by object

- Prehensile
---Animated part resembles an arm or claw or other limb that can move freely
- Regenerative
---Animated part resembles something that expires and can regenerate; one example would be a sparkler
- Miscellaneous
---This type includes hovering or floating parts, smoke or liquid, etc.

>Odd Eyes
+ No eyes
---Pacapillar has no eyes
+ Cyclops
---Pacapillar has one eye
- Spider
---Pacapillar has 3-10 eyes around the face area
- Body eyes
---Pacapillar has eyes on body or feelers, away from facial area

> Multi-texture
- Duo
---Two textures present
- Trio
---Three textures present
+ Quad
---Four textures present
+ Plus
---More than four textures present

> Digits
- Pincers
---Small insectoid-like pincers
+ Paws
---Small mammal-like paws
+ Claws
---Small claws
+ Miscellaneous
---Small miscellaneous digits

> Chameleon
- Hue Shifting
---Color may change but pattern must stay the same.
- Pattern Movement
---Pattern may change but color must stay the same.
- Combo
---Color and pattern can change.

- Similar
---All split parts are similar in design; a few unique qualities allowed
- Thematic
---All split parts are similar in theme but can vary in design
+ Unique
---All split parts are unique and do not follow theme rules

+ Tech-head
---Pacapillar head is made of technology
+ Element-head
---Pacapillar head is made of elemental substance
---Anything that lies outside of tech and element

+>Glitch Effect
--- Visual appearance "glitches out" frequently

Natural Sub-species

[updating... mostly lineation]

Unnatural Sub-species

[updating... mostly lineation]

* = will not be available under normal sale or item circumstances

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would a common paca be allowed to have like a semi-transparent honeycomb skin texture on parts of the body?