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[Spring Party 2021] The Contest

Today was the beginning of the new day; the day that spring truly began. Many pacapillars could smell the newly blossoming flowers in the wind, and even see the pastel pink sakura blossoms scatter in the air like natural confetti. The grassy hills were almost covered in beautiful flowers of different shades of colors and species. From the tender roses and carnations, whose uses were many in how they could portray not only love, but friendship as well; to the simple daisies and irises, which despite not being as well known, were still part of an orchestra of scents in the grand flower symphony. For many, this was the perfect time for organizing parties, and for Buba, whose body resembled boba tea, due to the many black balls inside of them, this would be their best party yet. Their plan was to arrange a bouquet making contest, and whoever made the most stunning flower arrangement would win a large supply of berries that they had been keeping for this specific occasion. They first


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Pacapillar gummy ych [OPEN]


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f2u lil paca base


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Primrose : Autumn is Here !

Pacapillar Prompts

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[T] Pacas for KoG Characters/maybe Collectibles

Hi! I am very much not active in the pacapillar community anymore and I don't want to leave these two babies to rot so I'm putting them up for trades for the following: Griffolk of any type Possibly collectibles/items from the ARPG Kingdoms of Griffia Will consider companions as add ons or may consider multiple for a paca Please do not offer swaps-- there is only one pacapillar I'm interested in obtaining at the moment, and I don't believe the owner is active in the community any longer. My design preferences are the following: Kitkabean, Sin, Griff, or other officially made griffolk Spooky or magic-y themes (see my masterlist for a general idea: Kingdoms of Griffia) Indigenous or high tier subtypes are a plus but not a major consideration. While officially made designs are highly preferred, I am willing to look MYOs as well. The pacas I am offering are: Pacapillars - Character :: 0-0345 | Derk on Toyhouse (has chameleon, these are the colors in the official art) Pacapillars -


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[Pacapillars] Cosplay Time! - DTAE

Mar-May 2020 DTA

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[DTA] Unicorn Fairy (Jan-Feb)

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