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[Pacapillar] Halloween AdventureCarried from the pacapillar children, fully clad in their best Halloween uniforms, a laughing and screaming accompanied the strong gust of wind that rustled the autumn tinted trees. The shade of the falling sunset, leaving a burnt orange colour slowly fading across the decorated houses on the street and glinting from the leaves. Halloween trinkets dangled from every house on the block, spooky, scary skeletons, realistically furred black bats and rats, spooky claw stickers on doors, that looked as though they were tearing through the inside of the house, blood splattering around it comically. Glow-in-the-dark accessories shone from dark areas, visible at a distance.All houses had their own special decoration, unique from the rest, animated doorbells that laughed and screamed when you pushed them, mouths opening wide, eyes swirling and lighting up red with a flash. Candy, collection boxes closing down when a paca reached in, to grab a candy. Inflatable ghosts, spiders, skeletal zombie hands seemingly burst through the ground, surrounded by graves, covered in cobwebs. Every single doorstep had a candlelit, flickering pumpkin, all with varying expressions, some cute, some creepy, some were just images of trees and pacas and scenery carved into them. The flames danced in the persistent, but cool wind.Everywhere, the celebration of the spooky season was in sight, no-one had skimped on their dedication to the event this year.Thimble shivered, fascinating really, since he was nothing but a mixture of stuffed pillows, one had to wonder how a living pillow got cold. He trailed along behind his friends, dragging his two tails behind him and sniffing dramatically, as always, Thimble was upset. It was too dark, it was too cold, Halloween was scary, the wind made funny noises and he didn't like his stupid costume. Linnea, his beautiful pink, strawberry milkshake friend, had made him dress up and shoved him out of the door before he could properly protest. Two little bobbles sprung up and down, obnoxiously into his eyes, from the headband on his head, a brown foam snail shell strapped onto his back. It was very well detailed, each swirl properly carved into it with care. Thimble looked adorable to everyone else, but he felt self-conscious in himself.Onigiri, a tiny little white and black ball of feathers rested on his back, the paca snuggled up inside his fabric, she had a small, striped jumper that was black and yellow and a black cone strapped onto her butt, a precious bee.Occasionally she would huff, annoyed that Thimble was walking so slowly, but so comfortable she couldn't convince herself to move. Oni groaned loudly and dramatically."I'm going Oni...." Thimble replied sadly, if he hadn't been forced to go, he would have hidden under his bed from all of the night monsters and terrifying pacas costumes."Huuuurry uuuuup!!" She huffed, fluffing her feathers.Thimble sighed, speeding up a little to the rest of his friends. Aiyori marched proudly in front, his natural exterior of red and black well suited to a dark season. A glitching flicking from the right side of his face and the ends of his tails, he swung a small pumpkin, candy collection pot back and forth as he marched. He only needed some small additions to his body for a costume, a black banded mask across his face and a black and white striped shirt. A sneaky robber. He bashed his shoulder playfully into King.Long butterfly tendrils blew in the soft wind, King's tails brushing across the ground and rustling through the dry leaves, the fluff on his body waving around. The fluffy, pink and yellow paca walked beside Aiyori, pointing, laughing and joking about the decorations on each individual house. A red cape fluttered around his face and back, tied with a bow at the front and a crown crooked on his feelers. A precious prince.The night was beautiful and as the full moon rose over the group, lighting their way with an icy blue glow, they arrived at the first house.They rang the screaming doorbell and as the door opened, they all yelled in excitement, putting their small containers out in front of them."Trick or treat!"
Spooky Cooking [Pacapillar]Dumpling hummed a tune as the skipped her way to the local store, she was on her way to buy some ingredients, to make adorable Halloween treats!Her little chonky, plush, pacapillar body rocked back and forth, the cream, green and red colours of her body blurring with the motion of her movements and her dumpling tail jiggling around.The basket she held in her mouth swung back and forward, the lip rapping gently to the rhythm of her skips, the light blue bow on her neck fluttering around her face.Her eyes flicked everywhere, unable to focus on one beautiful Autumn coloured tree, Autumn was her favourite season, the auburn, browns, golds, and green captivated her, spreading across bushes, trees, and the grass.Crunch, crunch, crunch went the fallen leaves under her little feet, swirling underneath her with each bounce of her body. A cold mist rose from the edges of her mouth, the weather beginning to turn chilly as winter loomed closer. "Brrmmmmpphhhmmmph" Dumpling hummed in elation.Arriving at the shop, she observed the adorable decorations, up for the spooky season. An adorable plastic, gummy, skeleton was stuck onto the front door, a dancing pose set into the arms and legs and a little cane and top-hat in its hand. Garlands of pumpkins, candy corn, and bats adorned the inside of the windows. She chuckled as her eyes laid to rest on a carved pumpkin by the entrance, it had a derpy expression, mouth askew, and eyes uneven, one bigger than the other. Her body shivered with anticipation, she'd be in her element shortly, baking in the kitchen, surrounded by her cooking utensils and thoroughly decorated abode!A bell clanged as she pushed her way into the store, a motion censor crow, placed beside the door, cawing loudly and causing her to startle."Oh my goodness" She laughed a little breathlessly. "This is the season for gentle frights!"The shop clerk waved enthusiastically, body wiggling. A large, multiple leaf tail swung behind him."Hello, Dumpling! Welcome! I see my little crow got you there, hah! How can I help you on this fine Autumn day?" Dumpling blushed, a little embarrassed to be caught out, but cleared her throat, setting her basket onto the floor, just in front of the little wooden counter."Your decorations are wonderful this year, Tobin" She expressed happily, taking in the purple and orange tinsel, stapled to the front of the serving desk, small candy corn lights were weaved around it creatively, glowing warmly."Thank you, thank you!" The fluffy, brown, and green paca smiling with a huge grin, a smug look on their face, little orange mouth stretched across his face."Uhh, oh! Right, so I'm making some spooky treats and need to pick up the ingredients for those! I'm thinking of cookies, cupcakes, and brain jello!""Those sound like fantastic ideas! Well, good luck, I know you'll do an amazing job, you always do! Just don't forget to save me one again this year" Tobin laughed, furred ears flicking flat endearingly.Dumpling browsed around the store, searching for flour, eggs, butter, gelatine, sugar, sprinkles, food colouring, fresh fruit, and a myriad of other items to create her foods.A basket filled to the brim with ingredients, she pushed open her front door with her body, dropping the basket gently onto the floor and pushing it, with some effort, with her nose into her kitchen.Maha was there, ready to lend a hand to Dumpling, his large, cream hat rested on the counter-top, the bell hanging over the edge, it was rare to see him without it, but it would hinder his ability to help if it was knocking everything off every surface. Which was ironic, because his large cupcake tails were always doing it regardless of whether he had his hat on or not, his chocolate stick catching things before they smashed onto the ground.He rubbed his little front nubs together "Okay! Let's start Dumpling before Linnea gets here and eats all of our ingredients before we even get to use them..." He trailed off, a slight tinge of annoyance in his voice. Linnea was well known for eating all of Maha's food on a daily basis, emptying his fridge and cupboard far too frequently. It was incredible her little, pink, milkshake body could even handle it all, it perplexed him to wonder where she kept it all.Dumpling set up everything onto the counters, counting out the eggs and instead of measuring, dolloping a large amount of everything into different bowls. Usually, this was fine...But today, Jack and Kelly had decided to follow along after Maha, the two-headed poltergeist plotting to play a prank on the both of them. He was long, fluffy, slim, and with a healthy coating of purple frosting spread across his back. His tail ended in a large, adorable, furby-faced Pacapillar, this was Kelly.Making sure to avoid being seen, they added some potions they had stolen from Maha's store room, dripping small amounts into each separate bowl, working as a team to contaminate each one. Completely unaware, Dumpling and Maha finished up, setting out the bat, skeleton, pumpkin and ghost-shaped cookies onto a baking tray and setting them into the pre-heated oven.Some time passed, Jack and Kelly waiting in anticipation for the potions to react to the rise in temperature and Maha and Dumpling entirely unaware of what was to come.Pop. Pop. Clack. Knock, knock.Staring in disbelief at the oven door, Dumpling's eyes shifted to Mahas and a look of realisation came across his face. "Oh no..." He whispered, just as the door bashed open, giant, dark purple and dripping tentacles bursting forth and up-ending the entire kitchen. At that moment Jack and Kelly materialised, laughing hysterically and shooting off through the roof."Ahhhh!!!" Dumpling screamed, a tentacle wrapping around her dumpling tail, lifting her up and tipping her upside down. Maha was in a panic, gathering a multitude of different herbs and spices from Dumpling's cupboards and smashing them all into a mixing bowl. He ground them into a fine powder and thrust the entire bowls contents over the oven.Engulfed in the concoction the tentacles shrivelled up, receding back into the cookies and vanishing. Dumping was promptly dropped, but Maha was able to catch her just in time.The kitchen was a disaster, food was everywhere, all of the ingredients had been strewn against every available surface, including all over Maha and Dumpling.Close to exploding, in a rage, Dumpling made to take the cookies out of the oven, only to find they were all perfectly cooked and ready to frost."Well...I guess that's ONE good thing that happened today, huh, Maha?" She looked defeated, but a small smile tugged at the edges of her mouth.Maha nodded in agreement, looking relieved it was over and that it had not been a complete waste of time."Let's get this cleaned up..." He murmured, reaching around to use Dumpling's phone and call his family to help them clear the mess.
Rainy Day [Pacapillar Prompt] (eng)It is a rainy summer day in August.It was late afternoon, but the little Pacapillar Milo was still playing outside. Thick clouds came up quickly and the sky turned from blue to gray, it quickly became dark.Until a few hours ago, Milo was still happily hopping after some Whir that were flying around and carried through the air, but these were now gone. A few Minmites flew quickly past the Paca, but these also disappeared quickly because a strong wind was blowing. For a short time he could see their little glow in the distance, but shortly afterwards he was alone again.But Milo does not like to be alone. And especially not when it got dark so quickly and the weather changed so suddenly. Both the thunderstorm and the darkness are scaring him a bit.Milo had put his umbrella on the edge of the meadow, because it had rained lightly every now and then during the day. But it was only a light summer rain, he did not expected a major thunderstorm, otherwise he would have rushed home much earlier. Unfortunately, he was too busy smashing a few Minmites, which, like some other Pacapillars, he likes to do. So he had not noticed the change in the weather.Fearfully, he opened his umbrella and clung to the handle. The wind tore at him and his umbrella. Milo's cowboy hat also fluttered and he hoped it would not fly away. Thick raindrops fell from the sky and large puddles quickly formed around him.Suddenly he heard a strange splash next to him. Startled, he peered out from under his umbrella and discovered a blue creature. It was quite small, not even half of his own size. It looked similar like a Pacapillar, but it only had four legs, a jelly-like body and two long ears.The little creature hopped very happily through the rain. It tried to land in a different puddle of rain with every jump. He did not seem to mind that it got completely wet and dirty while doing that.Milo backed away in fear. He had never seen an animal like this before and was unsure how to react. It actually seemed pretty peaceful and was so focused on the rain that it apparently had not seen the Paca yet.Suddenly the little slime creature jumped into a large puddle right in front of Milo's feet and the water splashed in all directions. The Paca could not jump out of the way and most of the rainwater hit him right in the face. He snorted angrily and the noise finally made the creature aware of Milo.The little slime did not seem very shocked, it just looked at Milo curiously. He in turn did not let the being out of sight and looked at it uncertainly. Neither of them moved for a few seconds, but the thunderstorm continued to rage.Then the little animal jumped up again and began to hop around Milo. Milo froze for a moment, but the being remained unconcerned and slowly Milo began to relax.The animal looked absolutely peaceful and seemed to be a very happy fellow.However, Milo was fed up with all the rain. He took his umbrella tighter between his feet and with one last look at the creature, Milo walked towards his nest.But a short time later, he heard the splash again and when he looked around, he discovered the little blue slime again. Milo did not want to leave him just like that, but his desire to return home was greater. He waved goodbye to the being and hurried away quickly. Hopefully they would meet again some other time.
Rainy Day [Pacapillar Prompt] (ger)Es ist ein regnerischer Sommertag im August.Es war schon später Nachmittag, doch das kleine Pacapillar Milo spielte noch draußen. Dicke Wolken zogen schnell auf und der Himmel färbte sich von blau zu grau, es wurde schnell dunkel.Bis vor wenigen Stunden hüpfte Milo noch fröhlich den herumfliegenden Whir hinterher, die durch die Luft getragen wurden, doch diese waren nun verschwunden. Einige Minmites flogen eilig an dem Paca vorbei, doch auch diese verschwanden schnell wieder, da ein starker Wind wehte. Er konnte ihr kleines Leuchten noch kurz in der Ferne beobachten, doch kurz darauf war er wieder alleine.Doch Milo war nicht gerne alleine. Und schon gar nicht, wenn es so schnell dunkel wurde und das Wetter sich so plötzlich veränderte. Sowohl das Gewitter, als auch die Dunkelheit machten ihm ein bisschen Angst.Milo hatte seinen Schirm am Wiesenrand abgelegt, da es tagsüber ab und zu leicht geregnet hatte. Doch da war es nur ein leichter Sommerregen gewesen, mit einem großen Gewitter hatte er nicht gerechnet, sonst wäre er schon viel früher nach Hause geeilt. Leider war er zu beschäftigt gewesen, ein paar Minmites zu zerstampfen, was er, wie einige andere Pacapillars, auch gerne machte. Daher hatte er aber die Veränderung des Wetters nicht mitbekommen.Ängstlich spannte er seinen Schirm auf und klammerte sich am Griff fest. Der Wind zerrte an ihm und seinem Schirm. Auch Milo's Cowboyhut flatterte und er hoffe, dass er nicht davonfliegen würde. Dicke Regentropfen fielen vom Himmel und schnell bildeten sich große Pfützen um ihn herum.Plötzlich hörte er ein seltsames Platschen neben sich. Erschrocken lugte er unter seinem Schirm hervor und entdeckte ein blaues Wesen. Es war ziemlich klein und erreichte nicht einmal die Hälfte seiner eigenen Größe. Es sah einem Pacapillar gar nicht unähnlich, jedoch hatte es nur vier Beine, einen Gelee-artigen Körper und zwei lange Ohren.Das kleine Wesen hüpfte scheinbar sehr glücklich durch den Regen. Es versuchte, bei jedem Sprung, in einer anderen Regenpfütze zu landen. Es schien ihm nichts auszumachen, dass es dabei völlig nass und verschmutzt wurde.Milo wich ängstlich zurück. Er hatte noch nie solch ein Tier gesehen und wusste nicht genau, wie er reagieren sollte. Es schien eigentlich ziemlich friedlich zu sein und war so sehr auf den Regen fokussiert, dass es das Paca scheinbar noch nicht gesehen hatte.Da sprang das kleine schleimige Wesen auf einmal genau vor Milo's Füßen in eine große Pfütze und das Wasser spritzte in alle Richtungen. Das Paca konnte nicht mehr aus dem Weg springen und ein Großteil des Regenwassers traf ihn genau im Gesicht. Er schnaubte ärgerlich und durch das Geräusch wurde das Wesen nun endlich auf Milo aufmerksam.Der kleine Schleim schien nicht sehr schockiert zu sein, es sah Milo einfach nur neugierig an. Dieser wiederum ließ das Wesen ebenfalls nicht aus den Augen und betrachtete es unsicher. Für einige Sekunden bewegten sie sich beide nicht, doch das Gewitter wütete weiter.Da sprang das kleine Tier wieder auf und begann um Milo herum zu hopsen. Ganz kurz erstarrte Milo vor Schreck, doch das Wesen blieb weiterhin unbekümmert und langsam begann Milo sich zu entspannen.Das Tier wirkte absolut friedlich und schien ein sehr fröhlicher Geselle zu sein.Jedoch hatte Milo die Nase voll von all dem Regen. Er nahm seinen Schirm fester zwischen seine Füße und mit einem letzten Blick auf das Wesen, ging Milo in Richtung seines Nests.Doch schon kurze Zeit darauf, hörte er wieder das Platschen und als er sich umsah, entdeckte er wieder den kleinen blauen Schleim. Milo wollte ihn nicht einfach so zurücklassen, doch sein Wunsch, nach Hause zurückzukehren war größer. Er winkte dem Wesen zum Abschied und eilte schnell davon. Hoffentlich würden sie sich ein ander mal wiedersehen.
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