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Welcome to the group for the closed species - Pacapillars.

Group Rules

Group Rules

You do not need a Pacapillar to join the group! Feel free to hit the join button.

If you have a Pacapillar, do consider reading the T.O.S. It is your responsibility to abide by these terms.

Be kind to one another. Please don’t leave rude comments on the page or on anyone’s deviations or journals.

Submit to the proper folder. All journals go in the journals folder. Do not submit tentative trade journals, bulk trade journals, or advertising journals. Please follow the Gallery Submission Guidelines.

Please do not submit reposts of designs! You're free to have the reposts (watermarking is recommended) but do not submit them to the group.

No nsfw content! Some mild violence is ok but don’t submit anything with mature sexual content. PG-13 group here.

To get your MYO approved, follow the instructions in this journal! If you have questions regarding a design in progress, you can note toripng! Please read over the TOS and the FAQ before doing so.

Do not resubmit deviations or journals for notifications fishing.

If you want to make someone fanart of a design they own, please make sure to see if they’re comfortable with you doing that!

Do not submit non-Pacapillar art or designs in this group. Also do not submit journals that do not have anything to do with Pacapillars.

Respect your moderators!! They are not trying to be mean to you, they're just doing their jobs keeping the group tidy!


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Paca President
A joke title of course, toripng is the species creator and owner. They take on any moderator job and can answer any question about the species or lore but don't be alarmed if someone else, moderator or community member, answers you first! Sometimes they'll have the same answer toripng would give you.

Paca Police
These are your group admins WolfyCade, Nokkelborth and gatorstooth! They watch over group submissions, accept and deny submissions, and answer user questions. They also update and maintain the Pacadex, our visual masterlist.

Pacammunity Watch
These are group moderators. They also watch over group submissions and accept and deny them and can answer user questions. They make sure members are following group rules and the species TOS.

Pacassos are our permanent designer team! They are authorized to design and sell Pacapillars periodically.

That's all of you! You're an important part of the way the group runs. By following the rules and being courteous towards other members, you are helping keep the group organized and fun for everyone!

If this is being bumped, it's because we've received an influx of misplaced/submitted deviations and journals. Please review the guidelines below.


This folder is for guides and events only.

Designs by toripng

Pretty self-explanatory. Only submissions by toripng.

Guest Adopts

Designs by our design team or invited guest designers. Do not ask to be a guest designer, we are not seeking.
Designs by our mods are auto-accepted, designs by invitees must be approved before appearing in the folder.

Approved MYOs

This folder is for MYO designs approved and registered at the MYO Approval Center.
If an MYO is redesigned, you do not need to submit the redesign to this folder. Submit it to an art folder instead.

Art folders

This includes Digital Art, Traditional Art, Crafts, and Writing. These are auto-accept folders.


Anything that is centric to these themes goes in these folders. These are auto-accept folders.


Anyone can make YCHs and sell them. This is an auto-accept folder.
Do not resubmit YCHs for notification fishing. You may resubmit YCH deviations after a month or longer but it is not preferred. We will remove your deviation if this rule is violated.


Bases created for Pacapillars must be free to use and must only be used for existing Pacapillar designs or for creating MYO designs. They must not be for any other species. This folder is auto-accept.


Trades and Resells
    - Only submit journals with Pacapillars up for trade or resell.
    - Do not submit Looking for/Seeking Pacapillars journals.  They will not be accepted.
    - No tentative trade journals! Be sure you are willing to trade your Pacapillar!
    - A reminder to reread the TOS if you're uncertain about whether or not you can resell your Pacapillar!
    - You MUST include proofs of purchase if you are reselling your Pacapillar. We will decline your journal otherwise.
    - You MUST also include the masterlist entry of the Pacapillar for trade, gift, or resale to ensure buyer protection.
    - PLEASE PUT OPEN or CLOSED in the title of your journal!
    - If your Pacapillar has been traded or resold, PLEASE REMOVE THE JOURNAL FROM THE GROUP!
    - If you are adding commission value to the resale price of a Pacapillar, YOU MUST INCLUDE PROOFS OF PURCHASE for the commissioned art.

Commissions and Requests
    - Only submit journals offering commissions or journals open for requests.
    - Do not submit Looking for/Seeking Pacapillar Commissions journals.  They will not be accepted.
    - A reminder that these journals should be Pacapillar specific!
    - PLEASE PUT OPEN or CLOSED in the title of your journal!
    - If your commissions or requests are closed, PLEASE REMOVE THE JOURNAL FROM THE GROUP!

Social Beans
    - This is more of a catch all journal folder.
    - If you're looking to RP (or find people to RP with), looking for breeding partners/relationships, or any other kind of talk.
    - You can also submit art trade journals into this folder!

A note about resubmitting trade/resell/commissions journals:
    - Please don't. If your journal has been in the folder for at least 2 weeks, you may remove it and resubmit it.  
    - If you do not remove the original journal you are trying to resubmit, your request will be denied.

If you submit any other kind of journal, feel free to submit it to the main "Journals" folder, and we'll either accept it or direct you to a subfolder!

Current DTA folder

The ongoing month's DTA will have a folder named after it. This folder is auto-accept.

Past events/contests/DTA folders

These folders are for past deviations related to past events. These folders do not accept submissions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!

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sirfluff-thefluff Featured By Owner 1 day ago
hello it's me again ;w;
i was wondering, if i made an candle themed paca, would it be a common mette texture, or a rare slime txture..?
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inkrunner101 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there any reason why my trading journal has been denied or accepted within the past few days?
CrownedSpade Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you guys offer appraisals? If so where would I go for that? o:
Thank you!
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