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[Spring Party 2021] The ContestToday was the beginning of the new day; the day that spring truly began. Many pacapillars could smell the newly blossoming flowers in the wind, and even see the pastel pink sakura blossoms scatter in the air like natural confetti. The grassy hills were almost covered in beautiful flowers of different shades of colors and species. From the tender roses and carnations, whose uses were many in how they could portray not only love, but friendship as well; to the simple daisies and irises, which despite not being as well known, were still part of an orchestra of scents in the grand flower symphony. For many, this was the perfect time for organizing parties, and for Buba, whose body resembled boba tea, due to the many black balls inside of them, this would be their best party yet. Their plan was to arrange a bouquet making contest, and whoever made the most stunning flower arrangement would win a large supply of berries that they had been keeping for this specific occasion. They first gave the invitations to their friends. A short walk to Szron’s, the pacapillar whose body resembled an icicle, and whose roses on their head were already so lovely, was simple for them. After putting the invitation in, next was to go to Orion’s. After a long and tiresome hike, Buba soon found where Orion lived, and set down the invitation. After Clover, then it was only a matter of setting up the party. Buba knew that everyone would have to bring a bouquet of flowers to judge, but there would also be food for them to snack on that wasn’t the prize, and maybe later on they could try to play games such as “I Spy” or “Hide and Seek”. Of course, Buba themselves had to also get a bouquet, not wanting to be left out of their friend group, and thus, set off into the fields. Buba wanted to get as many violets as possible, due to their love of purple, and was able to get a substantial few. Oddly enough, on their way, they managed to bump into Clover, the pacapillar with the fluffy body like a shiba inu, and whose tails gradient from a lovely cream to a coffee brown. The pacapillar soon apologized, almost dropping their hood in the process, and ran off before Buba could see why their heterochromatic friend was in such a hurry. With a small bouquet of mostly violets, with just one mostly black rose in the center, Buba returned home as quickly as possible in order to arrange them. They were almost done when Orion suddenly came in the door. Buba knew that this was their pacapillar friend because they had a lovely purple-silver hair, and angelic wings for tails. Orion had managed to bring in a bouquet of olive branches and lilies, which was impressive, to say the least. They waddled into the corner as they waited for the party to start. Szron came in with an excitable bounce, carrying her own bouquet of frosted-over blue roses, excited at the prospect of victory. Finally, Clover was the only one they had to wait on. But where was he? After a long period of waiting, they saw what clover had brought in. There were so many flowers in his bouquet that they could barely imagine counting it all. Buba soon announced that he had won the contest. Unfortunately, he seemed too shy, and said he did not want all those berries, so, as friends, they shared them. The rest of the spring season party would be remembered for the rest of their days....
[Spring Breeze Prompt] A Lovely Spring BouquetChantilly waddled gracefully in the springtime breeze. She took the gentle effort to not trample the many flowers surrounding her feet as she walked. The beautiful scent of petunias, marigolds, lilies, and many more of the native flowers was enough to make her want to rest. And yet, she did not, for she had something more important to attend to. Not only did her lovely pink ribbons flowing in the fresh wind flow well with the many sakura petals in the air, but it also intensified her beauty for any paca in the area to see. She was, alone, however, and thus she had all the time in the world to arrange a tender bouquet of flowers. But what to pick? The little pink, yellow, and blue striped pacapillar thought. Her sparkling, lovely eyes first gazed upon the daisies in the area. With their white petals and yellow insides, the symbolism of innocence and purity was sure to ring true. Although, she wondered, would they be enough? She then considered her other options for a wonderful bouquet. From the crimson red of the more romantic roses to the tender pinks of the tulips, there were many options to consider. And yet, she had eventually settled for the most seemingly plain of the flowers. A simple group of dandelions was sure to look excellent at this time of the year. Despite always having a nasty and rather dreadful reputation of being known as “weeds”, they were actually the source of many fun activities, such as blowing their seeds and wishing upon them. Maybe those wishes would come true, but even if they didn’t, it was still fun to watch the little bits of white fly off into the wild winds. There was also the slight fact that they were in much more supply than the standard flowers, and by no means would she want to break the bank and spend all her leaflets on something that would only last a season. Chantilly refastened the apron around her chubby body, and, with tact and grace befitting of a pacapillar such as herself, proceeded to pick every dandelion she could find. At first, she could only find a few sparsely in the conventional flower fields, here and there, but soon she had managed to find dozens upon dozens just around the hillside. She took the bundle into her mouth and prepared to make the finishing touches on her springtime bouquet. The path was rugged, yes, but she would traverse the path to get home, as it was getting dark soon. The moonlight almost reflected quite perfectly upon the dandelions, as if they were glistening. That was only because earlier in the day, she had accidentally fallen into a puddle and muddied herself up, which was a downside of the rainy spring. Still, at least the flowers were not ruined by that mistake. With a spring in her many steps, she strolled along the pebble-filled path like she had traveled upon it many times. At home, however, was where the fun truly began. With a nice, pastel pink, satin ribbon, she first laid the flowers upon a mat she had in her home. The next step was sure to require much dexterity and athletics, but with some effort and strength, she could hold the flowers in place while she tied the ribbon around them with her mouth. Finally, it was simply a matter of putting the flowers into the vase she had in the corner, which was much easier than the last step. At last, her home felt perfectly complete, and just in time for the spring to bloom....
Companion Galore [Pacapillar Prompt] (eng)It is early in the morning.The loud crows of the Pacapillar Omelette woke Milo for a new day on the farm.He stretched, put on his hat and padded outside.It was so foggy, he couldn't even recognize a Whir or Minmite if it was flying in front of his eyes. While Milo was still trying to make out something in the yard, Omelette suddenly appeared next to him."Morning, friend!"“Good morning, Omelette! Thanks for waking me up again today! Are there any news?""Darling is resting a little today and I would take care of the fields. Could you check on the animals? The Moffs seem to be in a pretty bad mood.""Sure, no problem, I will check on them right away!" Milo replied eagerly.They said goodbye and both trotted off.Once in the barn, Milo first took care of the Baas and Kips, gave them food and made sure they had everything they needed.After that he looked for the Moffs.There were five in all, three white and two green ones. He looked at each one very carefully. Their fur stood on end and they looked quite depressed, but apart from that they seemed to be fine. Confused he tried to figure out the problem.Milo began to take care of each one individually. He gave everyone fresh water to drink, brushed their fur and gave them hugs, knowing how much Moffs love them.The white Moffs seemed to be very happy with this treatment. Their fur was shining again and the hugs had lightened their mood.After a while, the three began to happily hop through the stable again.Only the two green ones still looked offended.Milo lay down between the two of them and pondered how he could cheer them up.Although they probably could not understand him, Milo began to tell the little ones stories that went through his mind. He remembered when he had met Darling for the second time and all the animals had escaped. When he had to go through the rainstorm to find the little Baa. He also talked about the blue slime he had once met and that he could not forget him since then..He must have been sitting there like that for quite a while when he was gently nudged. Startled, he blinked. Darling was standing in front him.A warmth surrounded Milo and he looked around. All five Moffs had snuggled up against him and were sleeping peacefully."Hey!" Darling whispered. "Thanks for taking care of my Moffs today. They were probably very upset because I couldn't pay them enough attention the last few days."Milo smiled."Gladly. I had a lot of fun taking care of them. And they were very good listeners."
Companion Galore [Pacapillar Prompt] (ger)Es ist früh am Morgen.Das laute Krähen des Pacapillars Omelette weckte Milo für einen neuen Tag auf der Farm.Er streckte sich, setzte seinen Hut auf und tappte nach draußen.Es war so neblig, er könnte ein Whir oder Minmite nicht einmal sehen, wenn es vor seinen Augen fliegen würde. Als Milo noch versuchte, etwas auf dem Hof zu erkennen, tauchte plötzlich Omelette neben ihm auf. „Morgen, Freund!“„Guten Morgen, Omelette! Danke, dass du mich heute wieder geweckt hast! Gibt es irgendwelche Neuigkeiten?“„Darling ruht sich heute etwas aus und ich würde mich um die Felder kümmern. Könntest du nach den Tieren sehen? Die Moffs scheinen ziemlich schlecht gelaunt zu sein.“„Klar, kein Problem, ich werde sofort nach ihnen sehen!“, antwortete Milo eifrig.Sie verabschiedeten sich und beide trabten davon.In der Scheune angekommen, kümmerte Milo sich zuerst um die Baas und Kips, gab ihnen Futter und vergewisserte sich, dass es ihnen an nichts fehlte.Danach sah er nach den Moffs.Es waren insgesamt fünf, drei weiße und zwei grüne. Er betrachtete jedes Einzelne sehr eingehend. Ihr Fell stand ihnen zu Berge und sie sahen ziemlich deprimiert aus, aber ansonsten schien es ihnen gut zu gehen. Verwirrt versuchte er das Problem herauszufinden.Milo begann, sich um jedes einzeln zu kümmern. Er gab jedem frisches Wasser zu trinken, bürstete ihr Fell und schenkte ihnen Umarmungen, da er wusste, wie sehr Moffs diese lieben.Die weißen Moffs schienen über diese Behandlung sehr glücklich zu sein. Ihr Fell strahlte wieder und die Umarmungen hatten ihre Stimmung aufgehellt.Nach einiger Zeit begannen die Drei wieder fröhlich durch den Stall zu hüpfen.Nur die zwei Grünen schauten noch immer beleidigt.Milo legte sich zwischen die Beiden und grübelte, wie er sie aufmuntern konnte.Obwohl sie ihn vermutlich nicht verstehen konnten, begann Milo den Kleinen Geschichten zu erzählen, die ihm durch den Kopf gingen. Er erinnerte sich daran, als er Darling zum zweiten Mal getroffen hatte und alle Tiere ausgebrochen waren. Als er durch den Regensturm musste, um das kleine Baa zu finden. Er erzählte auch von dem blauen Schleim, den er einst getroffen hatte und den er seither nicht mehr vergessen konnte..Er musste eine ganze Weile so dagesessen haben, als er sanft gestupst wurde. Erschrocken blinzelte er. Darling stand vor ihm.Eine Wärme umgab Milo und er sah sich um. Alle fünf Moffs hatten sich an ihn gekuschelt und schliefen friedlich.„Hey!“, flüsterte Darling. „Danke, dass du dich heute so um meine Moffs gekümmert hast. Sie waren vermutlich sehr verärgert, da ich ihnen nicht genug Aufmerksamkeit schenken konnte die letzten Tage.“Milo lächelte.„Gerne. Es hat mir viel Spaß gemacht, mich um sie zu kümmern. Und sie waren sehr gute Zuhörer.“
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