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Minecraft Desert Hut by Pac-Alex225 Minecraft Desert Hut :iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 1 0 Tall 'n Thicc Line base by Pac-Alex225 Tall 'n Thicc Line base :iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 0 0
Project Assimilation
Half awake, I slip away into my secret lab, in front of me, is my highly advanced computer, it said: "Hello Alex, I'm unlocking now." Now,
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Hankie by Pac-Alex225 Hankie :iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 1 0
What's pink, and grassy?
I wake up, I take a shower, I eat breakfast, I put my shoes on, and I go outside for a walk...
Hours later, Jimmy arrives in his car, he steps out, and goes inside to pester Jayden...
Jimmy: Hey Jayden, how ya' doin?
Jayden: good.
Jimmy: Jayden? Where's Alex?
Jayden: I don't know, downstairs maybe?
Jimmy goes to the basement to look for Alex, but to no avail...
Jimmy: he's not there!
Jayden: he's in his room
Jimmy: he would've been awake already!
Jimmy: he walked out?!
Jayden: I wasn't awake at that time!
Jimmy: search the house, i'll go find Alex outside, and make sure you do your chores.
After walking really far from the house, I find myself in a jungle, hot and tired, I lie on the ground and fall asleep...
16 hours later...
Ahh! something bit me! I looked around for what bit me, but I saw nothing, I
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Furry Busty
I go to mess around with the toolbag, but I found a wrench glowing Orange. And when I touched it, the wrench let loose a blinding flash.
I wake up, to see that i'm on a large, rocky plateau surrounded by seawater...
An hour later...
After looking around and seeing no way off, I start to feel unusual...
Yellow-Orange and white fur coats me entirely
My eyes turn blue
My ears get big and pointy
My shoes turn red and white
White gloves appear on my hands
My waist shrinks
My butt, hips, and thighs grow
Two big, poofy tails pop out
Breasts grow on my chest
My shirt morphs into a red and white chestband bra
I go to the shore and look into the water and I think. "Oh shit, I turned into Tailsko, that means I can finally fly home." but before I could take off, a bi-plane materializes onto the ground, and I said "well ladi fucking dah!" After the transformation, I become smart as Tails himself, with new knowledge of planes, I get in, I start the plane, and take off at last...
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BOI by Pac-Alex225 BOI :iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 0 0 Alexander Dio (ZA WARUDO) by Pac-Alex225 Alexander Dio (ZA WARUDO) :iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 2 0 Alex by Pac-Alex225 Alex :iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 2 0 Kono Dio Da by Pac-Alex225 Kono Dio Da :iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 2 0 Kono Dio Da by Pac-Alex225 Kono Dio Da :iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 1 0
A Psychic Moment
After hours upon hours of failed attempts, I finally caught the Pokémon Mewtwo, in the game, Pokémon X, and I saved my game, twice in a row to be sure. And after I've done my chores, I wanted to play Pokémon X again, but when I tried to pick up my 3DS I felt a sting in my hand, it barely hurt but I was concerned about the game, I didn't want to be stung again so I waited awhile...
An hour later...
I felt a strange sensation surging through my body...
My skin turns white,
My belly turns purple and swells,
A long tail stretches out from my butt,
My legs and feet crack and pop as they morph,
My waist shrinks,
My butt, hips, and thighs grow,
My fingers merge together and become three,
Breasts grow on my chest,
Another neck forms on the back of my main neck,
My ears go on top of my head,
My eyes turn purple,
A small snout appears on my face,
I finally thought, "OMG! I turned into Mewtwo! This is so Incredible! I can now do whatever I Want."
Then I go outside to fly...
:iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 0 0
The Great Dragoness
Someone starts knocking on the door, I go to the door to answer it, I open the door to find a box just sitting there, I pick it up and take it to my room to open it, upon opening reveals a smooth, ruby necklace, I put it on and...
My skin turns blue,
Giant wings sprout from my backside,
My butt, hips, and thighs expand,
A tail protrudes from my butt,
Large breasts appear on my chest,
My clothes turn into a chainmail bra, and a black skirt, and a belt with a gold buckle,
My hair grows long and flowing,
My eyes turn blue,
Leather strap gloves and boots appear on my arms and legs,
A large sword materializes onto my skirt belt,
I go and look in the mirror, I see that I turned into Cate Dragoness, and I thought, "well then... let's take these wings out for a spin shall we?" 
2 hours later...
I've flown for so long that I'm far from the house
:iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 0 0
I'm a dragon
I look at pictures on deviantART, my eyes get tired and about to close, I turn off my phone, and I go to sleep. I wake up, and it was dark, I couldn't see my own hands it was so dark, I see a dot in the distance, it was blue and it was bright. So I run to it, I got so tired that I stopped for a minute to rest, So I towards the blue light, I saw it as a blue flame, so I reach out to touch it, and it burned me, and started to engulf me, I was covered completely by the flame, but it was a dream, thank goodness for that, and then, I have a weird feeling in my body, 
my skin turns white,
My belly and chest turn blue,
My legs pop and crack and get big,
A touch of gold is added to my hair,
My waist shrinks,
My butt grows,
My extremities grow with gold claws,
A long tail protrudes from my backside,
My ears extend,
My face grows a snout, my eyes go from brown to blue, 
And the last touchs are, medium-sized breasts. 
And I thought, "GrineX Dragon is supposed to be male," but at th
:iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 0 0
I love myself
From a good sleep I awaken, and I go to the bathroom to shower, I take off my clothes and hop in, as the water touches my body I feel...
Something heavy is pounding on me,
I start to turn vanilla yellow, 
Slime covers my body, 
And my belly swells as it turns pink,
My neck grows long,
My butt, thighs, and hips widen and get very plump, 
I grow two breasts and they're big and bouncy, 
Horns, long and flexible, stretch out and down to my butt, 
A big tail with a curl on the end of it pops out,
Blue Dots appear on my neck and tail,
I hop out of the shower and go to the mirror, 
I see myself as an anthro shiny Goodra,
And I think,
"Wow, I'm a Goodra now?! No way! This is awesome!"
This is too f***in' real!
I tried to clear my head by going for a walk...
:iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 1 0
Somethin' new and blue
I spent countless hours playing Terraria and I loved it, after a while I decided to stop. But when I closed out of the game I saw that a file downloaded all by itself,  so I opened the file and I feel strange... 
I feel a slight warmth around my body as I start to change.
My waist becomes thinner.
My hips, thighs, and butt expand.
I grow two breasts. 
I become more feminine.
Suddenly, my nose started to turn blue, and the blue spreads all over my body.
My stomach gurgles, my belly swells, I run outside. 
I go to my backyard.
As I make it there, My butt pops out. 
"I'm glad no one is here to see this I thought," 
My breasts get bigger as I realise.
I'm filling up with juice. 
I get bigger and rounder.
My arms and legs widen and get bigger and bigger. 
I grow as big as my house, I get even bigger. 
I am now completely round. 
I pass out.
A week later 
I am much smaller than I remember, my hips, thighs, and butt are plump, my breasts
:iconpac-alex225:Pac-Alex225 0 0



Half awake, I slip away into my secret lab, in front of me, is my highly advanced computer, it said: "Hello Alex, I'm unlocking now." Now,
    Me and Hankie were out about, but we ran into trouble, a group of thugs surrounded us, armed with weapons, my eyes turned red, my fur was blue and yellow, I turned into a Lucario, and then I fought them and they ran, Hankie said, that was close Akkis! Said Hankie, and then I turned back into Velvela, I thought you didn't liked being Velvela, I like being her Hankie, I said, okay Akkis, so what's next? We go to the world in mind, and bring your friends here, how do we do that? I ask. Hankie said, we build a Portal from there to here, but you need to be asleep for it to work.

~A week later~

Finally! it's done! good job guys, Yeah! shouts the other Hankies, alright, I'll get in bed, and let me know when you're done so I can wake up afterward, got it! says Hankie, Hankie is eager to enter Alex's mind and do what is expected, TO BE CONTINUED...


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