Was tagged, so I'm answering a few stuff.

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1. What's opinion on Jurassic World?

Haven't seen the movie yet so I can't answer that.

2. Do you believe in mermaids? (Lol =3)
Nope, but if they were real, I wonder how they reproduce.

3. If you can wish for anything to happen in your life, what would it be? Why?
Have a lot of money to help get equipment for things I want to do. (Making cartoons, doing repairs on gadgets, etc)

4. What is your dream life? Why?
Becoming an animator because I've always dreamed of making cartoons.

5. What do you think about my art style? (If you don't want to answer that then, what would you do if you appeared in an alternate universe           where everything you watch or read is real in different dimensions? Why would you do that?)
I think it's great and will get even better.

6. What is your fave movie? Why?
The Room, watch for yourself.

7. If stars can truly grant wishes, what would you truly wish for? Why would you wish that?
I would wish for Satoru Iwata to come back to life, because he was an important person for the video game industry and did so much for it.

8. When you are feeling down, what do you do? Why?
I talk to my friends because my mood gets better from talking to them.

9. Why do you think I keep asking you why? Why do you think that? (Lol see what I did there. =D (Big Grin))
Because you want to know why.

10. How where my questions, were they good, bad, or what, will you tell me the truth?
They were good, I thought #3 and #7 were pretty similar but I answered them all.

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