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[Posted on July 18th, 2017]

So yeah, this is kind of a sad journal to write, mainly because I didn't want it to happen, but it has to. Pablo's Corner is no more. The main reason for this is because the team and I decided it was best that we start over completely from scratch to figure out what we want to do for this cartoon. I don't want to give too much information about it but when we have more info to share with you guys, we will share that with you.

My cartoons, in general, won't stop, although I've been more focused on ROM hacking, and college.

If you want to see what videos I've been making, feel free to check out my YouTube channel.
Update: It's heeeerrreeeeee.

Super duper exciting. Who knows when it'll come out, hehe.

Hi there, I'm Pablo!
I decided to make a Discord channel for anyone still interested in Pablo's Corner and Brent n' Needles.
You can get live updates of any cartoons we're working on and behind the scenes stuff, so why not join in the fun?
See ya there!
Edit: Redesigned Shirts!

Pablo's Corner and Brent n' Needles now have merchandise!

You can get t-shirts, posters, covers, and even pillows!

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Currently streaming myself animating the next Brent n' Needles episode, come watch!
Good question there! It's been a long time since I've updated you guys with any information related to Pablo's Corner and that is my fault. I just didn't have any idea on what to make for the show... that is until now!

We have two episodes that are currently in development with both scripts completed and storyboards being created for one of them while the other has not begun yet.

If you'd like any real-time updates, consider following my twitter page!

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1. What's opinion on Jurassic World?

Haven't seen the movie yet so I can't answer that.

2. Do you believe in mermaids? (Lol =3)
Nope, but if they were real, I wonder how they reproduce.

3. If you can wish for anything to happen in your life, what would it be? Why?
Have a lot of money to help get equipment for things I want to do. (Making cartoons, doing repairs on gadgets, etc)

4. What is your dream life? Why?
Becoming an animator because I've always dreamed of making cartoons.

5. What do you think about my art style? (If you don't want to answer that then, what would you do if you appeared in an alternate universe           where everything you watch or read is real in different dimensions? Why would you do that?)
I think it's great and will get even better.

6. What is your fave movie? Why?
The Room, watch for yourself.

7. If stars can truly grant wishes, what would you truly wish for? Why would you wish that?
I would wish for Satoru Iwata to come back to life, because he was an important person for the video game industry and did so much for it.

8. When you are feeling down, what do you do? Why?
I talk to my friends because my mood gets better from talking to them.

9. Why do you think I keep asking you why? Why do you think that? (Lol see what I did there. =D (Big Grin))
Because you want to know why.

10. How where my questions, were they good, bad, or what, will you tell me the truth?
They were good, I thought #3 and #7 were pretty similar but I answered them all.


(I want to emphasize that I won't be able to draw your commission if you don't have a reference/character sheet for me to look at, sorry.)

Bullet; Green Status Bullet; Green

Will Do
Fan Art

Will Not Do
Character without a reference sheet

How to Pay
Bullet; Green Through Paypal Bullet; Green
Please note me your Commission, and if I approve, I will send my my page to send the money to on Paypal.
(I need the payment before I start doing it.)

BEFORE PAYING, Please send me a note with THIS information 

Commission Type:
Payment Type: 
Character Sheet:
Requested Poses (If any):
Additional Information: 

Notes on Information Sheet 
Bullet; Purple Your Character Sheet must be a drawn out sheet, I cannot work off of written descriptions Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Purple If you request a certain pose, either have a pretty good description of it, or a reference to the pose Bullet; Purple 


Commission Prices
Bullet; Green Flat Colored Bullet; Green 
Mentaljen from Vinesauce by Pablos-CornerBacon Catcher - The Game by Pablos-Corner

Bullet; Green Cel Shading Bullet; Green
What's Cooking Vinesauce (Labor Day 2016) by Pablos-CornerTech Zapps Commission (Colored Sketch) by Pablos-Corner
Who's Sprite is that I presumed? by Pablos-Corner

Bullet; Green Complex Shading Bullet; Green
Brent n' Needles Poster - [Commission] by Pablos-CornerSugar Sweet (Commission for MrPr1993) by Pablos-CornerHemylie (Commission) by Pablos-Corner

Bullet; Green Background Bullet; Green 
(in addition to whatever shading you use for your character) 
Wander over Yonder by Pablo by Pablos-CornerPablo's Corner - WWE Wrestling Concept Art by Pablos-Corner

Additional Characters are $3

Ren and Stimpy Badly Drawn by Pablos-Corner Brent n' Needles - Episode 1 - The Getaway by Pablos-Corner

Other types of Commissions
These are just commissions that don't go by shading or anything, and just go by what it is. 

Bullet; Green Icons Bullet; Green

(These also come with a 1500x1500 HD version, or something close to that size)



(Borrowed from BefishProductions)
The ask-megaman511again Tumblr page has now been rebooted into a Pablo's Corner Tumblr page.

This page is now more of a general Tumblr page instead of an ask page, however you can still ask questions if you have any, hope to see you all visit the page sometime soon, have a good day! 
Tomorrow on May 12th, 2015, I will release a brand new short! Stay tuned!
(Money can be sent through Paypal with the email address

I can finally start doing commissions with real money instead of deviantART points.
This will definitely motivate me to draw a lot more and most importantly you can get whatever you want drawn!

  • Sketch (Rough) - $4
  • Sketch (Clean) - $8
  • Digital (Colored) - $10
  • Digital (Shaded) - $15
  • Animated GIF - $17
Animation ($5 every 1 minute)
  • Rough Digital - $10
  • Clean Digital - $15
  • Colored Digital - $20
Comics ($2 per additional frame)
  • Sketch (Rough) - $4
  • Sketch (Clean) - $8
  • Digital (Colored) - $10…

That is not a lie, no indeed. This is true. I now have Picarto.TV and I now do art/animation streams where you can see me draw random doodles or even me working on full animations. Whatever the case come and follow me and we shall all have a good time!…

I decided to reboot one of my older websites and make it brand new again by updating it with all of the new comics and cartoons!
Check it out if you are interested in seeing all of the ©Pablo's Corner content from new to old.
Yeh, I got tagged by :iconben-the-looney:Ben-the-looney!

1. What is your favorite Disney movie? (Pixar not included)

Wreck-It Ralph
2. Do you know anybody who has an idea for an animated show? If so, do you think the idea has potential?

Brent n' Needles, it could have potential.
3. What are your current favorite shows from each of the following channels: Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon.

Gravity Falls, Amazing World of Gumball, N/A (That are currently airing)
4. Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?

Watching movies, although I do read sometimes.
5. Do you collect DVDs or do you stream?

6. What is your dream college?

Keiser University
7. What is your dream job?

Animator/Video Game Designer
8. Are you an only child? If no, how many brothers and sisters do you have?

Nope. One sister.
9. Are you a country folk or city folk?

City folk.
10. Are there any music genres you're looking to get into?

Not really, I enjoy the current genres of music I listen to.

I won't specifically tag anyone, although I'd love to see :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack do this. If you want to do this, go ahead.

[UPDATE #2] - She has returned to deviantART!

Her new Fanpop page is right here if you want to check it out.

Unfortunately, if you haven't heard, SarahBefish2013, my long time best friend here on deviantART, has been hacked recently. She was able to get the account back, but the account got deactivated. She confirmed to me that she will most likely not come back to deviantART, and will most likely move all of her stuff to the website Fanpop.</strike>

I will update this journal when more news comes around.
[[Disclaimer, this is not a 24/7 server, nor will you get staff just for asking, especially if I don't know you. Also, this is not cracked, so buy the game.]]

Hello everyone, I've decided to reboot my Minecraft Server!

The IP is!

More information can be seen here!

Hope you enjoy it!
Hello everyone, Pablo here!
Today I'm here to announce since the introduction of "Brent n' Needles" I was able to animate a little bit of the first episode for that. Since I was able to do that, I can now also do the first episode of ™Pablo's Corner! The only issues I need to tackle are the voice recordings needed from everyone.

So if I can get that out of the way, episode one will be able to release soon! Thank you for your patience guys and I hope to get something out as soon as possible.

Love you guys!

Hey everyone, Pablo here for more updates related to ™Pablo's Corner, other animations, and some things that happened recently.
One thing I would like to say is that me and Sarah's relationship is over, not because I wanted it to be, but she wanted it to be. Now before you go over to her page and start flaming her, please don't. Me and her are still best friends, we'll still collaborate, and yes her character Maria Rose will still be in ™Pablo's Corner. I handeled the break up pretty well and everything came out okay at the end, so no need to fret guys, we're still good. :)

Another update is related to ™Pablo's Corner. I honestly haven't done a lot, but I have made paper sketches I'll upload soon, and a WIP comic that may be related to the Toast comics. The first episode will be put on hold for now due to the immense amount of work I have to do for high school, trust me, it is very stressing, so I'm taking a break from animating it for a while, although I may work on it from time to time. Do not worry, I'm not scrapping the episode, it's just put on hiatus for now. EDIT: I'm now animating episode #1!

The last update I have today is an animation I'm working on with my friends (because it's easier for me that way) based on Yogi Bear, and a disclaimer, it's not for kids, haha. I'll most likely put a disclaimer on the animation before you can play it just to be sure.

That's all and have a great day guys!

~Pablo (Owner and Founder of ™Pablo's Corner)
[I no longer really watch Mr. Repzion but if you're interested in watching this video, whatever.]

Sorry for the lack of update guys. had to do some free sketches which next time won't be time consuming.

Anyways I have some updates! I have a new cartoon in the works called "The Brent n' Needles Show."
It's basically a cartoon about two stoners who go into crazy adventures, and yes Pablo is going to be in it.
So far we're going through the storyboard stages and should begin animating the first episode soon.
This is also a collaboration with me and my good ol' friend Emmanuel, who will join ™Pablo's Corner soon.

And a little update on ™Pablo's Corner!

New comics, yay! Most of the new comics are actually guest comics that I loved reading, you can find them in my favorites. :D
The longed first episode we've all been waiting for is stil lbeing the in the works, this too will also be a collaboration, but with :iconjoioijoihoijioho:joioijoihoijioho!

That is all the updates I have for now, please stay tuned. :)