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November 18, 2011
Valkyrie, magnificent fantasy work by ~TheBastardSon. Very beautiful detail and great storytelling.
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A commission for trench0311. A Valkyrie in the Battlefield when everything is over. Recollecting the souls of the fallen warriors to take them to Valhalla and prepare them for the ragnarok.

Licensed by Sunmesa Events LLC
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I'd like to buy a print of this. Is there a way to do that?


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I absolutely love it! <3
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Please join us !
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This is fantastic!
Is there a 2560x1440 version of this image? Pushing my luck here, but maybe even 4K? :)
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The dress and helmet are clearly inspired by the Nordic episodes of Xena The Warrior Princess. Beautiful!
The awesome Valkyrie image that I ever see.
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I'm am watching the series Lost Girl and it got me very much into Valkyries again :) I always thought they were pretty cool but ever since one appeare din this series, I'm on a bit of a Valkyrie artwork hype =P This looks beautiful! Very nicely done! :D
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Hey, i would like to use this for a cosplay with a few minor alterations. Is it okay that i can do this? I'ts a beautiful piece of artwork and would love to show it off!

Hi Pablo 
My namne is Fred Thustrup and am a producer for a productions company named Narwhal Pictures from Sweden. 
At the moment we are doing a youtube movie for Loreal NYX. It´s a series of makeup challenges and one is Nordic 
tales. I would like to use your image (Valkyrie) in the video as inspiration for those contestants. People see the video and do there own makeup and send in there contribution and they can win products and other stuff. 
I wonder if I can buy the rights to your image for this production? I don´t use my Deviant Art account so if u can email me your response it would be great


Beautifull! Hey, could I use this for the book cover of my hook on Watt Pad? The book is called "The Three Lands and The Seven Skies." It would be so so so awesome if his was the cover page! I will be sure to credit you if so.
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So you made this !
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This, after several years, is still one of my favorite images; it's always resonated with me. It's the background on my phone's lock screen, too. :)

I love the beauty, grace, and order presented here. Everything about it is perfect. :)
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This is absolutely amazing! I love it 😍
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Really want to get a tattoo featuring this.
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A great epic picture. :)
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Awesome art!
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hey do you mind if i use this picture for a D&d game i'm designing for my players?
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