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Red riding hood

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My own version of red riding hood. Not talking about that shitty movie that they made about it lately.
I wanted a more theatrical scene, thats why that weird pose on the girl. And yeah, no hood and no basket, ha ha.
I thought the tale is popular enough to not need to draw more than just a little red on the girl. OF COURSE the red riding hood its a hot chick, What did you expected? A little girl with food for her granma? Hell nei.
If theres a song that inspired me, it certanly is.. wait theres more than one.
"where did you sleep las night" the version by Jim Oblon.
"Beethoven Symphony nº7"
"Kyuss - Day one" (its a hidden track)
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I have always thought. The story of red and the wolf romantic.That forbidden and dangerous encounter. Just so beautiful I love it.

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awesome. really speaks.
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I like this very much. Excellent work and a dramatic scene.
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I agree, that RRH movie was so poorly done and I love the story of RRH.
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WOW. I just can't believe how gorgeous this is, you have sooo much talent! :) Truly beautiful art <3
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 Can I use this image?
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Beautiful masterpiece.  And a lovely representation of Red Riding Hood, much better than a little girl with a grandma !!!
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Well...someone's about to get raped...
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Beautiful use of darkness in this piece. THe wolf's eyes are perfect, and the surrounding forest gives this great morning fog look. It's brilliant, I love it :D
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"Come to see Disney's latest live action movie, 'Into the Woods'! A family picture!"
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this is fantastic, great job!
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oooo, the picture makes me want to know what happened to red riding hood. was she attacked? by brigands? by the wolf? is she gonna get eaten?
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I love wolfs!!!!!!!!!! Wow!
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The wolf fur is fantastic & the light is great..
I like the feel too, its not cheesy or childish, its awesome.
How long did it take you to do this???
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Uh, cant remember xD
Not much, i beleive this one was easy for me to do. Compared with other ilustrations ive done. :P
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Easy to do? I wish I had your skills.... =)
How long do illustrations usually take you?
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The quckest ones, 1-2 days. Ive done a few almost in a row xD.
But usually 3 or 4 days. Maybe 1 week. It depends.
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This is beautiful ♥ I really like this concept less childish than the usual adaptations. I think that you ref. her face with Adriana Lima,right? it's perfect for this sassy little red bitch :D lol. I also really like the background and the lights and shadows. Good job!
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Glad you like it!
As for Adriana Lima... uhm, i dont know O_O xD
I used some references for this one but i dont know if i referenced her for this one.
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ok. i think about it because of the face-shape, the nose and lips :P anyway,it's a beautiful piece :)
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Never watched the film. Had a feeling I wouldn't like it. However I do like this art, the girl is beautiful and that is exactly how I imagined the wolf. It's hauntingly gorgeous artwork <3
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