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Happy Mask Salesman

Happy Mask Salesman model - Majora's Mask Project - Concept Art by P.M. 3d model by Pablo Belmonte (Psyco3ler)
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How tf does he pull off those faces without dislocating his jaw, I guess the cartooniness just adds to his weird look.

Anybody think he looks a bit like a tf2 model? I like how it manages to up the details without losing the blockiness of the n64 model.

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is there any way to download the 3d model to 3d print
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he's so good looking!
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I am so shocked about how amazing this is
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he really shouldn't leave retrieving cursed mask to children.
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I KNOW IT!!!!! I always thought that decision he made was pretty stupid....
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good job! it's so beautiful!
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For some reason, this guy reminds me of him:…
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great job, it looks very good !
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I loved the teaser you guys made a while back. You are all so very talented! I wonder what you guys think of the new 3ds remake of the game? Majora icon 
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Great character concept art
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This is absolutely incredible !
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Absolutely perfect in every way. :heart:
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Buah tio, me a encantado, que recuerdos, ojalá hagan un remake de majora's 

Un saludo, a Fave!!!
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This really reminds me of that fake Wii U trailer. 
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Because it's made by the same guy
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He did that? That looked amazing!
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I love how he looks! you used a really amazing style to made him look like that... the art reminds me of wind waker and other Zeldas. 
Nicely done! :D
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Don't mess with him :XD:

Awesome modeling!
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happy mask salesman always creeped me out

There has to be some dark secret to him... :P
i just know it
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