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Vault boys
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Published: December 23, 2008
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Thanks a lot to :iconsnakeoilsage: for description of perks.

Tomb Raider:
"Vault Raider"
You jump twice as high as normal when not wearing any armor.

"Black Jack"
You can now opt to knock out instead of kill unaware targets when making a sneak attack.

"Number 101"
Putting on certain clothes makes certain factions friendly towards you.
Raiders = Raider Armor
Enclave = Enclave Armor or Power Armor

Assassin's Creed:
This Perk unlocks the "Vault Dweller" Missions: use the Vault Automated Neo-Cortical Instant Memory Upload System (V.A.N.I.M.U.S.) to meet your distant ancestors, the Vault Dweller (Fallout 1) and Chosen One (Fallout 2).

(the reward for completing these missions grants you ridiculous bonuses as a result of being synchronized with two great heroes of yesteryear)

Duke Nukem:
Critical Hits may cause your opponents to explode. Watch that splash damage!

Neon Genesis Evangelion:
"My Suit's All Wet..."
Power Armor no longer negatively impacts your SPECIALs.

"The Last Free Man"
While wearing the "Distinct Glasses" and the "HEV Power Armor," you gain +100 HP.

Gears of War:
"Chest High Walls"
Enemies attempting to shoot you while you are crouching take a 25% penalty to hit.

Mad Max:
"Right Hero, Wrong Apocalypse"
The good news? You gain a +10 bonus to your Endurance and Charisma. The bad? Raiders attack you twice as frequently.

Super Mario:
"It'sa me!"
Glowing mushrooms are scattered around the Wasteland. Eating them causes you to grow to the size of a Super Mutant, gaining +10 Strength and +200 pound carrying capacity. But never you drop below 50% health, you go back to normal. Heal up and find more mushrooms!

Max Payne:
"Noir Akimbo"
You can carry and shoot two one-handed firearms at once, but your Charisma is drops by 5 (minimum 1).

Grand Theft Auto:
"Wasteland Drive By"
The splash damage caused by blowing up cars is tripled. Watch out!

Prince of Persia
"Persian Do-Over"
If killed, the game rewinds to 10 seconds before you died.

"Judge, Jury, Punishment"
You can equip and fire two two-handed small arms.

Sin City:
"That's a Nice Jacket..."
Wearing the Bullet-Riddled Trench Coat grants you a +10 damage bonus with every weapon, immunity to being crippled, and immunity to critical hits. It also makes you permanently addicted to beer and whiskey.

"You Suck, Lady"
Sandman Kills now restore your health. (Black Widow Feat required)

God of War:
"God of Flailing"
You can now equip and attack with two one-handed melee weapons.

Isaac Clarke (Dead Space):
"Cut Off Their Limbs!"
Limb shots instantly cripple your opponent.
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Comments (102)
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DEM-Tec|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh god the shinji vault boy
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Unkownbrony52's avatar
Looks fantastic and funny.
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SuperMario1792's avatar
SuperMario1792|Student Digital Artist
In the next vault boy art include the hatred guy
Reply  ·  
Picklester's avatar
Picklester|Professional General Artist
Am I the only one who actually likes this art style above all?
Reply  ·  
Blackrose416's avatar
Blackrose416|Hobbyist General Artist
Bottom left: he's a lucky man.
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kaaslave's avatar
Wouldn't it be awesome if Assassin's Creed and Hitman crossed over? :)
Reply  ·  
ComannderrX's avatar
oh hell yeah, mad max and duke nukem!
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Napoleonbon's avatar
Is this an actual perk pack mod for particular Fallout game or its just here for the sake of being here?...LOL
Reply  ·  
WeaponTheory's avatar
WeaponTheory|Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, can you draw Vault Boy shrugging his shoulders like "Huh?". Please?
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Classic-Dave's avatar
That's so epic XD
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jdoem| Traditional Artist
You Are Here by jdoem
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Kilo60|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing, and I love your descriptions! :clap:
Reply  ·  
SharpySaber's avatar
I'm quite surprise they haven't made this a cartoon yet.
Reply  ·  
SharpySaber's avatar
I'm quite surprise they haven't made this a cartoon yet.
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SIERRA-116's avatar
You may talk of your Vaults... but no Vault compares to the Vault of Glass.
Reply  ·  
MrRammlied's avatar
love these!
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HiSpeedEmperor's avatar
HiSpeedEmperor|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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TamH70's avatar
Anyone modded these into the game yet? Either Fallout 3 or New Vegas will do - I have both. Because this awesomeness needs to be used.
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banwagonxpress's avatar
banwagonxpress|Hobbyist General Artist
That`s just awesome
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BattleHamsterReturns's avatar
Pure Brilliance . Love and Fav .
Make more make more :)
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Hbot208's avatar
Hbot208|Hobbyist General Artist
My day was just made.
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That was unutterably brilliant. The Prince of Persia, Half-Life and Shinji ones are really useful.
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hunk17|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oooooooooooo is very very cool
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Oh, man.....THOSE would be fun perks.

Too bad Bethesda probably couldn't get permission to use the likenesses.
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