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Wait here

Did not know whether to file this under glamour or fetish. Let's just say it's a glamourous fetish photo. :)

Photo taken by

Make up, concept, model: me.

has permission to display this in the club's gallery.
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Shall I call you hot my lady??

You looked like an evil creature that's kissed for a sacrifice.

erm, excuse me, I'v been listening to alot of Black Metal lately
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You may if you want.
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it's nice .. umm.. I like your edit.
it has a feeling like she's not there, like she's flying.
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Wont be alot of beer drinking for the next couple of days huh? =P
P3tra's avatar
From the look of it no, but in reality we had a beer after the shoot. :D
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Bah! Thought you still was hanging up there and you where typing with your feets ^_^ =P
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Lol. I don't think tiareplica's parents would like me hanging in their shower forever.
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Could just wrap the shower-curtin around you and stay quite...they might not have noticed you =P
P3tra's avatar
Don't want to.
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Yes you do, you just dont know it yet ^_^
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Nah, I'd rather play with tia's feet. :D
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Nice photo, looks good... Pretty hair... red hair is nice...
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Thank you very much. :)
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good shot are great model
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you are very welcome :cuddle::rose:
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pretty! i loved the make up :XD:
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Thank you very much.
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Thats nice =) You looks really cool, and the look on your face there is amazing. Great motion in the picture. I like that the shirt and backjground is both so dark that they floats together it looks cool.
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i think the title and the pic go well together :D :p
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Thanks, so do I. =P
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This is also very good. One of the best. Nice modelling, and maritha is a good photographer.
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