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My Little Pony: Kink is Magic by BlackRoseSeduction
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A painful Contest ... ...
Let's raise out of my Grave and return to the Land of the liv- uhh of "DeviantArt", with yet another, mean Piece of erotical Art with a dark touch.

Two dear Ladies are reduced to two Damsels in a rather painful Situation. This Piece comes with a short Story,
in which these two lovely Ladies managed to lose a rather huge Amount of Money in a Business of illegal Games-of-chance ...

The Amount of Money lost is about 120.000 US Dollar - and their "Co-Workers" in illegal Business "will" make them pay the lost Money back, which was stolen from an unknown, third Party. But as nasty as Business in a Syndicate of organised Crime can be - or better said, as nasty as the "Co-Workers" can be,

they will blow off some Steam first -> by having their two lovely Lady-Coworker's compete in a rather cruel Contest of Stamina ... ...

They forced the two Ladies to strip down to their Underwear, tied them up tightly - and strung the two up on a Tree on nothing more than their bare feet and ankles,
leaving the Ladies in rather great Pain - and they told them, that the one who would be the second One to faint from Pain and Exhaustion - would only have to pay back half the lost Money. In other Words, only 60.000 US Dollar.

The Mafia Members were greatly amused over their own, wicked Cunningness - they would get " 180.000 " US Dollar back from their Lady-Coworker's - "and" enjoy a wicked, kinky Show - in which the two attractive Women would struggle for a long Time, before finally succumbing to the strain of this Torture.

They enjoyed the utter grief and humiliation on their pretty Faces with twisted Pleasure - they forced two Bit-gags into their Co-Workers Mouth's,
and the two Ladies were left with nothing more than to groan and grunt into the Gags between their Teeth - all the while their feet felt like they were on fire.

the two were Cousins - and their Tenacity and physical Stamina had about exactly the same Strength.

So when the two agonised Damsels finally fainted - they did so at very much the same Second. Synchronous enough, so that their fellow Mafia Members could not tell of which Woman fainted first.

The Mafia Members looked at each other with Confusion and Dissatisfaction. Which one had won? Which one had lost?
They seemed annoyed by this for a few Seconds - but then all at once of them had a "Aha-Moment" - and their twisted, evil Grins returned to their Faces ... ...

They just had " to repeat " this Contest on the next Day and have these two compete against each other "again", didn't they?
The Mafia Members looked onto their Watches and were amazed - their Lady-Coworker's endured a complete "handful" of Five Hours of this "Contest" ... ...

The Mafia Members grinned sadistically at each other, before looking onto the sleeping Faces of their two fainted Co-Workers.
It was clear and an unspoken Truth that they all asked themself - "how many Hours" would their fellow Mafia Member Ladies last next Time ... ... ... ? ... ... ...


Quite evil yet again, isn't it?
As always - THIS WAS NOT DRAWN BY ME, fellow Deviantart Folks,

this Artwork is from a Site so naughty and lewd that it is not suited for Minors regarding the Rules of Deviantart - and as such, i can not name this Site openly. If you are curious about it however, please ask me in a private Message for the Name of the Site and i shall gladly introduce you to it.

Have a nice Day, dear fellow Kinks of Deviantart.
Hey, You there!! Back to work!
Hello and welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen,

who is this lovely young Lady and how did she come into this naughty looking Situation?
Let's find out by, well - observing the Situation at hand ... ...

It was just two Days since they took her with them, but for her it felt like it was a Week already.

She has heard much about the shady Loanshark and Yakuza Groups in the Rural Districts around her Hometown, but 'these' People were definitely among the worst.
Her Parents couldn't afford the Fee's of Protection Money anymore - and her Father was even reckless enough to take a huge Debt a Year and a half ago,

a Debt he couldn't pay back - and they came already with a Group that wanted to take him away and sell one of his Kidney's on the Blackmarket for it.
They said he owed them a Sum over fourhundred THOUSAND US-Dollars. It was crazy! How the Hell did her Father managed to create this much Debt?

When they came to take him away, she didn't regret having stepped in there before two Days.
Normally at the Time they came, she was supposed to be at School - but a Fool thought it was funny to make a Prank about a Bomb-Threat inside the School, so the Schoolday got cancelled and she got Home earlier than usual.

She knows surely how much her Father works only to keep the Store and her Family running. He nearly overworks himself every Week and he is about to hit the Limit of his vital Condition. If he loses one of his major Organs that keep his Body running - he will collapse sooner or later and maybe die while he is at it.

She couldn't just let this happen. She knew these Peoples Groups heinous Personalities and that they would like to make "her" do some shady, twisted Work in Order to take back the Debt of her Father. Or how they would call it -> her Family.
As one of the absolute top prettiest Girls in her School, she was confident that they would make her do some perverted Work. Selling her for Money and her use her Body to attract ... ... ... "Customers" ... ... ...

But this was Overkill.

Not only did they 'literally' forced her to work as a female Pole-Dancer Stripper - they even forced her into being their Sexslave.
She didn't went as far as to rape her yet, but who knows of with what Ideas these disgusting, ruthless Criminals may still come up with.

And how happy they are, to have her like this. They even go as far as to say with what they want to make her do next - "and" say how much Money they consider it worth and how much Debt of her Father will decrease if she goes along with it.

Smaller Amounts of Debt Decrease for perverted, smaller things - and bigger Amounts of Debt Decrease for more perverted, more Hardcore things.
It was like a living Hell. They grinned and laughed over her, when she realised she can more or less choose if she prefers being their Sex-Pet for a longer Period of Time, or if she endures being tormented harder and harder, so they allow her to leave faster - on an earlier Date of Time, in the Future.

She gasped and groaned with Pain, when they finally let her down - after about TEN. HOURS. of suspended Shibari Bondage.
They pulled her up, said her Fathers Debt will decrease everytime she lets someone "come" over her. A "Thousand Dollars" for every Orgasm shot at her.

That is a rather large Amount of Money everytime, but she knows that her Father owes them roughly Four'hundred and Thirty-Thousand Dollars, so even with this much Humiliation she will still be their Pet for a long Time of Days.
She didn't knew what to think exactly - when one of the Gangsters offered her a Decrease of Ten THOUSAND Dollars at once, in Exchange for having her blow his Dick in Mid-Air, while the others were all masturbating and coming on her.

Seeing as this much ensured her getting away from them at least a half or full a Day earlier in the Future, she accepted it.
While this Gangster who used her Mouth as his Pleasure-Toy seemed to have been at least a very hygienic and clean Person,

she felt like she almost choked and suffocated, when he grabbed her Head suddenly and forced his Genital deep into her Throat while coming.

For a Moment, her Mind went blank after all that Pain of not being able to breath properly for about half a Minute. As if they synchronized their Timing - she felt a hot, squidgy Liquid of his Orgasm running down her Throat and entering her Gullet - all the Time while at least Four or Five of his fellow Gangsters came over her.

A traumatising Moment. He didn't say anything about her swallowing it - yet he used her Mouth and Stomach as a Cum-dump.
And how loud and strongly they all bursted out in Laughter when they saw her shocked Face and that this truly got to her.

They even went as far as to asking which one of them she wanted to give another blowjob next - against a Debt Decrease of a further Ten Thousand Dollars.
She realised that especially gloating and mocking her while they sexually abused her, was giving them the greatest Please. They are truly the lowest of Scum.

" Good thing she went and hit the Age of Eighteen Years before three Months, according to her Parents, right? It's not like we are doing anything wrong! "

" Hahahaha, You name it!! But m~an this Girl is a true Heroine, sacrificing herself for her Father! A "good" Girl, right? I want such a Daughter, too! "

" I wonder, Guys - 'what' will she be ready and willing to do next? Maybe we should offer her a Decrease of Twenty Thousand and make her do something REALLY outrageous?? "

" Maybe we should offer her a Decrease for "Fifty" Thousand in Exchange for her Virginity? Hahahahaha! "

" Ahhh, come on! Not so much at once!! We want to keep her for awhile, right? Heheheheheh. "

" I get You. Such a High-Class Pet is not fetched everyday ... ... "

Disgusting Assholes.

She could hear them loud and clear while they slowly let her down. Finally, after Hours without end.
Her Hands and Feet were hurting greatly, from having her whole Bodies Weight being pulled into the Air only on them.

How they hell did she somehow make it through today without bursting out in Tears? Is she somehow, unconsciously shutting down her Emotions?
She didn't know how long exactly there were talking, after finally getting a good Amount of Breaths to fight against her Exhaustion.

It was then, when a loud Voice pulled her Consciousness back into Reality.

" Hey, You there!! Back to Work!! " a rather huge and partially overweight Gangster of these Yakuza's said to her, with his loud Voice.

He entered the Room shortly after they let her down.
She didn't know knew what exactly he wanted - and so she only looked him at him with a baffled Face.

" Work isn't over yet!! I "still" have You please at least Five to Six more Customers, in the next Six Hours. "

She came back to Reality with a Scare.

" W-Wh~UUAAT?? But ... ... ... but i was tied up in this Room for like TEN HOURS !!! I- i am exhausted ... ... ... I can not ... ... ... "

" Silence!! No cheap Excuses, Gal! You "still" have to work off more Debt of your Family - and i don't want to keep You around my Boys forever!! "

" But ... ... ... this is CRAZY !!! "

" Crazy? What is wrong? They "did" let You eat in the Meanwhile and gave You something to drink, right? It's not like we are working You to Death, or isn't it? "

" Yes ... ... "and" they made me pee in Mid-Air while laughing at me when i wasn't able to hold it in any longer "AND" used me as their personal Sex-toy!! "

" ... ... ... oh ... ... ... looks like they have good Taste. "

" W-WHUAT??? "

" Look, Sweetie! Our stripping Club for Pole Dancers is not open everyday - and we also have not marketed You much yet,
in the next Weeks You will be able to work off much more Debt of your Family much faster - but some Days you might just be our personal Pet for our Pleasure!

Don't be mad when I make You work "all Day long" - since it will be the Reason you can get back to your Family much faster, in the Future. "

" ... ... ... So, You 'want' to do work as your forced Slave ALL Sixteen Hours everyday when You allow me to sleep about Eight? "

" Well perceived, Sweetie. "

" So "why" did You make me work only "Ten" Hours a Day, the last two Days? "

" Well ... ... ... the first Day when we brought You here, there were already Six Hours passed since from when You awoke,
and the other Day my Boys and me were just tired from Working on several Places at once. You know - we are 'not' here in this Club, all Day ... ... "

" ... ... ... ... ... "

" I can see on your unsatisfied, annoyed Face that You don't like this Working Conditions - but You realise You can leave much faster if You go along with it, right? "

She was neither in a Position to be glad, yet to be truly unhappy. But ... ... ... but ... ... ...

" People will notice that i have disappeared if You keep this up for to long - You know?? "

" Because You are a still a Highschool Girl and People will tell the Police that You are missing? Heh!! You are a funny Chick! It sounds like you're threatening me. "

" I am not. I am "only" stating the Truth. And i don't even need to make this sound like a Threat! When the Police finds out that You People did this to me- ... ... "

They all suddenly bursted out in such a loud Laughter again, that she flinched for a Second with Intimidation.

" The Police can do whatever they want, they are no Threat to us!! We have SO MUCH MONEY that we can either bribe the Officers investigating us into our Favor - OR we can offer any Court enough Money so that even if we are judged guilty - no long and hard Sentences will await us!! "

" Yoouu ... ... ... "

" Hmm? What is with this defiant Face? You are not forgetting y'er Place here, or are You? " the huge Gangster said,
he took out a small Remote out of his right Pocket of his Pants - and pressed on a Button.

Suddenly she quaked and trembled with a shrill Noise of Shock and Agitation,
strong - and especially, "very fast" Vibrations were dashing through her Womb and made their Way into a Regions of her Body surrounding it.

" H~UG'JUCK- ... ... ... !!! "

The worst Part of this wasn't even the Shock and the moderate Amount of Pain and Agitation it send through her,
or how this was reminding her of what another, humiliating thing they did to her,

but the Fact that - as if like against her Will - that a Part of her was "enjoying" this Sensation without her being able to do anything about it.
It was a incredible strong Vibrator, they put inside of her against a Debt Decrease of "Five Thousand" Dollar at the Beginning of the Day,

and from Time to Time, one of them would use one of several Remotes they all have, to turn it on and humiliate her only all the more, "especially" when they had a few Moments of absolute Climaxes while shooting their Orgasms at her.

... ... ... ... ... they also turned it on, when she was making a painful Face of Humiliation when she wasn't anylonger able to hold in her Pee from earlier - and were laughing strongly when a Noice even more shocked and startled escaped her Mouth - about this shocking Vibrations dashing through her right when she was already forced to pee in Mid-Air.

In Mid-Air, in Front of at least five Men she absolutely doesn't know - tied up and helpless to do anything against it - wetting herself this Way.

As a Eighteen Years old.

The Thought came back into the back of her Head, again ... ...
HOW THE HELL did she make it through today without crying? A few Moments she truly felt like she wanted to cry. But for some Reason, she couldn't.

" Urrrrgh ... ... ... Yoouu ... ... ... ... ... You MONSTERS !!! " she managed to shout at them with Anger, about this Humiliation.

" Aa~h? What's this? Rebellion ?? Can't have that, can we? " another One of these Gangsters said. A Guy with slightly foregoing Incisor-Teeth on his upper Jaw.

He also had a Remote in his Hand - and also pressed a Button.
But it wasn't the same Button his seemingly fellow Superior-Gangster had pressed - but another one.
The same Button would set this Vibrator into Off-Mode if pressed again - but every Remote had "two" Buttons ... ...

Suddenly, a Sensation and Feeling FAR WORSE than the other was literally dashing through her,
FAR FASTER than even the Vibrations of this powerful Tool inside her, she bit down on her Teeth unconsciously with all her Strength - and was tearing open her Eyes.

" !!! H~Ü'GG'NNNN'UHHHHH-' !!! ... ... ... ... ... !!! "

Where the humiliating Vibrations were at the same Time, now a far faster - and far more painful Vibes were dashing through her Body with insane Speed.

All of her Bodies Muscles cramped and tensed up, every single Part of every Limb and her Belly were burning with Pain,
she slowly was bending herself backward while sitting, against her Will,

her Eyes were slowly rolling themself backwards more and more while her Sight was getting teary-eyed,
"foam" was slowly building itself up inside her Mouth, internally same as outwardly her Teeth,

and she was just doomed to this insane Amount of Pain without being able to do anything to make it stop.

But then suddenly - it stopped.

Still in a tremendous, vast Shock - she slowly but surely "bagged forward" again - the Pain gone and a more then gigantic "Numbness" filled her up completely.
She was looking down, still in a sitting Position - not completely fallen over. She only slightly felt her Mouth and Jaws,

noticing slightly that she was driveling down from her Mouth,
"AND" the Sensation and the Shock - when she was noticing that also against and without her Will,
a Sensation of a "hot Fluid" was escaping from her genital Area ... ... ... ... ... and all of these heinous Criminals were most likely witnessing it.

She wanted to say something,
she wanted to speak something,
but a very numb, dull " H'uuu'hhhh " was all that escaped her Voice and her numb Face.

" You goddamn IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!! Do this ONE MORE TIME without my Permission and i make You pay with at least ONE of your FINGERS, got it??? "

The "Upper-Gangster" was bollocking one of his Groups Members. Most likely - the one who gave her this insanely painful, powerful Electro-Shock.

" I swear IF you damage the Goods here and make her unable to work off the Debt of her Family - i will sell YOUR ORGANS on the Blackmarket to make up for the Loss!!! "

" S- Sorry, Boss!! I- i won't do it, again!! I - i just wanted to make sure, that she- "

" The Shock-Button is ONLY envisaged in Case for if she for Example LOSES IT, went total Nuts - and does something like grabbing a Knife - trying to either fight her Way out of here, or kill herself - or if she runs away and we must catch her before she gets into a Place where we can no longer take her back without the Public noticing it!!!

LOOK !! You damn Idiot!!! What am i supposed to do with a Gal that You shocked halfway to Death ??
Think she can work further today when she was already tired BEFORE You Idiot pressed the Button? FOOL !!! "


Slowly, her "Awareness" of her Bodies Limbs was returning into her Head ... ...
She is just sitting there, still partially bound - still covered with those heinous Criminals Ejaculations ... ... ... ... ... and not even did they greatly hurt her just now, No - they also 'had' to make her wet herself, again ... ... ... ... ... all in front of them.

She slowly managed to raise herself and her Head high enough to catch Eye-Contact with them ... ...
... ... her Face was truly a Face of Anger, her Teeth clenched and the Intimidation from before also gone due to all that Anger that has built up inside of her.

" You ... ... ... " Fiends " ... ... ... i swear the Moment i 'can' get in touch with the Police ... ... ... ... laugh all You want, if you don't believe me ... ... ... "

" ... ... i "can" understand that You are angry about what just happened, Sweetie,
but You see - we just 'have' to make a few Safety-Preparations beforehand, You see? We "can't just" risk of You running away, right?

So, "if" You have understood your Place, now,
Please calm down and accept - the more You work, the better - and the more You work, the faster You can leave us again. It's not a bad deal, isn't it? "

" ... ... You ... ... ... YOOUUU !!! " she loudly said, but the Pain from her Blood-cut-off, bound Hands pulled her back the Moment she wanted to struggle against her Bonds.

The huge, partially overweight Yakuza observed her for a Second and made his Decision.

" O~kay! You don't need to work anymore today! I can see that You are shortly before collapsing, thanks to my more than stupid Colleague over here ... ...
ooo~kay, Guys! Snatch her ... ... Procedure Three for uncooperative Captives! We can clean her or let herself clean her next Day! " he said and flicked with his Fingers.

The four Yakuza Guys around him, only leaving out the One that shocked her a Moment before,
pulled out a huge Bag from a dark Corner and approached her.

The first One already got a hold of her by seizing her left, bound Arm with his left Hand - and grabbing her Neck with the right.

" W-wait ... ... ... "Procedure Three" ?? What are You Guys gonna d- " she said - and then widened her Eyes with Fear.

They pulled out several Devices, from which Two at least looked like Gags,
and one looked like a r~eally creepy Piece of Wood from like this things from Medieval-Ages,
the things were People's Heads get locked up - often together with their Arms - and then are forced into an uncomfortable Position for Hours of Hours without Pause.

The next two Guys came to her, the first One of them grabbed her right, bound Arm - and held her Head with a firm Grip around her Chin.

" H-HOLD ON!! Y-You Guys CAN'T DO even more Stuff to me!! I- i have at least the Right to rest ... ... and be left alone, for the Rest of the Day!! " she said in Panic, but the Guy who grabbed her Chin pressed his Fingers and Thumb against her Cheeks so strong that the Pain forced her to open her Jaws.

Then, the third Guy forced a weighty Ballgag into her Mouth - one that forced her Jaws open very effectively.

" N-N~OO'WW-NNN'MM- ... ... ! "

It was of no Use.
They took Care of not to hurt her very much, but they mercilessly locked the Gag between her Teeth shut - and what came next frightened her even more.

Suddenly, all their " happy, gleeful Faces " were gone - and replaced with very grim and scary-looking Faces that People would say are authentic for Yakuza.
The fourth One of them had such a Face, too - when he placed the huge Wooden-Piece before. It had "Handholds" at the Sides - and only one Hole in the Middle.

" We have a few Rooms "especially" for defiant, rebellious Girls - like You. Don't think You are the first Chick we made pay off a Debt by using her Body.
You "will" spend the Rest of the Day and the coming Night in "one" of those Rooms - and think l~ooong while at it, if You still want to cooperate with us.

Always remember - "these Services" of You for the Income of our Group and us - or your Fathers Kidney on the Blackmarket. Take Time and think ... ... "
he said. While his huge Superior follow Yakuza only stood next besides him and had a broad and mean Smile on his Face.

And then it went black.

One of the others holding her pulled a huge, black Sac over her Head. Both the Speed and the Fact that she was blinded let her eject a shout of Fright.

" N'UUOO'HH, Y'UH G'AN'DD D'UH D'IIII'SSHH- ... ... !! "

She tried to struggle against them with all her Might, but the several Yakuza Gangsters were all far to strong for her. And they also ganged up on her.
Something that felt like it must have been a Collar - like for Dogs or for Bondage-use, was forced and locked around her Neck, securing the Sac. They had pulled the Sac around her that it was rather tightly - and despite being so dark that she could absolutely not see anything - she could at least easily breath through it.

Then she felt 'another' Sensation and immediately let out another Scream of Fear.
After it was forced onto her Face - she realised. It was the black Leather Muzzle Gag she saw a Second, a few Moments ago.

" N'UOHH, N~UOHHWW-' !! ... ... "

Between all that Fear, she moaned with Pain into her Ballgag - because that Muzzle was pressing onto her Face so tight and with such Force, that it hurts.
There was a Hole for the Nose inside of it - she could feel the sturdy Matter pressing onto her Nasal Bone from all Sides,

and when they locked it - she felt the Muzzle pressing her lower Jaw up and the upper Jaw down from the Nose - locking her Teeth completely onto the Ballgag by making her bite down and around it very hard.

Did they plan this from the beginning? Is this why they wanted Information about her Teeth and how far all the Lines of them go?

" These ... ... ... these despicable Thugs ... ... " flew through her Head.


" We stop "nothing" here, Sweetie! You gotta learn the Rules here - the hard Way ... ... " one of the Gangsters said who held her down.

They pulled her over, ending her Position of being forced down in a sitting or kneeing Position,
she tried to struggle against it with all she got - but they just dragged her a few Meters forwards.

When her Head was forced down and she felt the Front of her Neck being insetted into a Form that was fitting perfectly narrow around her Neck,
she knew what it was an ejected an even louder, shrill Shout - filled with Fear.

She was literally begging them to stop - all for naught.
They didn't showed her even a Shred of Mercy.

The upper Part of the Wooden-Piece clicked and was locked shut - and she could feel a slight Pressure from all around her Neck onto the Collar around it and on herself.

She gave up to scream and beg for Mercy. The Fear and the Panic did also raise far to much.
All she could do now, was taking in strong and deep - and also quick Breaths - sometimes her Voice was a bit mixed into them, as well.

For some Reason, they only let her lay down this Way - for a few Moments.
... ... ... the Room was filled with nothing but with the Sounds and Noises of her deep, frightened Breaths.
While it was also humiliating for her, again - this Time she could do absolutely nothing but to tremble and just give in into breathing fast and strong with Fright.

" ... ... you better not cry, do You hear? Would be bad if your Nose would fill up. Right now it is your only Way of breathing, right? "

It was the Voice of the huge Boss Yakuza.

" Don't worry! We will let You out of it Tomorrow, "IF You behave" ... ... ... ... ... if not, we will clean You with a cold Water-hose - while LETTING you stay restrained in this!
I hope i made myself clear ... ... ... ... ... ... now, Boys?! Show her "the Room" she will stay in until next Morning ... ... ... " he said - and flicked with his Fingers.


the Wooden-Piece around her Neck was lifted up with the strong Grips of at least two People - lifting her up into the Air with a short, choking Pain into her Neck,
making her Cough loudly for a Second - and then she was filled with Fear and Terror once again - and her Heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to explode.

" N'NN~N'U-O'HWWWWWW-' ... ... " she tried to scream with all of her Strength - but her Scream was only turned into a muffled, pathetic Residue of itself.

The pitiful, mummed Shape that her hooded Head had become was aimlessly and erratically raving itself around with desperate Movements, visibly subdued,
the Muzzle-Gag around the helplessly screaming, pitiful Sight completed the Mockery and Humiliation of her - showing how laughable her ridiculous Attempt to resist is,

it was almost enough to make even one of the Yakuza pity her.

The two of the Four Yakuza who were "not" holding her up with the Handholds of the Wooden-Piece moved behind her and grabbed her Legs, which were desperately trying to get a good hold of the Ground, so she can struggle against them better.

When she felt the Hands and Arms seizing her Legs around her - and pulling her Legs asunder by placing them right at their Ribcages while taking a far apart Standing Position, the Panic finally and ultimately lead into a Panic Attack,

her Screams and struggling reached a Peak in which even all Four Yakuza's together had to muster up a lot of serious Strength to keep their subdued Captive under Control.

" Woah is she REALLY exhausted ??? An impressive Hysteria-Meltdown !!! "

" Just be careful she doesnt get anyone of us with one of her Feet!! "

They started moving the panic-stricken, miserably to look at, screaming Figure out of the Room slowly - the Boss Yakuza had walked out of the Way and behind him. He looked after them, the two Yakuza's which held her Legs pulled apart tightly - and also the nice View between those Two. The Boss Yakuza could see the wet, soiled Panties of the Girl and decided to push a certain "Button" one more Time ... ...

The incredibly strong Vibrator shot into Action one more Time - and the permanent Screaming- and Shouting-Noises of the poor Figure in the Middle of the four Men immediately reared up backwards with her back - and ejecting a deep, loud - and "shocked" Scream ... ... ... into the two Gags, both damping her Voice.

While the four Yakuza's had to give their all to hold her under Control - the Boss Yakuza saw how the Girl could do nothing but to pinch together her Buttcheeks the very Instant she let out this long and deep, humiliated Voice of Shock and Surprise,

even the Wooden-Piece further away from him "went up" a little bit, SO strongly did she reared up from the Shock of when her Gender was plunged into Turmoil, again.
The Boss Yakuza let out a light Laugh, he even thought he probably saw her wetting herself one more Time from the Shock,

and it was absolutely clear to him.
No matter if they would need to use some light Drugs on her or not ... ...

" ... ... ... i can see that the next Days and Weeks will be "especially" Fun, with this Girl ... ... ... " he said, to himself.

She had the Body of a young Adult, but inside she was still a Brat. He was sure of that.
He will enjoy turning her into an obedient, craving Sexslave like all the other Girls who were here for the same Reason as her,

and he enjoy the look on her Parents Faces when he will return her to them - and when they realise how she changed ... ...

End / Fin.

- - - - - -

As always, dear Folks of erotic Art and sometimes darker Fantasies,

THIS WAS NOT DRAWN BY ME - i did a bit of editing with the Colors and so on, tough.
And don't worry, dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

it is a purely fictional Story and no One was sexually abused or kidnapped or otherwise treated gruesomely for realsies.


Perverted Gentleman


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